Reviews for The Goddess of Hope
Sailor Pandabear chapter 10 . 7/26
Paxloria chapter 10 . 7/22
Aside from proof-reading your chapters & re-phrasing/re-writting some sentences, this story is pretty good.
Paxloria chapter 8 . 7/22
Good Chapter.

But I think Kitisugu should have focused on Caster like everyone else.
I also think that Madoka (with out as much explination as she'd given Rider) should have announced uer suspicions about the Grail to the other Servants.
Paxloria chapter 7 . 7/22
Great chapter!

Loved that moment in the kitchen between Archer & Rider.

One thing though.
When Madoka was telling a bit of her story, you wrote the ages wrong. The girls are too old here. 14 to 16 is Junior High and High School age.
The girls Kyubi targeted were in Grade School and Middle School. So the correct ages should be around 10 to 14.
You even wrote in a previous chapter that Madoka looked about a year or two older that Tokiomi Tosaka's little girls.
Paxloria chapter 4 . 7/22
Nice chapter!
I have a question.
Shouldn't it be:
"with the four knight classes against one"
instead of:
"with the three knight classes against one"
since Archer is also one of the knight classes?
Guest chapter 7 . 7/12
Oh no... Is Sakura going to turn into the Shadow? I hope not.
Illya: I highly doubt that. I think it's just anger of betrayal.
... I hope you continue writing this good story.
Guardoflight chapter 10 . 5/26
This has been an enjoyable story and I look forward to seeing what will happen next and to see what hope Madoka brings against all the worlds evil.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/18
when i read that bit about something going down iris throat, i thought tentacle rape was going to happen but i'm so glad i was wrong
Guest chapter 10 . 4/18
youve got to get the next chapter up please i cant wait to see what happens im hoping we get to see madoka going badass goddess on caster and cthulus ass maybe when she sees one of her friends gets hurt or something
Nemrut chapter 10 . 2/21
Really love this story, you have managed to portray all the characters and their voices exceptionally well.

Thank you for sharing this.
Sekai -The World chapter 10 . 11/14/2014
Angry Madoka is Epic Badass Madoka. Mercy to Caster when 'It' happens.

Kirei found himself, not-madoka-god knows how many percentage teasing Madoka counts as part of his new self XD.

And Lancelot to the rescue! I seriously never thought I would see this day. Hope you update soon XD!
Thespurgin chapter 6 . 10/31/2014
and THIS fic is why Caster-class servants are hideous monsters to fight when you give them ANY time to prepare. screw worrying about sabers, Casters are a pain in the ARSELOCHE!
Crazybuu chapter 10 . 10/2/2014
You know, through out this entire arc I had one thing in mind. To bad old man Hendersan does not live in japan. For the garden Gnomes!

Otherwise good story, and glad Kirei actually got sound advice for his problem.
Yoholic chapter 7 . 10/1/2014
This story is excellent. Madoka is making some real positive changes.
Hakurei no Miko chapter 10 . 9/25/2014
update! and does madoka still have her god powers, or just her puella magi powers? but if she had her god powers, she could practically do anything, so i guess not, but could you just clarify the powers she has in this fix. and update soon, this is really good! i wonder why you don't just become an author... hope your job's coming along fine and that you have lots of free time so that we can get an update! oh and is kyubey going to appear? i mean since everyone else did...
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