Reviews for James and Me
francis d saber chapter 15 . 2/20
i hope this review finds you in good health. i suddenly remebered his story and wanted to see if it finished. i dont mean to twist the knife or anything. finish or not. i just hope youre well and you continue to write. these pages and strings of words were amazing and kept me going for awhile. thank you.
Taurus Ara Black chapter 15 . 11/12/2022
Shame this was never finished
Revliledpembroke chapter 15 . 10/25/2022
What a lovely, unresolved cliffhanger
anonymous chapter 15 . 9/18/2022
AAAAHHHHH Why isn't this awesome story finished?! Please tell us at least how it ended... don't leave your fans hanging!
jflamewalker chapter 15 . 9/3/2022
Re-reading this and strangers yet again, love this series so much.
I hope you're ok. No update since 2018 ...thats a long gap. Please be well and help us off this cliff.
Dan Farris chapter 15 . 8/27/2022
Aaugh! A cliff-hanger since 2018!
Jeckamira47 chapter 15 . 8/5/2022
Damn I’m so mad that there’s no more of this! Please rediscover this and add more!

Not the hugest fan of the history lessons since I’m in the US and don’t fully understand some references but still a really good and unique story!
Noonie chapter 15 . 6/23/2022
Just finished another reread - I always loved this story and was really hoping it would get completed some day - can I still hope?
Agedhpfan chapter 15 . 5/16/2022
This is such a great story. I know you’ve long since moved on to other things, but if you ever come back here to finish just one story, I hope this will be the one. Thank you for all the great stories you’ve published here!
myoung228 chapter 15 . 5/11/2022
Love this story and the characters. Wish you would continue this story.
Arnel 63 chapter 15 . 4/29/2022
I really wish you would finish this story. It's one of my favorites and you really did leave off at a cliffhanger. The more times I read this story, the more details I pick up that I missed during previous reads. Thanks for being the marvelous storyteller you are.
XxAngelWithoutWingsxX chapter 15 . 4/23/2022
I'm actually so sad you haven't updated in a while :( This is such a great story and I'd love to find out what else happened to the Drakestone seven! I also want Annie and James' relationship progression! UGH PLEASE UPDATE
Nike1232 chapter 15 . 3/2/2022
This is now one of my favourite fics!pls Update!
Guest chapter 15 . 11/20/2021
THIS WAS GLORIOUS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! and the Geordie rep is such a treat thank you for this story :)
BepaZhou chapter 15 . 10/16/2021
Have been reading it for the third time!
Absolutely love this, and still hoping for an update
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