Reviews for A Million Combinations
GalaxieGurl chapter 1 . 6/12/2016
This is a great story; angsty and sad, but hinting of hope, eventually.
threesquares chapter 1 . 8/24/2012
Really lovely. And true. While she could (try to) stop feeling in the last, compartmentalize, with Christine in her life now, Brennan couldn't if she wanted to. I like how you had Brennan call Booth "her heart". Great story. Sad.
sunsetdreamer chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
I LOVE Tadpole time! Do you have any idea how friggen exciting it is to find a tweet that's all, 'btw, here's a fic'?! It's like my birthday just keeps on keeping on, lol. It distracts me from the fact that soon I'll be old and partying will be socially frowned upon and puts me firmly in camp My Birthday Is Awesome.

Speaking of things that are awesome? This fic. It is always heartbreaking to think of early Brennan, who had this picturesque family she loved so dearly and it all went to hell in a handbasket out of NOWHERE for her. Just, on a dime, she went from having everything to having nothing. And it's easy to picture the anger eventually overwhelming Booth with the passing of time because he knows what the leaving did to her, and he knows she knows what it is to be left, and though it was the right decision, the logical decision, it's not possible for him to entirely keep his heart, his feelings, where logic would have them.

I like that you drew attention to Booth agreeing with Max about the running as a bit of a turning point for her. Because that was one of the most important pieces of the episode for me. And this line! Oh, this line;

"...But clear as day, she remembered what it was like to be buried."

Amazing. I love the parallel and the execution and just everything about it.

Thank you a million and one times, Em. It's poignant and emotive and makes me feel so many feelings I don't know what to do! Best. Birthday. Ever.
Katniss730 chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
Great, very interesting. I am intrigued as to where the series goes from here.
bones35 chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
A terrific examination and depiction of Brennan's logic and heart conflict, but also how her parents felt when they took off. It will be interesting to see how the first few episodes will try to heal the presumed fractured relationship.

The hearache really bursts off the page - well done!

A couple of typos - I know, I'm nit-picky!

'Science fare' should be 'science fair'.

'fool proof' should be 'foolproof'? Not sure, it might be the American version of the term.
eitoph chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
I'm glad you nailed this down because it's great to see some poety and dreamy Em fic back on my screen. You have a romantic and classy way with words that I always admire and it came through here again.

Nice work :)
FaithinBones chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
They both need Faith.

A very intense story. Good job.
Lliaaame chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
Lovely story. :')
Some1tookmyname chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
Oh yes, this is the same nightmare, but in the light of day. Alone, and potentially unsave-able. (Spell check tells me that no incarnation of that is correct, so unsave-able, it is.)

Two things really struck me. This line:
Because how could she trust her heart, when even her brother didn't?

Because I can totally imagine it's true.

And then this:

He knows she isn't running from him, but a small part of him wonders if she realises that that's what it looks like. It looks like she doesn't trust him to find the answers they so desperately need, it looks like she has chosen her life over their life shared.

It looks that way and sometimes, when he is feeling most vulnerable, it feels that way too.

Because, OUCH. Yes, that is exactly how I imagine ShowBooth is going to feel. Yes he knows, but still...

Love this Em. Well done. :)
RositaLG chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
Oh, Em... this is heart crushing and gut wrenching in the best way. I loved the tie in to Aliens. It's wonderfully unique. Perfect as always!