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aami chapter 1 . 1/23
plz...just 1 tiny update...i wont ask for more...plz dramione beggin
aami chapter 5 . 1/19
attica bro i think about this chapter ALL THE DAMN TIME. it been years months and i think about this chapter at the oddest and most random times. i’ll be sitting and reading something else or i’ll be making tea while it’s raining outside or i’ll be listening to piano cds or i’ll be daydreaming or watching the pride and prejudice movie or i’ll be doing my laundary or i’ll be mopping the terrace floor and i’ll. think about this chapter. especially about the scene where draco and hermione are lying on her bed. it’s so atmospheric, so delicate. as if the slightest sound or touch could spark a potential hurricane or fire. like it could set off something catastrophic and irrevocable and undeniable. it’s so perfectly woven, the stage set with such meticulous care, all the variety of emotions put together like a puzzle. a complicated mess yet not a piece out of place. attica works like a scientist in her lab, the perfect balance of a million chemicals. there’s so much at play here, the past and present and future seem to hinge on these few instances. “you know, for some reason, i always thought i’d marry you.” it’s so perfectly written. it captures the essence of these two and their relationship like nothing else. a sentence that’s the simultaneous reckoning of a draco and hermione that exist right here in this moment, and a draco and hermione from the past, and perhaps the future if they let it be so. it speaks volumes about their dynamic. the way they interact with eachother. the way what they have refuses any sort of compartmentalisation. the strength of the love that lies underneath all the snark and teasing and bickering. the way it’s brought to the surface with just these few, quiet remarks. it breaks the surface of this ocean, and then is let down just as gently, buried, again. because draco and hermione aren’t ready to confront or even acknowledge it. it’s as if they both feel the importance of it, all too well, all too strongly. this powerful wonderful beautiful terrifying vault of secret emotions. some strong, some still in the process of being formed fully. it’s as if they know about this unspoken balance, and how it must not be disturbed, because it’s too precious, and they are both so so afraid of anything happening to it. on an unconscious level, they know they love eachother. on the conscious level, all the silly little human things, like pride and denial and obstruction and self-deception, get in the way. strangers or friends or lovers or enemies or pawns or bethrotheds or soul mates or constellations; they seem to be everything and nothing all at once. what they are refuses to take a form, because it’s almost as if it’s always changing, or one breath away from being one or the other. the only thing that holds true is that there is, undeniably, love. maybe confusing, maybe formless, but love. i’m just so curious about when it starts for either of them. i think we’ve seen it with hermione a little, especially with the latest chapter. but i wonder about draco too. was this it? this moment when hermione says, “i could never marry for anything other than love”? did this cut right to draco’s heart with a ferocity and edge he didn’t expect? was this when it began, the process of him learning that he might have feelings for her? the night of the blue dress yes, but i wonder about this moment endlessly. i am so thirsty for the nitty gritty details attica. please return and set what’s left of my soul after reading your damn fics on fire.
aami chapter 13 . 11/22/2018
aami chapter 13 . 11/22/2018








so what will it take attica ,,,.. bc sis i’m on my knees sis i’m BEGGIN. PLS. UPDATE. BEGGIN!

no really i’m just. woah. like i can’t stop thinking about this fic and all the possibilities like what will happen? who murdered hermiones parents? what sister group? they obviously specifically hate muggleborns but did they have a grudge against the blackwells in particular? they went after the most prominent family first? the most scandalous one? how’d they find out her secret? did they filch important birth and adoption documents? but the blackwells wouldn’t just leave them out in the open right? their daughters life and safety is on the line, they probably had that shit locked up in gringotts or in their own home under strict security. so how did this even happen. who outed them. an inside job? one of the servants? would the blackwells even have servants given hermiones stance on elves as slaves. then who. what went down in the blackwell manor while hermione was at school? who even got the mutilated bodies past hogwarts security? blaise zabini yes but still. it cant just be one person right ? so who are blaise’s allies? the racist slitherins ? but would those suspects be too obvious since they hate all mudbloods equally and people like pansy aren’t smart enough to do something of this scale and gravity and are not just capable of parlour tricks? does draco have an inkling who it might be? will he be the first to figure it out before they get to hermione again? what’s the status with draco’s engagement now? is he getting married right after school or will the dark lords plan delay the marriage. how are those girls parents okay with the malfoys being so closely associated with death eaters? and WHAT ABOUT THIS KISS MAN. i don’t think hermione would accept her feelings right away, even after this. atleast not without a fight and like some damn accountability. draco can’t expect her to just “get” his feelings when he does literally prance around and hook up with pretty girls 24/7. does he really have the right to grow frustrated with his lack of progress with hermione when his track record is this slutty (jk luv u draco)? so what will happen. i am imagine hermione almost having a mini breakdown, what with all this stress and worrying and confusion and sensory overload and her ex best friend suddenly kissing her like that. poor girl is already in tears. i can imagine the confusing feelings. i can imagine her going into a bit of shock and denial after this, shaking her head and repeating “you don’t love me” frantically. i honestly think that’d be right too. draco has messed around then pushed her away and been cruel to her. he also literally erased her memories and confused her even more after that when he started acting even more aloof. but i can also imagine him finally finally finally letting go of his defense for once, and going “i don’t love you? you think - that i don’t love you?” bc come on. you don’t forfeit your life for just anyone. he does love her. regardless of whether it’s like a friend or something else. there is love. there can’t not be love when they have grown up to ether and been each others rock since they were kids. being separated so brutally meant losing that like that tethered them both to sanity and the safety of eachother and mist have taken its toll, yes. but the love never went away. never. not even for a second. it took ok some pretty hideous forms, some cruel pretenses, that weren’t always pretense, and became a little bit warped. but it can heal. and become wholesome again. all it will take, is these two realising that - it’s the way it’s always been. them. against the world. that all they need to do, is come back to eachother. maybe it won’t be easy or a smooth path. but it would be what’s right. the only way out is in. the only way they can both navigate the mess and danger that lies ahead , is if they have each others backs. plus i can imagine old school attica writing secretly-dating-together-dramione-shared-headboy-headgirl-quarters (attica can u tell i haven’t forgiven u for basket case) but anyways! man that would just be the JUICE huh. maybe it’s dangerous for them to be together. but who would notice it if it’s in the privacy of their common room? snaps probably since he hacks draco’s brain on a daily basis. but maybe he’ll see too that draco needs this to stay sane, needs atleast one person who loves him, just one person he can breathe around. also maybe cute dramione falling asleep together after an exhausting day and finally sleeping peacefully after weeks of crappy sleep. hint hint.

but maybe it won’t go down like that. maybe they’ll be together but they’ll be torn apart somehow. maybe it’ll be a smooth sail until they graduate and eventually have to leave hogwarts safety. a plan, a mission, gone wrong. lines of communication intercepted and sabotaged. faked letters summoning hermione to hog warts right before it’s attacked. hermione getting caught in the cross fire, taken down and kidnapped while trying to help a group of first years escape. draco arriving just in time to watch it all go down almost in slow motion, unable to actually do anything lest he out his own secret of being on the “good side” in front of the death eaters (this could also go down while they’re at school still, which would prob make more sense i think. maybe like towards the end of the year). also omg what if they do end up graduating? i can imagine how emotional it would be for hermione, not having her parents at her graduation. also cute dramione moments of staring at eachother from across the room, that almost psychic connection they have where they say everything with their eyes.

also does germaine know draco erased her memories or was his spell not effective enough and she vaguely remembers it? anyways i have so many other questions but i need to sleep and YOU attica need to stop SLEEPING on this fic ! (i’m jk i love and admire u endlessly and am constantly in awe of these stories u spin of the magic u endow them with and also kno ur prob busy with real life and stuff so no pressure i am just a humble fan accepting breadcrumbs from the literary goddess of romance and angst and appreciate any and every thing and also hope ur real life is treating u well and that your hardships ease up soon, luv u, thanks for always gifting us with amazing stories 3)
Greenveela chapter 13 . 11/20/2018
you come back this instant and you finish this amazing story... please and thank you! Seriously, why do I start reading unfinished stories :(( its so painful to be left up in the air!
Elvire chapter 13 . 10/29/2018
Very haunting, an angst symphony , I like it very very much and do hope that there will be more. You have said so little about Blaise but still I rather hate him and would enjoy reading his comeuppance. And naturally Hermione's and Draco's liberation, if that is the way this goes, as sad as it would make me a tragic ending would not be out of place for this story. Please write on dear author.
theJessFaith chapter 13 . 9/29/2018
Oh my GOD I couldn't read fast enough, my heart is in PIECES
niftycakes chapter 13 . 8/24/2018
,it hurts so beautifully I hope they burn it all and be together
Readingavidly chapter 13 . 8/19/2018
Miss your writing, Attica!
Two Pumpkin pasty chapter 13 . 7/18/2018
I re-reading this again and it still in my mind, I cried my eyes out.
you doing amazing work, pls finish this
MirrorImage003 chapter 13 . 6/25/2018
I’ll admit that I almost didn’t continue reading this fic after the first chapter because I wasn’t sure I could read a version of Hermione that wasn’t muggle-raised... however, I quickly kicked myself in the butt for being so picky and read on. And I’m damn glad that I did.

This has been such an incredible journey, and you’re portrayal of Draco and Hermione actually physically pains me. I mean, I have cried multiple times throughout this fic, and I’m not ashamed to say it haha. The mutual pain and misunderstanding between them is so frustrating to watch, and yet their dynamic is so interesting I just can’t help but love it.

My favorite scene so far (besides when they finally kiss, bc duh that has to be number 1) is definitely the part in the Astronomy tower when their honest feelings finally come out. The sheer emotion, desperation, and regret in that whole section was so incredibly heartbreaking. And yet it was also liberating because the audience FINALLY catches a glimpse into Draco’s true feelings for Hermione, not just the cruel act that he’s put on. And then to tie it up with him obliviating the whole exchange from Hermione’s memory just absolutely fucked me up for like an hour after I read it.

I know this hasn’t been updated in quite awhile, and I’m sure that’s due to so many real life situations that have come up for you, but I sincerely hope that we can one day read the end of this story. It’s so brilliantly written that I’m just dying to find out what happens. Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into this fic! It’s officially one of my favorite stories of all time!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/5/2018
Omg please update! !
Guest chapter 13 . 5/25/2018
I never comment on stories but this. This. This was pure magic. I’m so sad that there is a huge possibility that you won’t be updating ever again, but I just want you to know that this is one of the most beautiful HP stories I have ever read. If you do update, I will be on here as quick as lightning!
Millie1978 chapter 13 . 5/17/2018
Oh how I love this story! Your writing is superb, the premier s of the story so interesting, and the characters so believable. I truly hope that you have not abandoned this amazing story! Please update soon :-)
diamondsrefract chapter 13 . 5/13/2018
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