Reviews for Vows
Blueberry Bliss chapter 10 . 10/17
This is where my heart start healing and I don't get to cry -almost- any paragraph, That memory! I was screaming inside when I read it, I was still really down for all tge messy things and with only Hermione POV you don't get to see the full picture, but it is great for the drama to have the naïve Side xD its more sinister and shocking when shit happen
Blueberry Bliss chapter 9 . 10/17
Have you ever saw the movie with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton "Someone got to give"? There is this part after they broke up that she writes and cries, and she writes serene and go back to the crying. Well picture me while I was reading this, I honestly couldn't pass from a few lines before I burst to tears, it is so sad and maddening and you don't know nothing, just that you could be Jon Snows family and that you have the feels for Hermione... I almost drop you... My dramione group found out about this!
Blueberry Bliss chapter 8 . 10/17
This was THE biggest fuck you chapter, again didn't saw that coming it was sooo horrible and my heart was already so fragile and THE THIS! You monster... You had a nice reamthym and you said "You know? I going to race this shit", that gut feeling that Draco had... I thought he was guilty... I'm sorry my beautiful amazing boy!
Blueberry Bliss chapter 7 . 10/17
I hate you and I won't read your work anymore because you're a sadist that enjoys in our suffer...

Okey no. But my heart was broken really bad, I put the fucking song while they were fighting and then... I wasn't in the happiest estate, far from it and was son confuse with what was going to happen to them, that was a plot twist that I didn't see coming
Blueberry Bliss chapter 6 . 10/17
HE LOOVEEES YOU, YOU DUMBGIRL that's kind of what I wanna to tell her when she found the picture, and this time Prat Draco was the one from the past such a jerk he broke my hearth, that wasn't nothing! Really there is a very rich develoment in your story that make it really nice
Blueberry Bliss chapter 5 . 10/17
Cormac... Asco marica. Okey my venezuelan part had to said that, thats an disgusting guy. Thank god she say no... Well... Yes! Thank god she said no, and Draco your jealousy expose you! That and his subconcius I think that was the first time that I really thougth there was something else going on
Blueberry Bliss chapter 4 . 10/17
The Ice and fire here... When she try to touch him i was "He's gonna kill her now i know, i know. Don't do it". The way he can hurt her it was so heavy and horrible, I always thought of tipe of demon that should be possessing.

The almost kiss! Guo guo that was such a change got sparks in my eyes and my heart got that warm again 3
Blueberry Bliss chapter 3 . 10/17
Agh I Had write this really cute Review, press the back bottom... Lost it :/

So in terms of second characters for me, Ginny does the trick, and you have this pushy but wit lots of tacts girl that makes the "two girls in all that testosterone" really nice. Ginny approve!

The Yule ball... So cute, so naïve... So I got stuck with the part that the next ball they are going together... Yeah we know how that went.

Oh Godric Draco fainted!... XD

So in terms of cliffhangers, this one did the tricks and I was so anssius because I didn't have a clue of what happen it, so good job!
Blueberry Bliss chapter 2 . 10/17
Building it up! I love how you didn't focus on the inane parts of being a Head but let them loose directly their hopes of no interactions.

Every time pre Prat Draco comes out I got all mushy and warm
Blueberry Bliss chapter 1 . 10/17
I have been reading your story the last two days -real life and all that-, and it is sooo good that I have suffered real bad thru all of this. When you start you kind of say "well but I have read about this"and let me tell no I didn't and I wasn't even near from being prepare to all the suffer and the changes so I'm giving back and review every chapter.

This chapter was really nice an introduction and sneak peak to the story, is so funny how much of the latter plot has the bases here and the emotional charge that starts developing here
zar33n chapter 13 . 10/15
Heart. Breaking. Please update soon. This story is going to kill me... I just cannot handle the angst! But please, Draco, don't push her away anymore. I'll be devastated if he takes all that back and throws her away again. Pleae, please, please have mercy and end our waiting on bated breath.
wow chapter 4 . 10/14
that was amazing.
RVZC chapter 13 . 10/10
You are killing me! The tension is unbearable. That kiss needs to last for eternity!
marana1 chapter 13 . 10/9
Your writing is achingly beautiful
Kimmie chapter 13 . 10/8
Why. Why. Why. There is no next button after the kiss scene!OH MY GOD YOU CRUEL YOU TORTURING MY POOR LITTLE HEART.
Just the chapter Ive been longing to read in this fic! Aaaaaaaah! So so so good.
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