Reviews for Agent Potter
JMK2 chapter 25 . 4/19
Would love to see this story continued in a sequel..
bkasavan chapter 25 . 4/15
I enjoyed this story. Love the Buffy inside of it. Do you know any good Buffy/HP crossovers?
I suck at review writing :p Anyways, Off I go to look for that sequel you mention. Hopefully.
howmanyisthat chapter 3 . 4/13
I am curious what classes Harry added for his 3rd year. You mentioned Malfoy getting injured in CoMC but not if Harry was there or just heard about it.
Zamia chapter 25 . 3/22
Very well thought out yarn. Enjoyed how Harry was drawn into the real world. Impressed by your grasp of the English language & grammar. You will only get better. Thanks for sharing.
Kisaki Sakura chapter 25 . 3/16
Unusal but sooo gooooood.

Well done. I enjoyed your story dearly.
PaultheEwok chapter 25 . 3/12
Great story I really enjoyed it. I liked the concept of blending Harry Potter and James Bond, Buffy just made it more awesome. Are you carrying this on, I'd really like to see more and will Harry become James Bond? I think that would be really cool. Anyway a very exciting story, I lived it.
conan.lagace chapter 25 . 3/11
This story was quite well done. I like the way you made the characters change and what you did with the missions. Good luck with your writing.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/1
Fun chapter and great lemon. Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 25 . 3/1
Great ending to this story... or is it? Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 17 . 3/1
Fun chapter and what to do with Hermione? Thanks for sharing.
ILikeComps chapter 15 . 3/1
Nice inclusion of Buffy in this chapter. Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 14 . 3/1
Good chapter and great that the younger kids all seem to like Harry. Fun ending of this chapter with Harry laying into Albus (again). Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 11 . 3/1
Great reprimand that Harry inflicted on Albus. Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 10 . 3/1
Wow, nice way to get rid of so many of Tom's followers and help cleanup the hateful wizards. Thanks for sharing!
ILikeComps chapter 8 . 2/28
It's good that Harry and Ginny had a great time at the ball. Thanks for sharing!
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