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tanithlipsky chapter 20 . 10/14/2016
sharinganavenger chapter 20 . 10/5/2016

Tron's rambles are fun. As much as he notes about other programs being unnerved by Rinzler, it's still very, very clear that *he's* the one having the most problems. But he's given up pretty much all measure of control, token tracking attempts or not, and I'm not sure he's properly acknowledging that. Sure, waiting for an excuse to murder Rinzler and be done with him is all well and functional in theory, but unless Tron did something with that disk that Rinzler hasn't noticed yet... they fought each other to a standstill when Rinzler was low on power, injured by the gridbugs, and maybe one millicycle old. Rinzler's in a better position now, and Tron's given him SO MUCH reason to be ready for and utterly reject Tron's efforts at forcing control.

(Though relatedly, I'm still snickering at the Clu parallels. Tron deciding he's useful specifically and only for "enforcement". Tron keeping him around for utility, and because he wouldn't just die, despite hating him and being jealous and keeping him at arm's length. Even Tron's plans to get rid of him once he's gotten all use out of Rinzler feel pretty similar tone-wise. He wants Rinzler close enough to watch and control, but he hates looking at him. I'm looking forward to the day Tron realizes what he's doing- not because I expect it to lead to any great reconciliation, but because it'll be GLORIOUSLY BREAKY.)

Yori and Rinzler seem to be on a lot more hostile of terms out of the cell than in it. Which makes perfect sense- Rinzler isn't all pathetic and broken, so Yori can avoid sympathy... and he doesn't need her in the same way. I'm both a little surprised and gratified at his resentment towards her- she left him in there for ages, and only helped as she did out of pity, so he's got plenty of reason to be mad. But more, the fact that he can get so directly hostile towards her says a lot about how he's differentiating his feelings and memories from Tron's.

Yori is significant, and I'm sure she always will be, but he's much more aware of her flaws, and he doesn't feel a need to always forgive her for them. Which he shouldn't! He's new, and he's young, and she both was and is enabling some very nasty behavior towards him. Her talk with Radi is striking- for the content, yes, but also for the fact that she's talking about Rinzler behind his back... RIGHT THERE while he stares at her. He doesn't get included in the conversation because she's uncomfortable, because she doesn't like addressing him, but if the reason is understandable, the net result is... more exclusion. More treating him as an object and observer, rather than an actor to acknowledge. She's not nearly so bad about it as Tron is, and she does see that Rinzler is more, but you get the feeling both she and Tron would be much happier if Rinzler were as simple as he were under Clu's orders.

Curiosity about Radi grows. Whatever issues she may have had with Rinzler's history, she seems to have gotten over them fast. And whatever obsession she has with ISOs isn't stopping her from treating Rinzler like a normal person. That's something he needs, and badly so, for all that it's throwing him off-balance. His "WHAT " at the nickname made me laugh- Rinzler has ZERO context for normal social interaction. (Though wow hypocrite much, Radi- YOUR name is two syllables~.) I get the feeling Radi throws him off worse than Tron OR Yori, because he knows how to hate and he knows how to be hostile and wary and rejected, but neither in this life nor his last one has he had to deal with programs... snarking at him. Covering for him. Looking at him as a partner, or relating to him as another person at all.

No Rinzler PoV this time around, but he was still endearingly stubborn. Edging over those boundaries a little further. Now he's got a baton they can't track- with a jet, because he wants one, and he decided to have it, and he knows Yori's too uncomfortable with him to press. He's got his own agenda, and with more ISOs on their way, it makes perfect sense for him to be enabling his own freedom of motion... but you also definitely get the sense he's doing it to piss off Tron. And Yori. They're not in charge of him, they can't make him do what they wanted anymore. And wow is he going to remind them of it. B)b
tanithlipsky chapter 19 . 10/1/2016
very good.
sharinganavenger chapter 19 . 9/28/2016

dlksjfldj Rinzler's already coming up with labels for Tron's team. "The big dull one". Somehow I suspect the rest are about as flattering. His intimidation tactics are an neat shift- not least of all in that it's Rinzler's ISO status, not his identity as *Rinzler* that freaks the rogue out so much.

"Tron doesn't torture him" is another standout line. It's interesting that Tron doesn't express the same expectations of Rinzler, after all the dire assumptions he had last chapter. Self-awareness creeping in, or is he just seething quietly? Only time will tell~ I'm ?ing a little on why disk checks aren't a more standard practice for recovering information. But then again, I'm guessing anyone who survived Clu's kilocycle of rule with anything like subversive plans is an expert in faking, locking, or otherwise rigging their disks to make that difficult.

GOOD TO HEAR that Rinzler's had the chance to undo his own disk-fuckery, though- I was curious how much probation he was on. Presumably he isn't being left entirely to his own devices (or he'd have picked up a lightjet baton whether they gave one to him or not), but not being hobbled like that is pretty crucial. In particular, it means he's in a position to protect himself from his "allies" as well as his enemies- which, to a degree, I'm surprised Tron allowed. I suppose he wasn't really interested in explaining too much to his less-torture-aware teammates, but he's forfeited almost all of his leverage over Rinzler in a seemingly short space of time. And certainly, the odds of Rinzler ever letting him *back* into that kind of position of power are minuscule now that he's up and running at full capacity.

Not sure whether that last line is ominous or not. Yori needs to hear about this user concept known as "jinxing". :D Looking forward to it, either way!
sharinganavenger chapter 18 . 9/24/2016
Just caught up on your more recent Tronfics and HOLY HELL this makes me flail. I realize you're probably not updating this anymore, but man, man, man, thank you so much for what you have written. This series in particular is just. Aaah. Really beautiful and really painful and I missed your Rinzler so much. :D

Okay, points of amazement in no particular order (but holy crap, a lot of length):

Rinzler as an ISO is... lskdfljsdf. I'm not usually a fan of blurring the ISO/Basic lines so hard, but you make it work in a way that's utterly flawless. Tron rejecting everything Rinzler is immediately on reboot. Tron doing it in the *Sea*, right after Rinzler makes his own breakthroughs- right after Rinzler chose to *live*, and Clu ripped that choice away from him. It's fitting and it's beautiful and it flows as part of the Sea's nature, creativity and construction and giving life to those that need to live it. And tying Rinzler into its new generation *first*. The line in the first chapter about it learning, making its defenders first- that honestly gave me chills. Because Rinzler is motion and combat and action, and giving him that purpose, giving him that place, is every bit as valuable as giving him life back. It's the same thing, really, but it's better, because it's *his*.

Seeing Rinzler completely free of limits is astounding. The reason I found this was honestly because I went back to read Through Broken Eyes for the millionth time and happened to check for newer stuff. And Rinzler's struggle through that is just... augh. He's so broken and so destroyed and he fights so hard, so constantly to know himself. To choose for himself. And as per canon, he doesn't *get* to- he makes one choice, one sacrifice, on *Tron's* impulses as much as anything, and then he's gone. So seeing him reborn like this, as *Rinzler*, with his own memories but also having the freedom and self he fought so hard for readily at hand... it's amazingly cathartic. And still painful, because as free as he might be inside himself (and that does matter, more than anything), he's almost immediately thrust back in the same cage.

Speaking of which, WOW TRON. Somebody reaaaally needs to take a good, long look in the mirror. The effort he put to hunting down and beating the shit out of Rinzler for what was essentially one act of self-defense was dubious enough (though man, I loved that fight scene, not least of all how Rinzler kept looking down on Tron for making dumb enraged mistakes while doing *the exact same thing*. Tron's assessment of Rinzler pre-recognition was also great; "glitchy, bit-brained, overdramatic little..." is so accurate I couldn't stop laughing).

But then after he catches Rinzler... man. I've never seen Tron's dark side so thoroughly explored in fic. Which is reasonable, because even post-Rinzler (or especially then, in some cases), Tron's so determined not to be that way... and because he pins all blame and responsibility on *himself*. But Rinzler *is* him, all the parts of him he hates and fears and wants to do away with, and the fact that he's back, and here, and independent... it's terrifying. It's terrifying because of who he is, and it's terrifying because he's separate, distinct, a real person Tron can't just wish away. But that same separation makes it so much easier to vent. To hate him. To put everything Tron hates about himself on Rinzler, and to punish him for that.

It's a question where (or if?) any responsibility might actually lie; neither of them is at fault for the actions, but both of them carry guilt and memory of it. But Tron locking Rinzler back in the same cell Clu kept them in... editing his disk against his will... that's much, much crueler than the torture. And it's telling, too- he's so set on separating himself from who Rinzler is. On hating Rinzler. Enough to make himself a hypocrite; committing the same tortures because he's so set on *Rinzler* deserving to be punished for their mutual crimes. But really, in the end? Tron isn't acting like Rinzler. He's carrying out *Clu's* role, envy and hate included, all to establish himself in a similar position of control and power over Rinzler. And if he could see it, I think that would throw him off worse than anything.

Yori is, of course, the third part of this group, and as soon as I finish wordspewing, I'm gonna have to go back and reread everything you've ever written with her. (And the OCs.) But man, she's in a hard spot between them. And... it's not some 2D soap opera romance, everyone's fully and amazingly complete, and attraction isn't the first thing on anyone's mind. But she is between them, because Tron can't even see how much he's losing himself, and it's... well, it's dragging her along. She's tired for her own reasons too, and she's had her own life to be weary of. But this is new.

She sees Rinzler better than any of them do, really, and if she's not unafraid or unaffected, she still knows well enough that this is wrong. In a way, I feel like she's frightened because she *does* see him clearly- his edges, his newness, what he represents. And what he can be, more than the monster Clu made of him. He's free, and anyone with *sense* should know that Rinzler off the leash is a force to fear. But she still doesn't approve of Tron trying to force him back to the old one, and that's... he needs that. He needs someone to protect him, too.

She's also the only one of the main trio who's keeping her eye on the bigger picture, and I can't help feeling like that'd come into play more as things progress. Tron is obsessed with Rinzler. Rinzler's struggling between his new life and his old, and all the more so for the similarities that have been forced on him. He cares about the Sea, and the new ISOs, but he doesn't understand it- he intuits. And it's not something he's had the chance to learn. (Diving back into Rinzler rambles, but augh, the realization that Tron saw his face before he did was another painful thing. He is not getting a chance to be new.)

Other things. The torture bit was awful and glorious and *ow*. Especially with the face circuits. Rinzler *is* used to pain, and there's very little Tron could do to him that he can't endure. But that was... aaaah. Finding a new level of agony. *Breaking* him with it, when Rinzler's stood his ground, held onto his silence and his reactions, through everything else. Tron knows it's wrong, knows he doesn't have a reason anyone else would accept, or he wouldn't be cleaning up the damage after, but he's so consumed with loathing he doesn't care.

And Rinzler... augh, poor Rinzler. Being broken. Being left. Feeling that guilt sink in as well as Tron could have wanted, feeling he deserves it. And wishing he didn't have his voice. That- that hit worst, really. That even for a moment, Tron could make him want to go back to that. He's already kept in the same cell, being tortured and ground down and edited and glitched to the same sounds, but making him want to have his voice taken away too... that hurt beautifully.

I also really want to know exactly how Tron *has* been screwing with his disk. Tron isn't Clu in talent or (usually) temperament, and ISO code is presumably harder to work with than most. But he's clearly able to manage repair. He screwed with Rinzler's energy management. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done something else to limit him, since Rinzler had his hands free in the torture scene but neither fought back nor went for his own disks. (Not that Tron didn't have every upper hand regardless, but if Rinzler were capable of it, I can't imagine he wouldn't try to fight.) Has he locked Rinzler off from self-editing, too? The fact that they seem sure he can't just dig the tracker out- and the way Rinzler looks to Tron, however mockingly, for repair of that finger after the crash- seems to indicate they might have, which would make yet *another* nasty parallel.

And, of course, plot curiosities! I've got a guess for that "she" in charge of the subversives, though it's definitely not substantiated. I'm a little curious why Tron's so set on not killing the rogue here; presumably his disk would have all the data they need. Then again, there's a difference between not being willing to kill him and wanting Rinzler not to kill him. Or telling him not to. I doubt it's anything so conscious, but considering how set Tron is on pinning Rinzler with their murderous streak, I wouldn't be surprised if he's issuing that order expecting Rinzler to fail it. Because, after all, if Rinzler makes himself a problem... well, that's all the more excuse not to have him on the team.

...lskdfjljlskdjf okay I could keep this going for about forever, but I have probably dumped enough wordspew on you. If you managed to read all of it, you have my admiration. But hey, you know you've got that anyway. I can't believe I wasn't following this when it came out, and I'm just... honestly, I'm really, really grateful that you wrote it. Even if no more ends up happening, this is a beautiful addition and made me utterly gleeful to read. I never thought I'd get to see your Rinzler again- and especially not like this, not *whole*, so... wow. Yes. You're amazing, and I love your writing 'til the end of time.
tanithlipsky chapter 18 . 1/5/2015
tanithlipsky chapter 17 . 1/2/2015
Pirateweasel chapter 17 . 12/31/2014
Waiting eagerly for more...even if it is unedited and beer-fueled.
It's just too good of a story concept to ignore.
tanithlipsky chapter 16 . 12/16/2014
intriguing. not much dialogue but very angsty.
Gyreflight chapter 16 . 11/21/2014
Oh /thank you/ *rubs hands together*. These scene shards are just the sort of thing that I hoped you meant when you said that you might be willing to share.

But oh dear, they really aren't good for each other, are they, Tron and Rinzler...

Yori had it right, perhaps. Tron's self hatred is expressing itself in all the wrong ways, and evidently empathy doesn't work on an enemy whom you think of as an convenient externalisation of your own self instead of an individual in his own right. Unfortunately it's hard to imagine a better scapegoat, and even the fact that he fights back (won't accept his punishment) is just going to feed the circle of justification.

Poor Yori though. She's the one with the most unwarped perspective, but it's going to hurt her to see what's happening...and hurt worse if she feels she has to intervene. No one's going to come out of this clean.

Strange to think that Rinzler's acknowledgement of his own damage may actually give him the high ground on the sanity field, while Tron really can't see what he's doing to himself – in either of the senses that apply in this most peculiar of situations.

Ah well, thanks again for sharing.

(Oh, and sorry for the slightly delayed response. There was Stuff. And Things. Yes. Yes there was.)
Cyberbutterfly chapter 12 . 10/6/2014
Holy crap woman, you WROTE AN ORIGINAL BOOK (are writing a book)! Well, okay, I'm toasting to your mad writing skills! I can write fanfiction. My writers talent ends there.

Well, you know me... I'll take anything I can get, so post all the sample you want. (god knows it's more than I've managed to accomplish in the last year and a half) So, fight the good fight, keep working hard. And, hey, drop a line and let me know when the book is fully published and the name of it so I can acquire myself a copy :D

Chat at ya later... PEACE, LOVE, and PIXIE DUST
Gyreflight chapter 11 . 9/3/2014
Rinzler /and/ Tron. Now this is going to be interesting, especially given how you have already done so much characterisation work on them both...and yes, that meeting goes about as well as could be expected (I suspect that neither of them would want to be told how closely their reactions to their otherselves mirror each other).

It seems that Tron has good reason not to trust the sea – it saved him, yes, but it took a payment that is now coming due...

Rinzler as an ISO, with a mind that simply doesn't work the same way that he remembers, a body that is only nearly what it was, and a purpose that he's still trying to understand – you're not giving him an easy time of it with this one.

I've seen a lot of stories which make an effort to understand Tron's feelings about his corrupted self, but I've never seen it done the other way round, where suddenly Rinzler's reaction is a thing of both sense and sympathy: “and he looks at me /with my eyes/ that /he took from me/” *shiver* - there's a lot of power and emotion encapsulated there.

I'm glad you brought Yori into this too – she has her own history with Rinzler as well as Tron, and a far less compromised perspective of the whole situation, though it's unlikely to be a comfortable position for her to find herself in.

I do hope that you're able to come back to this...I'm not sure it's safe for Rinzler to be left alone for too long in that awful cell (safe for whom though, I wonder).
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 4/6/2014
nice and sad
ferroignus chapter 11 . 7/12/2013
Please, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, keep writing! ALL OF THEM! So beautiful.
XLR8ION chapter 11 . 3/6/2013
I knew it. All I'm going to say is this: Tron is a bastard. I know he hates Rinzler (and the feeling between them is mutual), but he's using what he knows, what he remembers of Rinzler, to torment him, seemingly for no other reason than to spite him. Tron's supposed to be the good guy! Good guys don't do that! But apparently there's more of Rinzler left in him than he knows...

And so now I wait. Hopefully (I see it's been a couple months) there will be an update sitting in my inbox soon. I will read it happily. :)
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