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Clell65619 chapter 14 . 10/15
And history had changed. Annie and Family no longer distanced themselves from the Potters with the incident at Annie's birthday.

And Annie and Henry know about magic...

The obliviation was a much larger event than was evident from the earlier chapters.

One question, you made mention of Henry getting a needle from his mother's 'sowing' box.

For most writers, I would simply assume the accidental use of a homophone and ignore it, but you are always so precise with your word use I found my self wondering if 'sowing' is the right word in the dialect you are using.

To my US ear, 'sowing' is what is done with seeds, and connecting cloth by needle pulling thread is 'sewing'.

Did I learn something new, or did you make one of your extremely rare errors?
Lilyp chapter 14 . 10/15
This is a brilliant chapter in a brilliant set of tales. We have recently read about the alarm in Drakeshaugh both in this story and in Strangers. We know, from Strangers, that not everyone can simply enter the grounds without activating it. But someone introduced the triple p (Umbridge?) and disapparated. No friend would do that. But how about someone who was coming to perform a job? An obliviator perhaps?
And how much we learn here about what really happened and how close the gang was. This Patterson guy is really despicable.
I hope this being told from 13 year old Annie's perspective means she remembers everything on her own and her magical friends don't have to do anything illegal.
ChrisCorso chapter 14 . 10/15
You’re a man of your word! It was great waking up to this new chapter, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. It clears up a lot, and as someone mentioned, Hen and Annie already know the truth. I’m guessing the next meeting we’ll be reading is the one they called as adults. So does the truth come out? I’d always expected James to tell Annie the truth like Dennis did with Lesley, but he won’t have to. She already knows about the Wizarding world. She just has to remember and we have to wait to read about it. I hate waiting! More, more, more! Right now. Good job as always. Cheers.
Sammi chapter 14 . 10/15
Aww this is a very cute chapter that really ties in with your strangers story
Bluest Witch chapter 14 . 10/15
OMG! Can't wait for more!

The alert in my inbox was like a Sunday treat. Thanks!
pettybureaucrat chapter 14 . 10/15
So, this is the 'secret' of the Drakeshaugh Seven. I can understand why Harry and Ginny agreed with the obliviation, but it still seems very cruel. But, obviously Annie is starting to remember, so will the next chapter bring us back to the grown up seven and their confrontation with the authorities? I want to read more about grown up James and Annie, and Lily, too, since she seems to have gone through several boyfriends. As always, I'm champing at the bit for more.
Just William chapter 14 . 10/15
Good update - is that Delores who has appeared and seems to be watching Drakeshaugh ?
Dame Ecrivain chapter 14 . 10/15
I actually let out a small involuntary squeal when I saw this new chapter in my inbox. Loving this story; it's my favourite I've read in a long time. Another intriguing chapter, very enjoyable.
MuggleCreator chapter 14 . 10/15
Great chapter. Though the time jump backwards was a bit confusing.
Taurus Ara Black chapter 14 . 10/15
A bit all over the shop, but great once you figure out where one flashback ends and another begins. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Killthemalldaenerys chapter 14 . 10/15
It's that Umbridge? It has to be Dolores, right? Omg, I didn't for a moment imagine that Annie and Henry would know about magic! They must have needed a pretty powerful oblibiator, but I guess it makes things so much easier goimg forward, they just need to re learn what they already knew. What is Umbridge doing there? So many questions!
okejmaja chapter 13 . 10/10
Oh, please continue with this story! It's so well-written and thought out, I'm completely hooked! You're an excellent story-teller and I suspect a genius? Thank you for sharing this.
pottermind chapter 13 . 10/3
This is a really interesting story! I hope you update soon, I've been keeping more or less up to date with Strangers at Drakeshaugh and I love reading about the Charltons and the Potters and Weasleys relationships together!
ChrisCorso chapter 1 . 10/3
It’s so interesting seeing the story, and worry, from Harry and Ginny’s perspectives since James and Annie and the gang are so caught up in the moment. What Lilly said about Harry was sad and ironic given what we learn. As to the poll, I voted for James and Me because I’m used to it and it fits, but I get why you want to change it.
LisiLouLah chapter 12 . 10/1
I've just seen the poll about the title - I like both options but prefer 'James and Me' because of the passage on Chapter 12 when Annie's talking to Corinne (I tried to quote the passage, but can't copy and paste it for some reason!) At the end of the day I don't think it matters what you call the story, I'm really enjoying it regardless! :)
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