Reviews for In the Arms of Her Dragon
Blu3zClu3z chapter 1 . 12/13
Everything i read up to this chapter is so good. Looking forward to reading the rest the story
CLGeyer chapter 30 . 12/10
I just started reading your story and finished it in one day! I'm ready for more it's such a page turner! You haven't updated since June. Will you be continuing on with this story or should I loose hope and move on?
arthi chapter 1 . 12/6
mst amazing dramonie fic
eagerly waiting fr the nxt update!
Indsxty95 chapter 25 . 12/6
Officially says MINE, I think. Love this one.
HollyGlow26748 chapter 30 . 12/5
This story turned from hella cute to what the fuck real quick. Like, what the fuck?
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 27 . 12/3
That was one emotional reaction. I hope Hermione finds something in that book. But Maximus said something that he felt rejected right? Could Draco be heartbroken and that unfinished potion - the one that Draco and Hermione still have to invent - be the solution?
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 26 . 12/3
I’m glad Draco and Blaise reconciled. They’re best friends for a reason. I wonder though who else Draco will appoint. And I also wonder if Hermione will accept to be Draco’s Lady if Eternity. I mean that’s a huge step, probably even bigger than mariage and they’ve only been dating for a fortnight...
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 25 . 12/3
*Finally* Draco and Hermione are official. And thank goodness for all the information given. Everything’s still a little complicated but less so than before.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 24 . 12/3
Is there no possibility whatsoever that Draco can take Hermione with him? Some sort of loophole? Draco needs to talk to his parents ASAP and Hermione has to tell her friends about roger relationship in a more serious manner and not just on the go...
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 23 . 12/3
Fucking fuck.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 22 . 12/3
That’s a lot to digest for Blaise.
And uf he was to abdicate Draco would become Kapral. And if Draco abdicated, too that would probably okay in the hands of this evil skeleton dragon right? Wow.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 21 . 12/3
Neville really took that well. I knew he’d always be there for Hermione :)
And Draco is not only a dragon but could also become Kapral should Blaise not want to?!
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 20 . 12/3
I think it’s good that Hermione told Neville first. He’s such a sweet guy and will always be there for her and support her. He may have problems at first (given how Draco used to treat him and his friends) but I doubt it’ll take long for him to come around.
Also I’m so curious about that dragon empire that evil dragon skeleton.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 19 . 12/2
That really was an amazing birthday for her. It would have been perfect if her friends had already known about Draco and they all could have spent this day together. But as Draco said there are many more birthdays to come.
Also who has to be freed? Why would someone end the Zabini reign? Has that to do with the chaos theory?
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 18 . 12/2
So that Dragon realm? How does that work? There are just *somewhere* in the universe? And Blaise is really a dragon? But he doesn’t know that of course. And he also doesn’t know that his father exists. That dragon language, is that an actual language? Or a mixture of more? Or did you invent it?
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