Reviews for Vows
theJessFaith chapter 13 . 9/29
Oh my GOD I couldn't read fast enough, my heart is in PIECES
niftycakes chapter 13 . 8/24
,it hurts so beautifully I hope they burn it all and be together
Readingavidly chapter 13 . 8/19
Miss your writing, Attica!
ninnnnng chapter 13 . 7/18
I re-reading this again and it still in my mind, I cried my eyes out.
you doing amazing work, pls finish this
MirrorImage003 chapter 13 . 6/25
I’ll admit that I almost didn’t continue reading this fic after the first chapter because I wasn’t sure I could read a version of Hermione that wasn’t muggle-raised... however, I quickly kicked myself in the butt for being so picky and read on. And I’m damn glad that I did.

This has been such an incredible journey, and you’re portrayal of Draco and Hermione actually physically pains me. I mean, I have cried multiple times throughout this fic, and I’m not ashamed to say it haha. The mutual pain and misunderstanding between them is so frustrating to watch, and yet their dynamic is so interesting I just can’t help but love it.

My favorite scene so far (besides when they finally kiss, bc duh that has to be number 1) is definitely the part in the Astronomy tower when their honest feelings finally come out. The sheer emotion, desperation, and regret in that whole section was so incredibly heartbreaking. And yet it was also liberating because the audience FINALLY catches a glimpse into Draco’s true feelings for Hermione, not just the cruel act that he’s put on. And then to tie it up with him obliviating the whole exchange from Hermione’s memory just absolutely fucked me up for like an hour after I read it.

I know this hasn’t been updated in quite awhile, and I’m sure that’s due to so many real life situations that have come up for you, but I sincerely hope that we can one day read the end of this story. It’s so brilliantly written that I’m just dying to find out what happens. Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into this fic! It’s officially one of my favorite stories of all time!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/5
Omg please update! !
Guest chapter 13 . 5/25
I never comment on stories but this. This. This was pure magic. I’m so sad that there is a huge possibility that you won’t be updating ever again, but I just want you to know that this is one of the most beautiful HP stories I have ever read. If you do update, I will be on here as quick as lightning!
Millie1978 chapter 13 . 5/17
Oh how I love this story! Your writing is superb, the premier s of the story so interesting, and the characters so believable. I truly hope that you have not abandoned this amazing story! Please update soon :-)
platform-shoes12 chapter 13 . 5/13
starbreaker2882 chapter 13 . 5/7
Please update! My heart can’t take the absence anymore.
aami chapter 13 . 4/15
I LOVE THIS FIC AND I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT HOW THE ENTIRE PREMISE AND CONCEPT OF THIS STORY HAS SO MUCH FUCKING POTENTIAL FOR SO MANY JUICY DELICIOUS SCENARIOS LIKE PLEASE DRAMIONE QUEEN IM BEGGING GIVE US cute baby draco/hermione as 7 year old babies playing around, accidentally falling asleep out in draco's gardens, taking cute naps together and their moms finding them asleep together, laughing and falling down in the fountain, collecting gross bugs together and watching meteor showers together and having cute inside jokes and running gags with each other, doing homework together, entertaining each other during boring joint tutoring sessions, growing up together, draco saving hermione from gross old men who want to dance with her at balls and then they laugh at them together, and going through awkward adolescence things but also being okay again because they're each others' best friends so nothing is ever really too awkward to drive a rift between them, draco slowly, slowly realizing that he's always loved her and why didn't he notice this before? and wow he had been suppressing his feelings because he wouldn't KNOW how to be in a relationship with his best friend and what if she doesn't want it in the first place? and suddenly he's having some hawt thoughts about her but also feeling WEIRDED OUT because they've always just been STRICT PLATONIC FRIENDS and suddenly he's aching to just, to just for a second, just to hold her closer than he normally does. and then all of this being ripped apart when hermione's secret is outed and suddenly there's so many problems and so much danger where there was originally none and draco doesn't even have the freedom to even talk to her let alone hold her. but then these two, they'll find they're way back to each other, somehow, because a love like this, it's written in the STARS BITCH! SUCK IT VOLDEMORT AND LUCIUS!

(i realise you've already written some of this and i THANK YOU I LVOE THIS FIC i just wanted to talk about all of this bc i love it so much i cry T_T)
princessg chapter 13 . 4/9
oh my. you are an exquisite writer. I have laughed and cried with these characters. I sincerely hope you continue you this story. I need to know they get to be together. Thank you for sharing this story with me.
Leilla Phantomhive chapter 13 . 4/7
I hope we got to read this moment in draco's pov
Leilla Phantomhive chapter 9 . 4/7
Well, isn't it fucked up?
Leilla Phantomhive chapter 7 . 4/7
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