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SadMovie23 chapter 11 . 12/30/2015
While reading the chapter, I was thinking about how pissed I would get if Denise happened to die. Thankfully, she did not, and I don't think the crossbow will kill her, since if it was true, you would have put it at the end of this chapter. Two girls have died already, I think it is time for a boy to bite the dust. And then another. Gender equality at it's finest. The altercation between Denise and Catherine was also very well written, and I never thought a wip could cause só much damage. However, I would like Denise to have reacted at least a little bit, to make the fight more entertaining, and for someone to storm in and interrupted, giving Catherine a good ass kicking. But perhaps it is too early for it all to happen. The story is much more captivating than the first Training, and unpredictable. There's no character we're supposed to root for right from the start, such as Lindsay. Everything can happen, and I hope Lobelia appears next chapter and gets her revenge.
JEMLIA4EVR chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
SadMovie23 chapter 10 . 4/16/2014
I hope Elias and Victor make more appearances in the next chapters. They are relatively close to the places where the action are taking place, and at least Victor has proved himself to be a very complex and interesting character só far. As for Meredith and Connor, I am very "meh" about them. They behave like the tipycal couple, and no conflicts have been shown to happen between them. At the moment, it doesn't matter to me if they will last longer or not.

As for Lobelia, on the other hand... after this chapter, the little sympathy I had for Jemina went down the drain. She quickly valued a boy she barely knows over a friend who loves her, only because he's handsome and calls her pretty (for sex). I honestly hope Harrisson kills her, or at least makes her terrified enough to change her mind about him. This would leave Lobelia heartbroken, and probably make her kill the bastard.

I like Lobelia very much, but I don't see her surviving for more than a few hours, and probably less than this. She can still survive for a while with an arrow in her neck, but eventually she'll have to remove it and die from blood loss. Also, if you want to get realistic, don't allow her to speak or to swallow anything (which makes it impossible that she survives). Also, isn't it possible for her to get killed by a blood cot that travels to her brain? You know, the flow of blood was blocked, if it remains still for much longer, I think it can happen. It would be nice to see a BR character dying from a "natural cause" for once. In the end, even though I like Lobelia, she's pretty much a dead woman walking to me now.

I know you are busy, but I am really glad to see your determination in updating and keeping up with the story. I wish I also had this in me.
els1324 chapter 10 . 4/13/2014
HOLY SHIT! SHE'S GOT AN ARROW STUCK IN HER NECK?! I'd probably die from shock personally. O_O

I'd also be pretty pissed if my boyfriend verbally attacked someone who clearly seemed just incredibly nervous - and ended up cutting me in the process. ._.

Very excited to read the next chapter! :) Hope university treats you well! (It sure doesn't do that for me.)
Daniel Affaro chapter 9 . 4/2/2014
By far my favourite fic in the whole site. I come back to this every few months just to re-read it. Please PLEASE write more!
SadMovie23 chapter 9 . 10/6/2013
Hey, a nearly girls-only POV chapter! It reminds of me own fic, and I actually enjoyed it for what it is. I think you did a nice job with all segments this time, but Jemima's and Catherine's stand out. Catherine has a high potential of going mad and eventually killing someone, and it would be cool if she and Denise got into a nice catfight, considering how distrustful of her "friend" she is. About Jemima, she seems to be quite likeable, much like a pretty little thing. But I dont think it is a good idea to expose her opinions on lesbianism yet. The average straight person does not think about the possibility of a same sex friend desiring them, unless they are actually closeted and in denial. I think its best to avoid mentioning Jemimas POV so far, just to make it less predictable and perhaps more tragic when Lobelia gets rejected. And talking about the girl, I really like her now, just dont give to her and Jemima a similar ending to Rose and Martha's.

So Darren and the couple will meet soon... this story is getting interesting. Im actually pretty eager to see the next death.
ZizziHungarian chapter 9 . 10/4/2013
Somehow I have this strange feeling that Catherine and Denise won't be together for too long... Anyway, I loved this chapter as well, next time I won't wait this long to read it. Update soon!
Radio Free Death chapter 2 . 10/2/2013
[He took out his ever-present sketchbook, to immortalize the moment, the perfect shadows, just before they would all fade away. When other people would usually take out their cameras, flash some pics and run off in the opposite direction to continue clicking insanely, he would just stand there, breathe in the atmosphere, and draw.]
This is pretty nice, but I'm wondering, is he in the bus or standing outside? Because if he's in the bus, he won't have time to sketch anything in the few seconds he has.

["Sociopath! Do you feel all mighty and superior now? Do you?! Bullying a girl with self-esteem problems? I... I will kill you one day, I swear! Mark my words!"]
This sounds a little forced, like she's trying too hard to sound menacing.

The chapter kinda just ends, as if it got bored or ran out of ways to tie up the ending.

Overall, looking better! The dialogue at times feels natural in that it's how kids speak, and sometimes, like the one I pointed out, can be pretty awkward. The main character isn't a total ass and not all the characters are introduced suddenly within the first few chapters.
Radio Free Death chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
Not bad! I hope you don't mind a few pointers:

Always start a new paragraph with a new subject or when someone else is speaking. This also means not starting a new paragraph to make it easier to read. For example:

["Mina!" the boy finally got himself together "I want to… I… can we go and see a movie or something?"
Oh, damn. I look like a total idiot.]

You should combine the two, and have a 'he thought' after the italics. Reflection is good!

["Leave me alone, you bully!" she ran down the corridor to join her best friend.]

This is not really the best way to introduce the kid being a bully. It needs to be something introduced a bit earlier, and with him thinking that because she sees him as a bully, it might be one of the reasons she might not want to go out with him.

The structure of the story overall is very choppy. Try to keep things coherent and you don't need to list characters before the scenes involving them show up. This has to be shown in the story itself. I hope that helped!
ZizziHungarian chapter 8 . 7/12/2013
Wow, Lobelia is a clever one! And Mina is scary as hell... also I hope that two bully will kill each other! I liked this chapter, mostly baceuse we got to know more about the characters, so update soon please!
SadMovie23 chapter 8 . 7/10/2013
Wow! It had been ages since the last update, so I was really anxious to see this. This was a nice chapter, quite short but it showed characters who had received little to no characterization before. I specially liked Lobelias part, but the two boys werent far behind. I like their friendship, it reminds me of Shinji/Yutaka because of the short guy/tall guy pair. Harrison, on the other hand, went completely unnoticed by me. Maybe you should spend some more time with him in the near future, to paint more colors into his character. Im curious about Lobelia the most, though. In my opinion, it will be best if she finds jemina in the library, but something separates them again, than if they only meet near the end of the game- to die. No sugimura clones, please. Im glad to see you are working and supporting yourself now, although I also hope it does not delay your updates that much.
SadMovie23 chapter 7 . 5/15/2013
I have read this chapter as soon as it got updated, but didn't leave any reviews out of pure laziness. I apologize.

This was a short, but good chapter. There was enough action to keep the reader interested, and I liked the introduction to Darren. It reminded me of my own chemistry, although I was fortunate to the fact that no accidents happened. But the Janice and Rachel fraction was very well done as well. I wasn't expecting the vampire girl to die so early on, and honestly I thought she would put more of a fight. Bonus points for not describing her tongue as a sea slug or something big and gross while she was being strangled. It read like this asphyxia was shorter than normal, but very brutal.

I'm always more interested in the first students to kill. I'm not rooting for Janice, I dislike her actually, but I'm really curious about the way she's going to die.

Could you kill a boy next time, please? :-D
Daniel Affaro chapter 7 . 5/13/2013
I've just got up to date and already want more. The interaction between Janice and Rachel was amazing and I loved how real you made Lukas.

Viktor was very very well written, and I love how human you made him. He's acted just like a normal person would.

Very well done and I can't wait for more.
Daniel Affaro chapter 5 . 5/13/2013
Upon starting this, I decided to read a bit into it before reviewing in order to get a feel for the characters and the overlying plot.

First off; I need to get this out of the way. You're very talented with words. I enjoy how the flow often matches the tone and I have found myself drawn into the pace of a character's thoughts and feelings as I read. For that I applaud you. My only issue would be that of flashbacks. While I thoroughly enjoy your use of small flashbacks to illustrate a certain character aspect or point, due to them being slipped into the text and flow of the narrative without a break, I find it difficult to identify them as they are so subtly used. While the subtlety is what I love (and by no means should you change your writing style), in terms of personal taste, I personally would have put flashback dialogue and narrative in italics.

Your setting up was very good. I like how you didn't just list students at the beginning or fall into stereotypes; you wrote the characters as what they are: people. I also liked how you introduced everyone over a series of chapters, but took the time to develop them, rather than just a select few (something I myself admit to bring guilty of in my own BR fic).

I also like the mentality of the "players". Why they're doing what they're doing and how it ties in with their personality. They're reacting how humans would react; giving in to their own idiosyncrasies. I particularly enjoyed the vampire girl's reaction and Carmina's mentality.

You've created something great here and I can't wait to read more.

You have definitely earned a favourite and follow.

(Side note: Love your use of a map. Up until reading yours I thought I was the only person to use one)
ZizziHungarian chapter 7 . 3/14/2013
Vampire or not, Rachel didn't last very long... which I like very much, I loved her character, but letting a vampire win the Program would be cheesy. But the others... stupid Darren, stupid Victor, stupid Lukas... and damn scary Janice! That will be an interesting game with only two firearms...
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