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toe walker chapter 8 . 11/7/2012
:'''''''''''''''''''''''''( that was so sad!
hgismylife379 chapter 8 . 11/6/2012
Oh please update! I love this story - it is really emotional. I am begging you to update!
thepinkmartini chapter 8 . 11/6/2012
great sneak peek!
Abigail25 chapter 8 . 11/6/2012
Can't wait for the update! ;)
AmericanAsFuck chapter 7 . 11/5/2012
Wow. This is so well-written. I love the plot too. Totally didn't see a rebel takeover coming. I swear, Cato and Katniss are my drug. Nice work, keep it up. :)
vampiregoth28 chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
Poor Coral! I really wasn't expecting someone to be bitten by a snake of all things.
Nissy Padfoot chapter 7 . 10/14/2012
Update soon!
Fleur24 chapter 7 . 10/13/2012
""My chest was contracting, and I felt like I was going to die.

Roan…Roan was in the Capitol.

The Rebellion…

Oh god.

Cato grabbed my shoulders, shaking me a little.

"Katniss! Calm down, Haymitch and the other mentors are with him…"" Cato has a point Katniss, hyperventilating woun't do you any good.

""Cato let out a sigh, and ruffled her hair, almost in a big brother kind of way."" I like this.
Looks like Glimmer got the worst of the burns. I'm glad that Katniss put he brurn relief on Glimmer's burns.

"'My hand flew up to cover my mouth, the other gripping the basket even harder.

Inside it was Roan, peacefully asleep, clutching a letter in his hands."" OMG Haymitch sent Roan into the arena!

It makes sense that the Rebels would respond to Katniss and Raon, and then to Rye dying. it also makes that Snow would want to keep his hands on both of them.

""It was written in Haymitch's script, hurriedly and the bottom was dotted with something that looked suspiciously like dried blood."" Oh dear, the peacekeeper must have tried to take Roan from Haymitch, so that Snow could use him as leavage.

Cato's best trait is his leadership in tough times.

"'I reached out a hand, and waited patiently for Finn to come out from behind the tree.

Finn walked slowly, poised to run if it turned brutal. My heart broke for this little boy, who should have never been here in the first place.

Finn reached out to take my hand, and I walked with him slowly back to the camp."" I LOVE this part and how Clove gave them a small smile.

""In the past couple of days, I realized just how childlike these other's were. We were only in our teens, and we had all gone through hell."" For how tough the Careers act, they are still teenagers.

""If it didn't, I was grabbing a pack of food, weapons, and getting the hell out of there with the little ones."" Good idea Katniss.

""Everything was tense for a couple of hours, and Finn stuck to me like glue. Roan was pretty quiet, and had actually been passed to Glimmer, who had been thrilled to see him."" I LOVE this. Glimmer has certainly formed am attachment to Roan.

Yep just like that, the tributes have joined together.

""Rue clung to Thresh like Finn clung to me, and Coral was the in-between. Roan was never out of my sight for more than three minutes at a time.

Finally, Clove had seemed to build up from the tension and exploded, "We're not going to kill you! For crying out loud, just chill out."

Rue had laughed and Thresh had even cracked a smile."" This is good.

""Clove asked, sharpening some of her knives and showing Rue how to through them.

I smiled a little; Clove had a little soft spot for kids I realized"" I LOVE this.

""had just finished changing Roan (they had some diapers in the basket they sent, along with a couple of changes of clothes and soap)."" well that was certainly nice of them.

Poor Coral, only fourteen years old.
Fleur24 chapter 6 . 10/13/2012
""Not trusting any of them to take first watch until they cooled down some, I volunteered for first watch. Then I could get a couple of hours straight sleep, and make sure they didn't kill each other in their sleep.

Dear god, I felt like I was a mother taking care of four children."" That's really rather funny!

That was nice of Cato, to save Katniss from getting burnt.

Its good that they attended to each other's burns and that they had been given burn relief for them.

""Cato considered it, before standing up and letting out a loud, ear piercing whistle.

The whistle echoed for a little while, before it suddenly came back, higher, and then a lower whistle.

"She'll know."

I looked at him with respect, and for a second, I think he actually smiled back."" I really like this part.
It seems that Cato and Clove have a whistle signal just like Katniss and Rue had in the book.

OMG Rye's dead! This so isn't good!

""It's OK Rye. That night gave me Roan. I wouldn't change him for the world…"

Rye's eyes were vacant.

"I'll see him again…I'll see my brother again."

I softly smoothed his hair back, my throat closing up."" That's a nice thought.

I LOVE how Katniss sang to Rye.

""And I did love Rye, like a brother. He had been there for me and Roan when no one else was. He kept us alive after Peeta died, after my life had been turned to hell.

It might have started when he felt guilt for not being able to stop those men from hurting me, but it became a friendship that had to be broken by these games."" Some men attacked her and Peeta? That's why Peeta died? He was protecting Katniss?

really like that Cato gave Katniss some comfort after Rye died.

I feel so bad for the Mellark family. They've lost two of their sons.

""He had held my hand until I calmed down enough to think again. When I gave his hand a slight squeeze and stood up, he had squeezed back and then turned around."" I like this, it was a nice gesture.

""It was like Peeta all over again. I lost them both. They both bleed out in my arms with nothing I could do to save them."" That's awful! Poor Katniss!

She went to Cray! Oh poor katniss.

Peeta and Rye were very brave in trying to protect Katniss from those boys. So is Roan's father, if it isn't Cray?

""It was just like Rye, Cato…I lost the both of them. They both bleed out in my arms, and I couldn't save them. I couldn't keep them alive. They were good, and I let them die. It was my fault."" Rye was a good man, just like his brother, its awful that both died in such horrible ways.

""I don't know honestly. I never wanted kids, never wanted to get married. I was terrified. Rye was a big part of me getting over it. He kept me sane."

A look crossed his face; it looked almost like jealousy."" This is deffinitly interesting.

""The truth. I won't lie to him. But I will make sure he knows that I loved him from the moment I knew I was pregnant, and if he doesn't believe me, I will tell him until he get's it through his head."

Cato let out a small laugh."" That does sound like something Katniss would do.

Awe Cato and Katniss' moment is over, and the others are coming back.

What the heck! The rebellions happening now! Roan should be okay, he's with Haymitch.
Fleur24 chapter 5 . 10/13/2012
""The little girl, Rue, was waiting by the edge of the forest, looking tensed to spring, but then Thresh got to her, killing the boy from Nine on his way to her. Rye hurries after them, two packs on his shoulders, and they take off into the forest."" This is good.

I'm really glad that she let Finn escape with the backpack.

""I could almost read it as, Aren't you glad your with us and not with them?

I gave him a curt nod, not wanting to antagonize him."" Yep she's pleased as punch.

""If you kept telling jokes, you're going to end up with an arrow down your throat because you are not damn funny?!"

There was silence and then laughter again.

Cato was literally holding himself up by the side of the cornucopia, holding his stomach, and Clove was on the ground. Glimmer was a little more dignified, but she was laughing just as hard.

Marvel looked wounded and insulted, but I raised an eyebrow at him.

Sighing, he fell down into an ungraceful heap and said, "Yes mother."

That set the others into another round of laughter."" This is funny!

""It was almost twilight, and Clove threw a bag down by the fire.

"Put on the night vision goggles. We're going hunting."

The way she said it made me feel like she wasn't talking about for food."" Yep they're going tribute hunting.

Poor Marvel got left behind as the guard.

""Glimmer actually looked quiet deadly with knives in her hands. Her hair was still in braids over her shoulders, and her eyes were narrowed in concentration, even through the goggles.

This was the same giggly girl who held my son and made faces at him."" People change quickly in the arena.

""Somewhere, some mother was watching us. Watching them kill and torture her daughter, watching her child suffer without any way to take away the pain. Watching the tears stream down her face and seeing the fear so plain in her face. Some mother knew that her daughter was going to be killed, and that she would suffer, and she would be forced to watch without being able to do anything."" Things change when you're a mother.
I'm glad that Katniss put the girl out of her misery.

Of course they won't go against Cato. He's able to rip people's heads off.

""After we went through the girl's small pack, we left. I saw one small flower, and before I could think about it, I took it, closed the girls eyes, and tucked it behind her ear."" I really like that Katniss did that. It was very sweet.

I don't think that Katniss wants to go back to sleep after that nightmare.

""Glimmer fussed endlessly about her hair, until I finally cracked and said, "Do you want me to braid it for you?"

Glimmer looked at me with shock, and I'm sure I looked shocked too.

Clove and Marvel looked shocked, and Cato didn't even look up."' I LOVE how she offered to braid Glimmer's hair for her.

"""We're going to be taking more than enough food with us, there are no other weapons, there really isn't a need to guard it. We'll be gone overnight, and I'm pretty sure most of them are going to steer clear of here."

Not liking it, I just decided to pack more food and medical supplies, just in case something happened."" Good idea Katniss.

""Cato was pacing around, looking like he was operating at top speed, even when he was operating on only about four hours of sleep.

What kind of training did they put them through?

Clove looked the same, even more alert because she got more sleep.

Marvel looked like he was literally bursting from excitement and happiness.

Glimmer just looked calm.

Their lives were so different than mine…to them, killing children was a sport, something that they were good at."" It is rather wierd seeing their different backgrounds.
Fleur24 chapter 4 . 10/13/2012
""Also, Peeta is not going to be in this story unless in memory…because, as I'm sad to admit, he is dead."' That is sad to think about.

""I was dressed in a dress of gems, all in the patterns of flames. The tips were ice blue, and whenever I moved, it looked like I was being encompassed in fire.

My hair was curled and piled atop my head, some strands falling around my face. Glued around my eyes, which had been emphasized by the golden eyeshadow, were some small gemstones.

The dress itself was simple, clinging to my body and showing off the curves I had mostly kept hidden. There were no straps or sleeves, and my collarbone was bare from any jewelry.

Cinna smiled at me, before tucking what he called a fire lily behind my ear."" Cinna's brilliant! I LOVE the fire lilly.

AWE I LOVE how Roan is dressed to match her.

""Roan seemed to feel my emotions in the way all babies do and squirmed a little until I sang softly into his ear.

When I finished with the wordless lullaby, we had pulled up, and I was being lead out of the car."" I LOVE How she's sings again.

""This girl from One, who had been trained her whole life to kill without remorse, who looked at me with scorn and a mix of admiration and hatred, who wielded weapons like I had never seen…was playing with my son.

When she looked up at me, her eyes were wide with hope, and I saw no note of hidden motives.

"May I…may I hold him?"

Throat dry, I didn't know why I let him go into her arms, I didn't know how I could rearrange her arms into a comfortable cradle for him.

I didn't know what I was doing.

Glimmer cooed more at him, and my shock steadily grew.

The roar of the crowd made Glimmer look up, smiling ruefully at me.

"Thank you."" THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! I LOVE how Glimmer asked to hold him. Women and girls can't resist a cute baby.

""His face said it all.

"What kind of planet are we on right now?"

I let out a weak laugh, letting Roan play with my fingers in his baby glory.

"I have no idea." This is rather funny.

And the entire Capitol has fallen in love with Katniss and Roan!

"""So, Rye…I have to ask…are you Roan's father?"

Rye let out a laugh.

"No, I'm not Roan's father. I am the unofficial uncle. Roan's middle name is actually my late brother's name."" Of course Caesar would ask that question.

Rye is good at deflecting questions.

""Curled in the corner where I could watch the sunset, I nursed Roan one last time. I would leave in the morning before he woke up, and then he would be stuck on some kind of formula for newborns. Apparently the women here at the Capitol didn't want to breastfeed, because they thought it 'ruined their looks.'"" Well of course not it would ruin their looks, and in the Capitol looks are everything. Poor Roan, stuck on formula.

WOW Cato's giving her a spot in the alliance. This is big!

"""Rye, I love you. You're my best friend, my brother…but I need to do what I have to do to go home to Roan and Prim…I'll keep them away from you as well as I can, I'll protect you…but please understand that."

Rye closed his eyes and threw back his head.

"How do you always seem to talk me into your idiotic plans?"

I laughed a little and gave him a hug around his middle."" I do like this.

Katniss is with the Careers, and Rye is going to help Thresh protect Rue. THis is good.

""You did the right thing sweetheart. If you had turned him down, then he would have gone after you first. All the sponsors on your side are insurance on your life. At least this way you'll be protected for a while. You'll know when to get out."" Haymitch's advice deffinitly has merit.

It must have been hard for Katniss to leave Roan.

""It was a small pill, bright pink in color.

"Here. It's a pill to keep you from producing milk until you take the antidote. It's safe, and when you do start lactating again, it will have no harmful affect on Roan."" Well that's good to know.

I LOVE how Cinna had the Prim's necklace turned into a locket, with pitures of her family in it. I also LOVE hwo Haymitch found a picture of Peeta and Mr. Everdeen to put in the locket.

""Now, if I died, I would die with all my loved one's faces close to my heart.

I tucked the necklace under my clothes, where it settled right in the hollow of my breasts."" I really like this part. Its sweet.

Good a bow and Arrow, now Katniss just to get to them first.

""I did well with long distance running, but when it came to short sprints, I was faster than the fastest boy back home. "" I LOVE this little tidbit.

Poor Katniss. At least she knew she did everything she could do to keep Peeta alive.

Good she got to the bow and arrows first.
Fleur24 chapter 3 . 10/13/2012
The Penthouse is fantastic!

""I saw a small box of baby toys in the corner and made a beeline for them.

I pulled up a colorful plastic ring with some little balls hanging from it and handed it to Roan, helping his hand close around it.

The wonder and amusement on his small face made me laugh."" AWE! I JUST LOVE THESE MOMENTS! Katniss is so sweet and rather cute around her son.

Good adive Haymitch.

""Roan was going to be the one who drew in the sponsors. Because he's a cute, innocent child who does not deserve to have his mother to die on him before he could even remember her face."" This is true, Haymitch may be the one asking for sponsors,but it'll be Roan who'll be the one who'll actually get them to sponsor Katniss and Rye.

""If I die in the arena, then you need to win. You need to bring Roan home to my family, need to help raise him, because you are the unofficial uncle to my family…please."

Rye didn't look happy, but he shut his mouth and nodded."" Rye is the unofficial uncle. One of them needs to win for Roan's sake.

""He caught my eyes, his ice blue eyes penetrating me to my stop.

His smirk at my apparent fear made me harden.

I may be a mother, and I may be small, but I wasn't going to go down without a fight."" Good Job Katniss. Don't let Cato intimidate you.

Atala is very blunt, but she needs to be.

""She held up one finger, glancing pointedly to the Career tributes.

"First, no fighting with the other Tributes. You'll have plenty of time for that in the arena."" I LOVE how she looks at the Careers when she says this.

"" chose the lightest knives, throwing them. Five out of the seven I threw hit the bulls eye.

I was kind of impressed with that."" Well done Katniss.

""I saw the tall boy for District 11 talking to Rye, his large hand on the shoulder of his partner, the small girl who reminded me of Prim.

I cast a look to the betting board, and learned that their names were Thresh and Rue.

Rue. Prim. They were too alike."" I love how protective Thresh is of Rue.

I like how Finn help Katniss with her knot. It is scary that Roan could be in his place, years down the road.

""Hand to hand combat was harder. I don't have the strength to really hurt someone, so I just learn dodging."" Learning to dodge is important too.

""pick up Roan (who has put on weight with all the Capitol food making my milk healthier)"" Its good that their both putting on some weight.

While I'm glad that she did shot the arrow at the pig, it is a scary thought that they could use it against Roan.

""Haymitch came over to me, hand sup like he was approaching someone armed and dangerous.

When neither of them answered, I tore through the room at top speed, to my quarters.

I didn't slow down when I saw Roan in his crib, asleep.

I scooped him up, not caring if he started crying; at least I would be doubly reassured that he was OK."' Until she had Roan in her arms, she was scared and probably a little dangerous.

""I had just made Hunger Games history…I had gotten an eleven."" Haymitch is right, no one's going to forget her now.

""Haymitch had finally cracked and was nursing a small cup of alcohol, but under the circumstances (an excited Effie) I understood why and didn't blame him.

Honestly? I wanted a drink too."" HAHA who wouldn't be scared of an excited Effie.

Of course Katniss would want to hold Roan every chance she got.

""What, the girl on fire?" I said, quoting my nickname that was now all over the televisions.

Haymitch rolled his eyes at me.

"No, you're the strong, determined, fiery mother from District 12."" HAHA.

Its sad that the father isn't in the picture any more.
Fleur24 chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
""He would come in and check in on Roan every couple of days or once every week, even babysat when I had to go to school, since, as a Town kid, he didn't have to work in the mines.

Sometimes, he would even sneak a cookie or a piece of a cake (not even stale!) to Prim or I.

In a way, he was kind of like the uncle that we would never have."" This is so cool! It sucks that their going into the arena.

How did Peeta die?

""When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't know what to think. I wasn't going to give up the baby, but I was so confused and hurt.

When Roan was born in a flurry of pain and pushes, I took one look at his face and fell in love."" That does seem to happen.

Goodness, Effie, don't scare the baby!

""I couldn't resist a girly smile when I saw all the clothes I could dress him in."" LOVE this !

I like how Effie asked to hold him, and was cooing at him. Roan is just to resist, just like his dad.

""Behind this mask of a semi-normal human lurked the soul of a madman."" Yes, but Cinna's awesome!

"" could only imagine how this might look…like we're lovers, like we have a son, and we had the unfortunate luck to be thrust into these games.

It was never like that with Rye and I. I mean, I'm sure one or both of us thought about it once or twice, but he was too much of my brother. He was there for me and Roan, always; for crying out loud, he held my hand when I gave birth to Roan."" I LOVe that he held Katniss' hand when she gave birth to Roan. It also makes sense for them as friends, to hold hands during the parade.

I LOVE the sight of Haymitch walking over with Roan attached to him chest. Its just awesome. Even grumpy Haymitch has fallen for Roan.

""The large volunteer tribute from two, the one with blond hair and striking blue eyes, stared at me with a mixture of admiration and hatred."" And there's Cato. I don't blame Katniss for takin Roan back.
Fleur24 chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
AWE Katniss is a mom!

I like how Gale really is her cousin in this story.

""I couldn't wait for Roan to be old enough to bring into the forest. I knew he would love it; he needed to know color, not the drab white, gray and black of our district."" That he does.

I LOVE that Katniss' relationship with her mom has been somewhat repaired now that Katniss is a mom and can understand why her mother reacted like she did to the death of Mr. Everdeen.

""Hey big boy! Mommy's going to give you a bath now, OK?"

Roan gave me a wide, gummy smile that lit up his whole face, and my heart just melted."" AWE! Peeta was right, Katniss does make a good mom.

""He was learning how to maneuver his hands and everything, and to my absolute horror, he liked sucking on his fingers. If it weren't for all the coal dust, it would be fine, but I was terrified he would get poisoning and die."" That is terrifying to think about.

OMG Katniss got reaped!

Wait, they do? Peeta's the dad, isn't he? That's why his middle name is Peeta.

""Effie Trinket's face went blank with shock when she saw me come walking up. I wished I could glare at her, but this was all being televised.

No one was speaking. I couldn't hand Roan off to anyone, so he just came onto the stage with me."" This probably hasn't happened before, a girl going on stage with a baby.

""To their credit, no one in twelve clapped. They only gave me the three finger salute, which was meant to show respect, love, and loss when someone died, or was going to die."" I glad they gave her the salute.

Rye Mellark. Its rather funny or puny, that you gave Peeta's older brother a bread related name too. Rye was so close to be out of the reaping entirly. Its seems the odds weren't in his favor this year. That's got to suck, not only being reaped, but being reaped along side your sister-n-law.

WOW Haymitch came to see her.

"""OK, sweetheart, listen. I can only talk for a few minutes, but here we go. You need to bring Roan to the Capitol."

He cut off my protests with a wave of his hands.

"He is going to win you a lot of sponsors. A teenage girl with a son? It will be a huge hit. I will look after him while you are in the arena."" The Capitol will eat the story of her and Roan up. THe girl tribute trying to get back to her baby.

HAHA Katniss isn't going to let Haymitch watch her son, if he's drunk.

The necklace Prim gave her is really pretty. I LOVE that Mr. Everdeen had given it to Prim before he died.

""I…I'm sorry for everything I did Katniss…I'm sorry, but please, please, please, come home!"

My eyes started to prick, but I kept the tears from coming out.

I hugged her, and I realized that this was the first step I had came to of forgiveness since she conked out and left me and Prim when Dad died.

It was a little too late for that.

I hugged her tightly too"' It may be a little late, but that just means that Katniss has more reasons to fight hard and get out of the arena
musicforever21 chapter 7 . 10/11/2012
Pleeeaaaaasssseeeee update!
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