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iiceangel3.o chapter 28 . 21h
I hope you return soon
lilrilakkuma chapter 28 . 9/14
I hope you will update one day again, as me (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed your work and are dying for more. :)

I hate Yagami Light! So why has reading this made me wish that Masami will end up with him and his mini Kiras? Lol :)
Brixen Chright chapter 28 . 9/7
Aaaaand now I'm depressed. ...yay! lol
Brixen Chright chapter 1 . 9/4
Probably gonna regret reading this story that ain't got an ending...but screw it. Seems awesome so imma read it anyway. I just hope you update it soon so don't finish this feeling super depressed.
cruciosirius chapter 28 . 9/3
The best LightxOC fanfiction I ever read. Please update soon, I can't wait to read more
Passing-Glance chapter 28 . 8/29
This is a really well thought out story! I am enjoying the slow burn romance of convenience a lot. Light is very well characterized and Masami's dilemna fueled life is well crafted. I really think this one of the best OC/Light stories on the site. Thank you for writing and I hope you update sometime soon! I really want to know if Light will figure out that he can care despite is sociopathy and if he will grow into his role as "a god" or fall spectacularly along with Masami. Cheers!
Mems chapter 28 . 8/23
Damn! This is so good! Oh Come on you need to update this because You made light so... fucking bearable.
ichbinnureinnutzer chapter 28 . 8/11
So, Masami is an artist, which is awesome. Even more so because you can describe the thoughts she has when she draws and the way she thinks about what to paint really well.
I liked that she didn't just get an idea and it was perfect but worked on it and added little improvements.
Masami is generally an awesome character.
She's funny but not in a way that makes serious situations unappropriately funny. I love that her thoughts and actions are realistic but still badass. For example when they planned Misas death and after her suicide. Masamis emotions and guilt show that she's still not like Light, even though they're 'business' buddies.
Her 'friendship' with Light developed in an interesting way and I absolutely adored their relationship. In the beginning and later on. A few of my favourite parts of the story are the text messages. They always make me laugh, especially when Masami calls him 'dick'. Isn't love beautiful.
And of course Ryuk. The best parts are the ones where he's enjoying Masamis angry art of Light and then Light get's angry but doesn't show it because he's Light.
Stay awesome.
MyHairSmellLikeChocolate chapter 28 . 7/23
This is the first time that i can picture Light with someone, i swear i thought it would have been impossible for him to be in a relationship, that it would have been completely oc for him because he is too much of an asshole to care that much about someone, i mean he would have killed his family (and he did kill his father) just to reach his goals, but i think your character is the perfect match for him. I like how you analyze her moral doubts about the situation and i think your description of light is absolutely in character, and i don't know if you're planning to finish this story (i really hope so!) and if you're planning on their fake relationship to turn into a real one, but for the first time i find it not unbelievable for him to actually be with someone, although i doubt he would really be capable of caring for someone that way. Pleeeeease continue this story!
P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, i'm italian.
Luumus chapter 28 . 7/14
I love this story so so much! It's undoubtedly the best OC in the Death Note universe I've ever read. Their relationship is deliciously complex. I love Masami's personality and genius and you write Light perfectly. The little love triangle (square?) is adorable and lovely to read about. It's just a fantastic story and I eagerly await for the next chapter!

And now I'm off to read your other stories.
Please keep up the good work,
Luumus chapter 19 . 7/14
I absolutely love the way she can read people and connect all the dots. In fact, you did a great job with her personality, it feels real, complex flawed yet compelling. Really well done!
Luumus chapter 18 . 7/14
I'm so loving this!
Taimmyj chapter 28 . 6/23
I loved this. I hope one day you update again :) I feel as if mini-kira's would be a card soon played
Taimmyj chapter 20 . 6/22
'His sass was almost as lethal as that fucking notebook.' is my most favourite concoction of words I have ever encountered.
ericakim51 chapter 1 . 6/9
Plz update! This story is soooo good
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