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Fanycharmed chapter 16 . 12/10/2012
Oh, girl, you confused me! I came to , I was looking for your story, and I found a story called "Halloween Spirits" and I was like "What is this? Did someone copy the title?" before I realized you only changed the icon. :-D I like the icon, though. ;-) I check the other stories and of the League of Brothers series, I like this one the most, by the way, because I really like the photo you used. :-)

"I've done terrible things." - Wait, did it take her so long to realize that? My!

"whatever you did wasn't that bad" - Sure! She just did what was needed. Like trying to kill Chris with no true reason. I mean, really? He still likes her after that? If someone tried to kill my brother... Oh, right, I just realized, so that means Wyatt is going to marry Jennifer, huh? :-D

"she sobbed, much louder than she had before" - Not so long before, Wyatt touched her shoulder and she cried harder, so now he tightens the grip to comfort her? Smooth!

"He didn't believe that it had been Jennifer's fault" - Ooh, look, the I-fell-in-love-with-this-person rose-colored glasses! :-D

""So, you don't mind that I stabbed your brother?" she asked." - "Not at all! I mean, you didn't actually kill him, but there's always a next time. Actually, where do you live? I wanna send you a basket of 'Thanks for trying' muffins," Wyatt replied.

"something a little less violent first. Get to know each other and stuff." - I'm afraid Jennifer's way of this "stuff" includes violence... :-D

"Hopefully, though, there would be more good than bad!" - With Piper's "fun-athon?" No way! Oh, Wyatt, you are going to suffer... *evil laugh*

Since when is a Charmed fanfic better than a chocolate cake? Oh, right, since you write the fanfic! You are a really good writer, and I can't wait for my reward for the review in a form of your Charmed story... The chocolate cake wouldn't hurt either, though... Can I have both? *puppy dog eyes*

...Hey, what is wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what, you are in big troubles! Why? Because it's Monday. So? You posted this chapter on Friday. And I told you I wanted one of the one-shots on Saturday! So again - it's Monday. Where is it? Come on, I wanna read your stories, you are too talented to keep me waiting like this... :-D
Corianna15 chapter 16 . 12/7/2012
That was a nice fun story. I'm a big Chris fan, and I love deep drama where lives are threatened and on the verge of death, so yay! Also loved the brother relationship aspect of your story. I didn't feel a disconnect from the characters portrayed in the show. In your writing of their personalities and relationship, I felt it stayed true to the characters, so thank you. I've read a lot of fan-fic where that wasn't the case. Look forward to what you come up with next!
Corianna15 chapter 15 . 12/7/2012
Loved this chapter, and the relationship details between the brothers.
Fanycharmed chapter 15 . 11/30/2012
"he stumbled and landed right next to him" - Ha! I could so see him bumping his head or something, then Piper would call Paige to come and heal them both, but Paige's orbing would scare the shaken up Jennifer and she would throw the knife at her. Piper would be so shocked by it she'd have a heart attack. Jennifer would realize she gave Piper a heart attack, and she would kill herself. Paige, Wyatt and Chris would all die. Then Leo would inherit the house and everything Piper owned, he would be rich and keep partying for the rest of his life. The end! :D

"She was furious, extremely so." - Ha! Gotcha, Jennifer! Haha! :-D Piper's revenge! Hahaha! :-D

"accidentally or on purpose" - *starts chanting* On purpose! On purpose! :-D

"If it hadn't been for Jennifer, I'd probably still be possessed." - And here I thought he was gonna make Piper even more angry at her. Just for the fun of it. And for the revenge of it. After all, Jennifer tried to kill him. And Wyatt ditched him with the shopping bags! But what Chris did afterwards was a very good revenge too...

"Wy can get some when he heads over to pick up Mel" - Ha! That's my boy! :-D Here you go, Wyatt, revenge for ditching your brother with the bags. Ha! :-D

Great chapter! I believe you when you say you had a blast, those parts are so funny! :D

"That chocolate cake is still there" - Right, let me guess - it's on your lap, while you are eating it and laughing: "Hahaha! They really think I'd give them any! Hahaha! Mine!"
Fanycharmed chapter 14 . 11/24/2012
"She didn't seem to mind the dark blood and guts that covered her" - Ew!

"seemed to be relishing the fight" - Sure! It's so much fun to put your life at risk, isn't it?

"mostly because he would be needed in the clean-up afterwards" - This is the best line of this chapter! Seriously, I love it! It's so funny! :D And the best part of it? It is not out of Piper's character. :D Ha!

"spirit to be at the forefront of the demons" - Oh, come on, he's not that stupid!

"Jennifer was holding the knife" - Oh, look! She succeded! And Malachi didn't get to possess her. That's a pity...

"I did it" - Yes, you did. After killing so many innocents, you finally killed the right person. Good job, Jenn, good job! :D

It's okay that you updated a day later. I didn't even notice, anyway... :-D
Two more chapters? What am I gonna read afterwards? Oh, right, one of the many one-shots you're going to post the day after this story is finished. *hint hint*
darce-tries-to-write chapter 14 . 11/24/2012
Nggghh! (that's a sound of distress, if you couldn't tell) But duddeee...Chris *wails in panic*
Algrandz chapter 14 . 11/24/2012
Honestly I hope Piper blasts that psycho to kingdom come and back. She isn't some ultimate hero of justice and right she is a selfish arrogant brat that doesn't give a fuck who she has to kill to get her way. If anything she is another Christy, a murderer masquerading as some champion of good. I really doubt any of the Halliwells would take her side. They always viewed having to sacrafice an innocent as the absolutely last option and if so they were never proud of it but rather haunted by it for the rest of their lives. Yet she goes around slitting throats like there is no consequence.
Fanycharmed chapter 13 . 11/17/2012
"He would get the Twice-Blessed and all his powers if it was the last thing he did." - You mean he would die doing it? What's the point of doing it then?

"she hadn't spoken her mind. She knew from reputation that" - ...Piper might blow her up if she'd made her angry.

"There just didn't seem to be a point to die for somebody else." - I know, right? Because where is the assurance that the "somebody else" won't die afterwards, too? Oh, Jennifer must hate teamfighting games! :D

"He'd made that abundantly clear" - Sure he did. Because he's a very nice guy, he wouldn't try and hide anything in front of Jennifer.

"It was all Jennifer could ask for." - Sure! Who wants a billion dollars, a nice house, a new TV, a new computer, an expensive phone and a beautiful car, anyway?

Jennifer is such a psycho! Just like Malachi. Ha!

Ha! Wyatt likes Jennifer a lot. I think I know what their relationship will be like - they will start dating, then, after some time, cocky Wyatt will do something that make Jennifer angry, and psycho Jenn will kill him by stabbing him through his heart, just for the fun of it, because serial killers like to do it the same way.

"protection from the rest of the Halliwells" - That's great and all, but Jennifer is not a Halliwell...

Don't worry, it wasn't boring. ;)
The chance of a chocolate cake appearing in my lap increased from 0.0000000001% to 0.00000000011%! Yippee-ki-yay! *sigh*
darce-tries-to-write chapter 13 . 11/16/2012
Awesome, and don't worry it wasn't boring :) Glad at least Piper has some sense not to trust Jennifer, and to want to get rid of her.

As for Wyatt...all I can say is poor poor naive Wyatt; get some sense dude!
Fanycharmed chapter 12 . 11/13/2012
"The Elders had made a mistake when allowing that rule to take form" - And what were they supposed to do? Lock the Heavens and unlock them only to those who knock and say the password? (By the way, the password's "1234" but don't let the bad guys find out...) :-D

"although it made the lives of the women a lot easier, it made potential army leaders such as Malachi work that much harder" - Selfish witches... :D

"those who were stupid enough to face the witches without a solid plan" - Ha! As if his plan's going to work...

"Malachi enjoyed causing those feelings" - A psycho...

"eyes were nearly bursting out of their sockets" - Ew!

"Malachi made a disgusted face before closing his fist entirely" - Is that a way to treat somebody who just helped you? Malachi really needs to get someone to teach him about the manners...

"Tell me, what color are my eyes?" - The demon looked into his eyes, "Gray? Sorry, man, I'm color-blind." :D

"When I am the Source, I will reward you." - Seeing what he did to his previous helper, I think the demons that will survive meeting the Charmed Ones and Wyatt will get killed by him... Although how could he become the leader of all demons if he were to kill them all? He should let some of them live.

Right, sure, "the possibility of a chocolate cake appearing in your lap increases" ... from 0.0000000000% to 0.0000000001% Oh, thank you so much for that "possibility!" :D By the way, you can review your story, too. Just fill up the sad box I'm filling up right now and wait for the cake to "appear" :D
darce-tries-to-write chapter 12 . 11/9/2012
Yay, glad we can know Malachi's plan, and I loved how you wrote Chris's powers by the way; with the whole crushing innards thing. I probably sound all creepy but I love anykind of intestine-y gore :P Guessing since I was already reviewing I don't get the magical chocolate cake, huh? Dough, oh well, guess I could be on a diet...
Kokoro E. Junnaya chapter 10 . 11/9/2012
Yes! You tell 'em Jennifer, whom I may or may not like but think is a cool character!
Kokoro E. Junnaya chapter 9 . 11/9/2012
Noo! Piper, Wyatt can't you see Chris isn't Chris? Come on! You'd think at least Piper would notice something. *sigh* Maybe next chapter.
Nice work, it's getting better and better! (I should note that all of your stories are awesome to begin with)
Kokoro E. Junnaya chapter 8 . 11/9/2012
Alright, I know I'm late reviewing this chapter, but...cookies are cookies, right? R-right? :(
Poor possessed Chris! I can't wait to read more, keep up the good work!
Fanycharmed chapter 11 . 11/8/2012
I'm cutting it pretty close, I know, sorry, but here you go:

"It wasn't fair. Chris was so young" - You're right, Wyatt, he's too young. You, on the other hand, are not. After all, you are almost TWO years older! You are so old you could retire. :-D

"Chris was always the one who got stuck in the middle" - Well, he is the middle child, so... :D

"Jennifer would simply have to stick her dagger through his heart" - Oh, right, simple... :D

"She didn't want to annoy a Charmed One" - Especially Piper, whose paybacks can be so cruel and funny. :-D

"giving it a bloodthirsty gleam" - I thought she's a witch, not a vampire...

Oh, questions!
Their plan will be nothing, because they will spend too much time arguing about which plan is the best one, and Chris will die of old age before they manage to agree (yes, Piper will be dead by that time too, but she will come back as a ghost in order to keep arguing).
They will not agree on the same plan. Jennifer will want to kill Malachi by killing Chris. Piper will want to make a deal with Malachi - he would give them Chris back and take Jennifer instead (which would mean Wyatt wouldn't be able to date her). Wyatt will want to go to the Underworld and save him on his own, but then he will realize that Chris does nothing but annoy him and he will want to allow Malachi to keep Chris, as long as he doesn't try and kill Wyatt. And the crazy postman will want to use the vapor potion Piper and Wyatt decided to make a couple of chapters ago. (I know the crazy postman is not there yet, but maybe he will make an appearance, you never know... Oh, right, you do know, you're the author.)
In the meantime, Malachi is getting ready to party. He's making a happy dance, and he will hurt his hip because of it.

Of course I liked this chapter. And I wasn't as upset about the ending as I was the last time. I was kinda expecting a cliffie like this.
I didn't get any Halloween candy, actually, because where I live, Halloween is not so popular. But that's okay, I have enough candy at home, no need for Halloween. Besides, I wouldn't want to celebrate spiders, anyway. :D
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