Reviews for Moonbeams in a Jar, Part 1
Goldilocks85 chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
I've always loved this story, and of course it is great to see it continue! Really enjoyed reading it, girls! My fave part is the dream sequence (of course!). It is written so perfectly, and reflects all those fears and confusion Maddie has.
"Maddie's cheeks flushed, the fire travelling down her neck and along her collar bone as if it were searching for an escape route." - this is SO poetic!
Bravo! "'Do cats cat? Do Puppies pup?'" - hahaha this is something David would say :-)
There are so many great-great lines and moments! Love the scene in the car, it is so them.. Great job! Hope you'll continue the story! x
Bluemoon Stranger chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
Maddie was furiously pacing back and forth in her office now, like a trapped tiger. She hated the feeling that she was so obviously hooked, obsessed already with David that all of a sudden she couldn't keep her mind on anything else.

I love that sentence depicting how much Maddie wanted David but the feelings made her nervous. I enjoyed reading about how Maddie was squirming in her seat as David teased her on what they would do on their date.

That devil! I like how you portrayed Maddie wanting David's arm around her, wanting his kiss, waiting for his phone call...I like her being unsure and nervous that David may have changed his mind about going forward in their relationship.

Good job ladies taking us on Maddie and David's journey toward the act of procreation! I look forward to subsequent keep them coming.(Hope they come soon! LOL)