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Gu3st chapter 18 . 1/7/2015
Is this all? Aw man... It was getting even more interesting. Well if there's a next chapter in the works, can't wait! If this is it, great story!
Curly chapter 18 . 6/17/2013
I read everything of the rewritten Horizon stories and I liked them better.
Please finish the story!
I can't wait to see what will await Cody in his mission.
owlhero chapter 18 . 2/9/2013
So many surprises here with the Arcadia layout.

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder between the light and Cody awakening with this extra sense of knowledge. Cody's foreknowledge of stuff is freaking but considering his personality, I would be surprised by the choice. And his ability to stump everyone. But I did find your way of bringing him back in, scaring Alex to be funny.

However I have a feeling this Cody has other secrets that will continue to flip the story on its head especially since you always leave pieces laying in the story until they suddenly come together and make sense. Like the Sentinal Major or the possibily Cody could be the one person to solve the equation being workered by the computers.

Oh wait, unless those computers were taken over by someone...

Meanwhile Chris motivations trip me up alittle. I understand revenge but taking everyone else out at the same time?
The first part with the light had me really nervous. I thought they were going to die for a second.
owlhero chapter 17 . 1/27/2013
The setup of the halo-Citadel was spooky. Pretty good job on creating a spooky environment using only limited features and Sam's movement.

I have to question Colin's decision to put the Citadel in the first place.I have to wonder if he thought the problem this thing is creating: Sam's alternate personality.

But it seems like the fragments could hiding in places Colin frequented. So I wonder how complex this program is?

I love the way you leave questions unanswered. It gives just to get a general idea but still leaves them hanging for more. Besides do I believe what Sam's darker side is saying about when he came apart or do I ask what original event (maybe the fire perhaps caused the personality to be created?
owlhero chapter 16 . 1/19/2013
I forgot about Chris although this is the thing for a impulsive teenager to do to figure out what's going on. But not with an F-35 Lightning II...I can only imagine what connections Colin had to have to get several. The voice control may be a little much but hey its probably not far off.

i can see Chris may be an unstable variable in this already shaky equation.

The ghosts in the facility make me feel uneasy because you neve now what's around the next corner. I love the stabilization gel.

Now they know the whole story but the question is that the whole story? I mean how they fight this alterego with killing Sam himself.
owlhero chapter 15 . 1/16/2013
welcome back...

Having Sam in their system will cause massive problems especially since it seems as though he taking out his revenge on the twins as a shot at Colin possibly.

Zack might want to watch his temper. I agree with hm. Colin has WAY too many projects going on. It almost impossible he has so many with his scattershot appproach to his ideas. Still its usually the geniuses and world leaders who push us to the next level of accomplishment. Besides the Ishimura seemed to a testbed for many things.

Although I would still be nervous about the submarine design. The shot at the original mission just shows off how far things ahavegone and twisted they've become.

Doesn't it seem paanoria or insanity always comes with genius? Or least that worst of quirks they seem to acquire.

White's idea of public reaction is spot on once the tech becomes public.

Is Arcadia a Resident Evil shout out? Just curious.
owlhero chapter 14 . 12/7/2012
Well,well, some question were answered.

From Sam's point of view, I can see why he thinks he's in a prison. I mean being unable to move while your mind is active is a prison. It also true that arrogance goes hand in hand with genius. Even if it is minor.

I did like having the digitial Citadel reflect the computers' current status, Sam's state or even the real Citadel's appearance. Or lack there of.

I feel real pity for Sam. To have your insecurities to torture you constant is a sure hell. unable to run and no where to really hide from them.

Just the abrupt snippets of what happening at the party is not good.

Why do I have a feeling what Colin wanted in the beginning for Project Infinity is going to have some major unintended consequences? And Sam may be the driving force behind it all. How irony is that the memory of Colin could be influenced by someone who he tried and failed than any other accomplishments so far?
owlhero chapter 13 . 12/7/2012
Inyersting turn of events with Cody. I mean who would have imagined his drive for knowledge almost frying or overloading his brain. Of course its possible he'll find new clues when he comes out, I suppose.

But it was somewhat wonderful in a way how you show in multiple instances how Colin was a fallable human being after showing how much of a genius he was when he was alive.

The ship has become a character unto itself again. That lotus symbol is going to be huge eventually. I just wait to know why. The "ghosts" were a different shock. But I wonder their purpose especially since the ship seems to have its own ghosts. But the image of Sam pushes me in one dorection. I mean it could be him, but what's the point of scaring someone? Only you know what they might find when the lights turn on.
owlhero chapter 12 . 11/17/2012
That would be too easy to have CICIL just simply hack her way in without a problem.

I was amused by the A.I. scuffle. I mean its not everyday CICIL finds one with an attitude problem. But an intriguing way to find out info.

Speaking of CICIL, I love the limitations you put into her with processing. It shows she's not the perfect character but one limited by human technology. I cant wait to see how she reacts to the next gen AI. Jealous much?

Creepy with Cody but shows just how far he has fallen from the last story.

Just one more stop on this planet crossing adventure.
owlhero chapter 11 . 11/3/2012
Such a short chapter but its another peice to add to this puzzle.

At the same time, guilt and desperation ring with Colin. Sometimes they push you to do things you would never do. Putting Kyne as the voice of reason was only natural here.

I can only the killing scene mention here. Or is it too deadly to be described?

Tthe memory sequence has me wondering how? Unless there are two sets of keys sitting about.

The second memory sequence just adds how you completely hide the undermeaning emotions in the first story. Or how so much is being interpreted by the reader.

Sam's question at the end mirrors my own.
owlhero chapter 10 . 10/19/2012
So we know how much or how little CICIL knows about the current situation. I'm almost a little disappointed. Almost...

Wait...Could the project eb something having the ability to download someone's conscious to be saved. Odd yes, it sounds like what Sam's brain was being done to. That sort of project could be life changing...

Inspired by I robot much? I found that funny and completely unexpected.

Those memory keys seem to form a puzzle. It seems as though Colin could have keyed them to activate at certain times. How seems really beyond his abilities and then the "why" is even curious. Maybe only revealing pieces of himself so as to not overwhelm them and realize just how dysfunctional he really was?

Organs always have a senes of overpowering to me. Of course classic Bach works that to the hilt. I did not know by name but by sound.

The music has been sort of been your personal touch and using them as musical theme is not done often.
owlhero chapter 9 . 10/3/2012
I have to wonder if the artifact caused the mental breakdown or if the artifact is the split personality or at least is the physical incarination of the troubled soul.

I wonder if Colin realized how far he would change CICIL to the point where she's as close to being human without having a skin and blood body?

Jeez, Cody keeps taking hit afte hit. Wow.
owlhero chapter 8 . 9/26/2012
Love the chapter title here and it matches.

This is freaky but I loved it. I never really saw it coming either. Just goes to show you how bad Sam was off. And how tragic a figure he is even with split status with the constant fighting and lonliness. Completely understandable.

But this does reveal a few things about the situation. Now we see the other side of the situation. What the twins done now? Oh should I said Colin. But in the end, it looks CICIL may have cut off more than she can chew. She may acquired the human attribute for making mistakes and having arrogance as well. I am so excited, I am confused.

Oh wait the memory cores are something else besides memory. Keys perhaps?

I mean Colin was desperate to help Sam but knew no othe way to help or at least buy time. But to store his memories in computer code. Persumably after the fire. Puts new meaning to Sam's words when he said Colin was treated or was perceived like a god in the Citidel. And now his godlike arrogance could ruin everything. Not bad for an artificial lifeform, huh?

Please explain animi for me. Is it short for animation or reanimation?
owlhero chapter 7 . 9/26/2012
Well I got my answer... With a twist, Sam survived as a computer file?

Now is the time, Cody's responsibility is revealed. How slightly amusing if I do say. If only becuase he's partially responsible even through he did it for emotional reasons. This should change things up quite significantly. One wonderful touch of storytelling. Turning his own actions against Cody. How ironic.

These extra memory cores could turn CICIL against the twins even more. CICIL's comments made me more impressed should any device like it ever exist becuase the natural bias humans have.

The light humor was needed considering the rest of the chapter was heavy. Well at least Colin planned for the worst. Even if it was using others to do it.

I really like this new CICIL. It appears she has come close to be as human as a nonhuman can be.

Well appears the heroes have fallen.

Creepy music choice by the way, an omen of the future?
owlhero chapter 6 . 9/26/2012
Well, well CICIL is showing another side of her. I have to wonder what her motives are in this? Especially with hiding her capabilities? But I have to wonder about the download if it influenced her somehow? Oh well just a thought... Its almost like she's apologetic about the whole thing.

The words almost made me think the twins were being used. But the words "ashes" shows me her sense of humor is back. It also reminds and could point out a destruction of whatever Colin/some one had in mind.

I needed CICIL's uniform. Gave me something to "see" her. Cody describing the memory core experience just proves how powerful it was.

The ending threw mw for a curve. I wonder...Sam?
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