Reviews for I am Here
xXxPhantomxXx chapter 10 . 10/13
No. I hope Kuroko will be okay... Please update soon!
haruaji11 chapter 10 . 9/29
THANK YOUTHANK YOU,THANK YOU for comeback i really loved this story ans thought i was never to comeback but not,you comeback and is awesome .is one my favourite kuroko no basket story,so incredible and awesome,have that think must of the fanfics hve and is this kind of originlity that makes the stor au but not too much(what am i saying?)ok,is just awesome,plese continue soon,dont leave this story again
The Winters Child chapter 10 . 8/12
Wow, I got to the bottom of the page and soon came to realize that there is not another chapter as I had thought. Thus, putting that aside. This was a splendidly good plot, I absolutely enjoyed your twist and turns, and am eager to read more. So, for the love of this dark and cruel world, please update soon.
blackkyu chapter 10 . 7/16
Haha, oh gods, now I really can't wait to figure out how Kuroko became how he is! Ive no doubt it's going to be a heart wrenching experience.
Zivyx chapter 10 . 7/10
But what happens if the Singularity has the Artifact? o.o
Zivyx chapter 8 . 7/10
Oh no. They're going to plan to kill Kuroko (again).
Zivyx chapter 7 . 7/10
What. Aomine is in a coma?! Wait... "So easy to see myself killing Kagami-kun." Did Kuroko almost kill Aomine?! And does Kuroko subconsciously think he killed Aomine so he's experiencing the same thoughts about Kagami because Kuroko and Kagami are BFFs like Kuroko and Aomine were?
Zivyx chapter 6 . 7/10
So. That was a nice preview. It got me all excited. And then chapter four comes. And my expectations are ruined. ;-;
Zivyx chapter 4 . 7/10
Aomine quit basketball?!... Is it because Kuroko died? :(
sweet little cookie chapter 10 . 7/5
Poor Furihata, getting sucked into this thing just because Kagami was scared of dogs. . . So. . . Kuroko isn't just a poor ghost that likes basketball. Anyway please continue this story and thanks for updating :) :)
A Lazy Guest chapter 10 . 7/4
TT_TT IM SO HAPPY! I thought this story was never going to update. I just love the story and it made me so sad knowing it wasn't going to update. BUT now you updated! Please please please don't leave on such a long hiatus again, my heart can't take it. PLEASE UPDATE SOON XD
AokazuSei chapter 10 . 7/4
:OOO this is amazing! :O I like how there's so many ways this could go, like Kuroko could be the singularity, or he could be in a coma, or he could be dead and gotten eaten and whatnot, but omg, this fic is so good and I enjoy this a lot! Thank you and good luck!
sweet little cookie chapter 9 . 7/4
Cool story. Please update. Pretty please? :) I really like it and I hope you will continue it soon.
the girl from back then chapter 9 . 7/3
Omg this was so so good and deep and sad :C please update I'm so curious :3
liliesbloom chapter 9 . 7/2
is this finished?
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