Reviews for Only A Rose
CutieChante chapter 23 . 2h
Omg Regina is finished gold is gonna kill her please update this I wanna know what happens
Guest chapter 23 . 4h
This update was a welcome surprise and I loved this chapter! Finally Emma has found Belle. Loved how you wrote it and cant wait to find out what happens next!
hateme101 chapter 17 . 5h
I've been rereading this cause its a great story but I forgot how much of a bitch Emma was to Gold when she found out Rose was his daughter. Like really? You wont even let him give a gift to his daughter? What a bitch. Its sort of a Regina move there.
Luna Myth 11 chapter 23 . 5h
This story has always been about what I loved best about OUAT and this chapter exemplifies that with the use of different POVs, complex character motivations, and intricate backstories and events. I enjoyed seeing not just Rumple's POV, but Emma, Henry, and even Jefferson. And most excellent of all, she's finally found Belle! It's been so long since I've read the rest of this story, but I really appreciate the role of her as "Alayna" in this as well, I didn't know whether to call her that or Belle tbh, I'm just super excited to see her. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you bet he's gonna get the shock of his life, aaaaaaaaa.
Kacy Myth chapter 23 . 8h

Gold and Rose is the sweetest thing ever and it made my heart explode
Mini Nicka chapter 23 . 10h
Sooooo glad your back! I had given up hope. Loved the chapter can't wait to see what's next
CutieChante chapter 3 . 11h
Omg Rose and Emma bonded cute or as the Japanese kawai anyway I think Henry really is onto something about rose being special because she said Snow then called out for Mary and moe mentioning the magic I think there's a lot more to little rose than meets the eye anyway I'm enjoying this
CutieChante chapter 2 . 11h
Rose is really smart she's calling people by their enchanted forest names it's almost like she knows and it's weird cause in the enchanted forest she probably didn't meet those people something tells me rose is special she reminds me of Hope from the originals a happy, sweet, innocent child
SkyBlueSw chapter 23 . 12h
So glad your back, thank you for updating. Hope you get the new chapter finished and posted in the next few weeks. Really enjoyed this chapter.
Kind Baudelaire chapter 23 . 14h
I'm so happy that Emma found Belle, I was really worried for a moment but at least Moe , Rose and Rumple will have their favourite person back
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 23 . 16h
Time for reuniting of true loves!
Fawkes Devaue chapter 23 . 19h
Aaah! I'm so excited! I'm glad you're back! Loved this chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 23 . 22h
I love it! Please update soon!
FeralsRock chapter 23 . 22h
Oh my gosh! So happy this fic is back! I'll be honest I'd kinda just thought this fic had been abandoned but I'm so happy to have been proved wrong! I noticed a few typos here and there (easily could have been autocorrect screwing you over) but other than that this was a fantastic update! I'm so happy belle is back!
NamelessWildflower chapter 23 . 22h
Yay! I was just thinking about this fic the other day and boom an update and I'm so glad to see it. Great job I loved it
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