Reviews for Close to death
duofan21 chapter 1 . 11/9/2015
cid lovely story
keerthana chapter 9 . 8/19/2014
it is very good and very sad story canyou plz make 1 more as i love this story
Aleesha chapter 9 . 8/7/2014
Daya and abijeet are in jungle butt daya has to do potty so daya does potty on abijeet clothes
Aleesha chapter 9 . 8/6/2014
Everyone was working in the beauro the phone was ringing acp picked up the phone it was a kidnapper he said

Kidnapper: we have kidnapped daya and i will kill him if you dont send purvi ,fredy and vivek

Acp: ok,
Khushi Mehta chapter 9 . 7/20/2014
Nice one
Guest chapter 2 . 10/21/2013
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ashruti chapter 9 . 5/29/2013
please show this episode again
ashruti chapter 7 . 5/29/2013
please show this case again on sony t.v now please its a request
fddgfh chapter 6 . 5/29/2013
the best chapter
Aditya chapter 9 . 11/30/2012
Nice and awesome duo. I like this story .
aditya srivastav chapter 6 . 11/20/2012
i like the twist of abhijeet and daya's frienship. but i can't see abhijeet behind jail or hanging on fassi. but the story was good.
aliza chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
now who is this maheerma?
Kdlove-uall chapter 9 . 9/26/2012
wonderful...We want to read more from u, please keep posting lots of duo nd Mahi stories.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/20/2012
very nice story, I like abhi daya dosti part nd how daya is in pain without abhi...hats off to their dosti.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/20/2012
nice story
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