Reviews for Not Three of a Kind
Mediterranean Tomatoes chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
That was... Different. A little scary for innocent naive me... But I liked it. A change from the usual Edwin fics and your AlxLing 'oneshots'
Rahab Morgan chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Very nicely written! I loved the emotions played out between all the characters.

One thing, though - as an avid tea drinker/lover-of-all-things-holistic - raspberry leaves are actually very BAD for pregnant women, because they cause uterine contractions. Just an FYI.
Le Confidant chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Hm. What can I say? You have stirred my emotions here in a good way and a bad way. Like always all characters are in character. God I love Winry here because she is a true, devoted woman. She would do what I would expect her character to do in a hard situation. I feel sorry for Ed though. I read the other story at AO3 and it creeped me out. I must sound like a hypocrite with the types of stories I am coming up with, but what I mean is that it got to me. The despair/hurt/shame and confusion touched me deeply. What gets to me is that it is a plausible AU during that time in the manga. It's sad but people under stressful and traumatic situations can/do act completely different that what they really are, just to cope, just to survive. I'm just glad that Ed survived it and Winry didn't shun him away.

So I take that Al has been intimate with Ling. Now that's a doozy. Kind of weird too if Al knew what happened to Ed and still went up ahead to have a relationship with Ling. There I go again... XD

Anyway this is a great story. I'm adding it to my favorites. Take care!