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archsage328 chapter 34 . 3/27
Short, but sweet. And wow, Dayren really is not doing himself many favors, is he? *sigh* I think he's taken a few too many pages out of Raven's book. Also, props for the Missed Murder and A mutual respect skits. Those were definitely amusing!

While it's hard for me to say if I've ever truly felt depressed, I've seen how much it can hurt people. And I know that just asking people to cheer up doesn't work in cases like this. I also don't know all the details of what's going on, so I can't really say much else about your situation. But I do know that even if it takes me a while to read and review when you post chapters, make no mistake. I have no intention or desire to abandon you or this story. It is one of my favorites on the site, after all. I wouldn't have put it on my wall of fame on my profile page if it wasn't. Anyway, other than reading and reviewing when I can, I don't know what else I can really do to help, but even if I'm relatively quiet, I'm still here for ya, alright? Don't forget that.
DemonVermin chapter 34 . 3/18
Slowly and steadily get on your feet, a turtles approach would be most beneficial. Write what ya can and I'm glad your back. I needed the humor.
Kaixa 9-1-3 chapter 34 . 3/15
You know I literally jumped from my bed this morning when i checked my email and see this AWESOME and LOVEABLE and AMAZING story just updated from 4 or 5 months?

Even after that Long Hiatus/Absent i would be lost at my work and or inspiration and i can't grasp their character anymore...but handle it nicely maybe it is your specialty your characterization never cease to amaze me!

Tho Dayren speaking in a Nobility manner of speech is a bit uhh...well I think(or hope) that he speaks like that in front of the knights or the authorities..but we do miss the old hot-blood talk he usually has! But this give him character! nicely done!

Please Update soon for we thirst of curiosity!

SomeGuyOnline chapter 34 . 3/13
I'm glad that you're back. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
SpeckTech chapter 34 . 3/13
Get those cobwebs out of your brain! A vacuum cleaner might be helpful. Or, you know, a new source of inspiration works too.
Sir Plath chapter 34 . 3/13
*Does the happy dance* He's back! I'm really happy you've decided to continue this again, especially since we just had the big reveal, so good times abound in the future with this I hope!

Also, if you need my help with anything D, just send me a Pm or an email and I'll get right back.
zmon chapter 34 . 3/12
It's been a looong time. Glad you're finally back and getting back to writing again.

Great chapter, as usual. Nothing specific I need to comment on, probably time I re-read the story though...
DemonVermin chapter 33 . 2/1
Wow I was wondering if you whether
1) died... sadly to say that has happened to certain writers...
2) had personal issues, mentally or physically that they had to stop
3) or just gave up
I am glad it was none of the above and you are still writing.
You have written a little gem and I kinda can see this all happen in a game... now lets hope the full version is not just a japanese exclusive eh ;)
Ciradel the ChronicleWriter chapter 8 . 1/27
The way you wrote how a tiny spark of Thunder caused fire was hilarious XD .
Ciradel the ChronicleWriter chapter 2 . 1/27
I loved the moment between of Yuri and Tweedle A and Tweedle B XD .
archsage328 chapter 33 . 10/9/2014
I could go on and on about why it's taken me so long to get around to reading and reviewing the newest chapter, but no matter how well I'd word it, I'd still feel like I was making excuses.

Anyway, I don't recall any typos in this chapter, and learning a bit more about what happened in the past definitely made things really interesting. As for how Yuri responded to learning how close a certain pair were once upon a time, personally, I feel you nailed his reaction. He's never struck me as the jealous type, and I bet even were he and Estelle to get married, he'd tease her about this from time to time without the slightest trace of animosity. That's the kind of person Yuri seems like, at least to me, at any rate.
Deidon chapter 33 . 9/4/2014
Well firstly, a well-done response to my review. You took some comments to heart, yet on the ones you disagreed on, you did so respectfully. Congratulations, you are now on my list of "Very Respectable writers!"

(3) In any case, I can see how adding the PS3 characters would challenge you as a writer. At least, adding Patty would, since Flynn was the only other member from the PS3 version, and we know him pretty well. '

(4) Indeed, there is no "best" or "correct" way of writing fanfiction. Each author has their different styles and interpretations of the canon. I mean, that's why it's called fanfiction in the first place. So, kudos to sticking to your guns. And in addition, I do somewhat take back what I said. I think that maybe what it comes down to is that I generally prefer video game fics in a non-video game style, but here... Yeah, here does it pretty much perfectly.

I'll leave it at that, since TBH, not a lot happened in this particular chapter. Still, glad to see this isn't dead (believe me, I know how long it can take between updates; mine took like a year), and I'll be looking forward to more! :D
SpeckTech chapter 33 . 9/3/2014
Just when I though this story was dead... Actually I thought that months ago. Nice to see it hasn't been abandoned.
Gravenimage chapter 33 . 8/31/2014
You know I would've wish if Sodia join the party instead of been an NPC. The same goes for Gauche and Droite.
Deidon chapter 32 . 6/9/2014
I must say, this is one of the most unique and interesting stories I've ever read. To be honest, it's like I'm reading a beta script for the actual ToV 2 game. Here are my main points about this fic:

1. These skits are fucking awesome. The writers of the original would be proud to read these, and they're exactly what Tales game skits should be.

2. The way the lines are laid out in battle, having characters shout out arte names is interesting, but also somewhat boring. While I cam picture Yuri using these arte combos in a game, it isn't terribly interesting to read for a battle.

3. I must say that you seem to write characters very accurately, even the more complex ones like Rita and whatnot. Though, I'm not sure that you should be one, inserting quite so many OC's, and two, be using the PS3 version characters. Don't get me wrong, Patty is a cool character, but I have no idea of her role in the story, since the PS3 version only has her in it, and it's in Japanese. But, maybe that's just me.

4. The whole thing about this fanfiction is that you seem to be trying to write a story version of a video game, like with the whole "choose a party to follow" things, adding in titles, adding in the "crack...shatter" effect before a boss battle, having secret missions, etc. While this would (probably) fail somewhere else, here you manage to pull it off, at least somewhat. The thing is about fanfiction, at least in my opinion, is that if it's based off of a video game, you should try and make it so that it doesn't feel like a video game. But once again, maybe that's just me.

Overall I am rather excited for this fanfic to continue, as the plot is fairly interesting and seems like something that an actual ToV sequel would be about. I shall be eagerly awaiting the next installment. Good luck with this!
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