Reviews for In Thine Image Rough Draft
YTCachorroGame chapter 1 . 5/31
Very funny, but the end is missing and the worst ... YOU PUT EVERYTHING IN ONE, IT COST ME A LOT TO TRANSLATE IT, MAKE CHAPTERS
Bryan Dacote chapter 1 . 5/1/2018
I had to write this review as a Guest since I've reviewed for this story's "chapter" once before. If you wish to reply, please contact me via my profile: u/4141558/

I just finished rereading this for the first time in 6 years (God damn...) since my first review.
I had been rereading (or rather listening thanks to converting all of your stories into audiobooks with a synthetic voice) all of your works of late since it been a long time since I gave your works a read. Its probably been years since I last read them.

I wasn't sure if I wanted this review to cover ALL of your works (barring Biggest of Lies, Darkness Within, and Rules of Succession since I decided to skip those since I read those last year) or just In Thine Image.
I think I will review just In Thine Image for now.

When I had last read this, I hadn't read your other stories of this series right before this one like I had done over a decade ago with the first 9 stories where I went back to back to back. So a lot of the lore details of your series was not fresh in my mind. Now they were for this time that I have reread it.
That said; I felt like this story is in a way; a love letter to the previous entries. Giving a refresher on the events of the other stories, making a couple references to them as well - one I laughed at; the Good Eats restaurant, which was the name of the McDonald's clone in A Future Past.
Of course the big one of Link FINALLY proposing to Zelda. Railan being the hopeless romantic experiences love at first sight with the new character; Lily. Who fits right into the group.

While I was rereading the series I noticed the lack of reference to the events of Majora's Mask; which makes total sense since half of your stories were written prior to Majora's Mask's release in the US or within months of it's release. (for example for the bar scene in Eternity, Link had actually been in a bar before... in Termina)
And besides the brief mentions of his adventure in Termina in Forever Can End in Seconds (Part 2) and I think A Future Past, the events of that game were just ignored.
As a big fan of Majora's Mask; I am ECSTATIC that you've finally really implemented that parallel world into your story with actual impact.
Same thing for Princess Ruto and Darunia who got at best a cameo in Forever Can End in Seconds Part 1. Also nice to see the Deku Tree Sprout in this story too.

When I first read this I didn't care for the dopplegangers of Link, Zelda, Solo and Malon, but this time; I really appreciate their characters - even though they were brief. I really hope that if/when you finish this story their characters are brought out more and expand and join forces with our heroes. I hope there is no plans of the dopplegangers of Railan and Lily show up since I believe that was distract from their characters. Unlike Solo - who has been a main character since Origins - has had a lot of time to really mold into her own character. Railan while being from the previous story, was only introduced half way through it, and since Lily was introduced IN THIS STORY; they both need to be developed.

Now to talk about the villains. I think you've always been hit or miss on villains. Daimanius while a cool villain concept clearly suffered from being your first villain since he was rather bland and just a villain for a villain's sake. He had no real character.
Z and Kaore (who I just count as a single villain) were a bit sterotypical and slightly forgetful, but solid villains with character; especially Kaore. They were villains the reader WANTED to see suffer for what they did.
Ingo is the only one inbetween Rules of Succession and Eternity who was close to being a villain, and it was nice to see him actually being an asshole instead of it just being implied in OoT.
Kisei is without a doubt; your BEST villain you've ever written. She was a sympathetic villain for the reader and to a lesser extent; the characters. I felt sorry for her, and I was glad she got to diefor her own happiness. Heck I was happier that she was happy that she got what she wanted without actually killing anyone. She had a good believable motive and her role as a villian wasn't completely obvious but still hinted at till the latter end of the story.
Yasha... out of all the villains you have written, she is without a doubt the most EVIL. We saw her villiany first hand, we saw her torture and essentially rape Link, and cast a shadow of depression and sadness over the rest of the cast. I HATE HER and I know that was the intent so she did her role WELL. She is my least favorite of your villains but I can't deny she was a good villain.
Koros and Ganondorf. These two - more so Koros was just a watered down version of Yasha. From the story told by Old Link, she is far worse than Yasha as a person, however the problem was with her was that almost none of her evilness was actually shown - only told. Ganondorf himself felt like he was there to drive home Koros's evilness, but show Ganondorf is the actual evil mastermind.

That brings us to Majora and Keizen. Majora I feel is an expansion on what Ganondorf and Koros were into a more interesting villain. He looks like he'll be like Daimanius, Yasha and Ganondorf in terms of being a "pure evil villain". I did notice early on when he was explaining his background to Keizen that it went back and forth on who sealed his power away into the mask. First it was the Ascendants, then it was Majora himself, then back to Ascendants which you later stuck with. I do think he will be the most believable and best of your pure evil villains.
Now for Keizen. I get a vibe similar to that of Kisei. His past is similar to that of Solo's. He does feel like a Link that DID grow up on the streets and became blinded by greed, but isn't completely evil. His fate depends how the rest of this story goes, but I personally expect he will clash horns with the heroes until he is forced into doing a selfless act, maybe him and Mei will discover that they are siblings like Link and Solo are (which I noticed is a bit of a reference to something Link had brought up in earlier stories how he wishes if he could swap his childhood for Solo's, he would) , maybe even Jade will feel sorry and fall for him. I believe that he is someone who once Romani, Mei, and Jade become friends, he will follow suit and will have people who will care about him so he doesn't need to be alone anymore.
It totally depends on whether he continues to follow Majora's orders or turns against him. I hope for the latter, but if he continues to be Majora's pawn he'd be a sympathetic villain. I do feel he is going to be redeemed in the end since he isn't truly evil.

Now for the loooooong hiatus this story is on. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if this story's completion never sees the light of day - which would truly be a tragedy since I think despite how "raw" the beginning of this story is, this is shaping up to be the best of the series. A grand adventure for the entire cast with new characters and an ultimate villain, with potential of great character development. If that is the case; it is worth the wait.
I do hope you have been secretly working on this story slowly. Heck, this year is the 20th anniversary of Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask's is in 2 more years as well as the 20th anniversary of "Biggest of Lies", "The Darkness Within", "Rules of Succession", "Origins" and "Love Will Leave You Crying". If you still intend to finish this story - and make this the final entry - 2020 will be the opportune time to publish it. It'd be poetic that the 10th entry's completed version come out 20 years after the one that started it all.

I've said in my old review on this story, and the emails I've sent to you via the email given on your website; that I LOVE your fanfics. You got me reading and writing fanfiction. You're an inspiration and a great writer. I sincerely hope you finish this, and maybe do more if you feel up to it.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9/2015
I don't mean to be disrespectful or anything but I think you should delete both parts of Forever can end in seconds. Seriously it is just too graphic and hideous. I know you might say I shouldn't read this but I'm sure that others like me would agree that it is just too graphic and disturbing, even more than you warned it would be. I know you decided to write this despite how dark it is but in my opinion (and maybe a few others) this should never have been written at all. Just letting you know this is my opinion on the matter. But at the same time you have such potential that I can't believe you would write and post something as horrid and atrocious as this. There are alot of bad people in the world but you "Kasuto of Kataan" are not one of them. I know without a doubt you're better than this and you know it too. Think long and hard about this and about what I have told you please.
linkhaxor56 chapter 1 . 2/28/2014
Please post the other part soon. your such a great writer. you desreve more reviews than you right now. i'd share your stuff, but i dont have any friends that are intrested in this thing
BOB the first chapter 1 . 11/10/2013
Man ur stories are better then a book i dont get it why u dont have more reviews pls update more ur rly good. If i saw u update this story would make my day
Guest chapter 1 . 9/18/2013
Can u plz update all these stories r awsum !plz
InsidiousCrimson chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
I kind of feel like this story is much different from all of the others. I indeed respect your efforts to jump right back into writing. You're coming along great as far as I can tell! For a rough draft, this story looks a little bit kept for raw and unedited, it's not bad at all. As far as constructive criticism goes, the beginning was rather raw looking and this may impact the story's first impression. As I read on, I found that the story began to piece itself together but in a way that the reader wouldn't first assume. I would recommend that you should develop a foreshadowing device to let the reader know that the story will pick up (otherwise very good). The rest of the story feels very legitimate however, much different than all of the others, however. Even more so than the last story. I again, show my respect for your ability to jump back into fan fiction so quickly.
Shadowworlders chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
Have you attempted to write a story that translates the glitchy and story-less-ness of the very first Legend of Zelda for NES? I think that your talent would probably enable you to make one that works for that game.
Bryan Dacote chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
First off; I'm surprised that I'm the first to actually comment on this story! I mean its been several weeks since you've posted it. I'm surprised I didn't jump on this as soon as I got the notification. Anyhoo...

Yet another piece of epicness, Kasuto! Hell, I think this might turn out to be your best yet! And you said this was a "rough draft"? Damn, my roughs (on paper or typed) are littered with errors and mistakes, but I saw NONE. I've seen some problems in your older ones (on your site, haven't read them again here yet), but I really didn't see any.

I do love where this is leading, but I got one question that can be kinda considered asking for a spoiler but here it is: Well, currently I'm writing my own story and I plan on Link losing his right eye (since its The Hero of Time) near the end of mine and I'm wondering if you are planning on doing that? I'm sure your aware that the Hero's Shade in TP is in fact OoT/MM Link?

I don't want details on how it happens, but I'd like my curiosity satisfied. I can just wait for you to finish the story and post it. But just humor me - a big fan of your works. I never have really posted or commented on your stuff before, but I have been enjoying all your works since about 05-06. I've reread some of them multiple times (namely Origins and Eternity)

Well, I hope we readers don't have to wait too long for the story to be completed. So Keep up the awesome work, Kasuto! You haven't lost your touch at writing, man!