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jose luis chapter 1 . 3/31
que siga este fict
BrawlBroMario chapter 4 . 3/28
I don't mean to be rude but, would ichigo seriously not go in his soul form to save Asia. I mean a girls life is at stake and yet he isn't going full out. Or is it just me.
correnhimself316 chapter 12 . 3/19
Wow that was one hell of a chapter! Can't wait to see more training and harem interaction coming up soon. Really clever plot twist, by having Masaki show up! Just a question/suggestion. Would it be possible to bring some of the female Quincy back, as possible allies and harem members? Candice, Bambietta, Meninas and Giselle are by far my favorite Quincy, amd you did leave their fates ambiguous so far. Seeing Est, Kuroka, Ravel and Rossweisse soon should be a treat, seeing as there is still a lot of the cannon plot to cover for between Est and the Harem ougjt to be powerup that Ichigo gets from Ren Ashdoll's powers should definitely be explored and used more thoroughly, seeing as the potential for SERIOUS power lies in your Ichigo.
Ellimist01 chapter 1 . 3/19
Ok. Seriously what the hell was that? This was a lame prologue, it completely sucked. I'll continue reading for a while since I have nothing else to read, although if it doesn't get better I'll just look for something.
Anonymous chapter 12 . 3/11
I've currently been reading the story and just saying... Ichigo is pretty weak... I mean at the end of the full bring arc he pretty much covered the whole sky with a getsuga! And that was just his shikai! Even before then he was pretty powerful with the mask... Probably as powerful as his BANKAI at the end of the full ring arc. And well when you kinda make him seem so weak... Do you get where I'm heading? Anyways everything else is good... The story plots are pretty good, and everything else is just as good or even better... Good job..?
kuro yokai chapter 4 . 3/5
does that mean that he'll have the transformation power that frank has because he's neptunes son? Frank had that because he was his "legacy".
BANKAIZEN chapter 12 . 3/3
WOLF SIN OF GREED chapter 12 . 2/24
Update already
Ranmaleopard chapter 12 . 2/7
This is just really awesome keep it up!
Dragontamer997 chapter 12 . 2/3
I noticed something of an inconsistency with your story. Ichigo keeps using an incantation for the Vorpal Blast and yet in chapter 8 Restia herself says that the attack doesn't require an incantation but still has comparable strength to her other techniques which is why it was the most dangerous. I notice she says most dangerous and not most powerful for one thing. The other thing is that if this is true then why does Ichigo have to use the incantation to use the attack...and why not use more powerful attacks if he needs to use an incantation in the first place?
Demon of greed chapter 12 . 1/29
Great story and keep it up and update soon
Akairyuu Truong chapter 9 . 1/30
your writing skills is good and you have definitely made a good decision by adding other you lack imagination which is crucial in a crossover, i feel like reading canon highschool is OOC as well, i cant imagine Ichigo would react like Issei that much even if he is not perverted like you,while Ichigo is young he have experienced many hardship and thus shouldnt be flustered easily, that and his density as Rukia and Orihime couldnt penetrate his denseness in years, i can hardly imagine Rias consider these point of mine, it is my sincerest hope that you success in this story because even i would like a piece of fanfic about 2 of my favorite story
jose luis chapter 12 . 1/10
que siga este fict
clw123cat chapter 12 . 1/8
Epic but I can't believe you broke restia
izica1 chapter 12 . 1/7
great story please let there be more
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