Reviews for Where You Least Expect It
rednation88 chapter 125 . 9/30
I really love the dynamic of Angela and Shawn's relationship. It's exactly how I would hope it would be if the show were still going on. BTW did you see that episode of Girl Meets World when Angela made an appearance to talk to Shawn?
rednation88 chapter 124 . 9/30
Aww Shawn
rednation88 chapter 122 . 9/29
Ugh, again the nostalgia! Yess :)
rednation88 chapter 121 . 9/29
OMG those nostalgic items brought back some good memories. I think my favorite is Cory's jean jacket. LOL it's so weird and cool at the same time to be so attached to a TV show. I love how much Shawn has changed in this story too :)
rednation88 chapter 120 . 9/28
I still love this story so much. :)
roganjalex chapter 125 . 9/27
Absolutely amazing can't wait to see what happens next chapter
RHatch89 chapter 125 . 9/27
awesome update :)
RHatch89 chapter 124 . 9/22
great update :)
roganjalex chapter 124 . 9/22
Oh my gosh how could you leave it like that with such a cliffhanger
roganjalex chapter 123 . 9/2
Every chapter keeps me wanting more
RHatch89 chapter 123 . 9/2
great update :)
jaztazgirl chapter 122 . 8/13
Love it, as always! I can totally picture Eric buying Cory something even though it would bug the bejeezus outta Topanga. He always wanted to get back at her in the end of the series, so it's a great fit!
roganjalex chapter 122 . 8/8
Beyond awesome
RHatch89 chapter 122 . 8/7
awesome update :)
Guest chapter 121 . 7/30
this may seem odd but why haven't Cory and Topanga ever discussed how easy it was for Angela to give up her work for her baby. I thought Topanga herself would be conflicted by the thought of it or at least Cory, indefinitely would think about it lol
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