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DragoonBuster1 chapter 72 . 1m
Spectacular, enough said.
Falvern chapter 71 . 8m
Also 1.9 million words in and Sneasel still hasn't evolved. His evolution may have helped out immensely, yet you're still holding him back for plot reasons. Another thing of note to be perfectly honest, in comparison to members of the team such as Torrent, Infernus, Bruiser, and Oz, Nidoking seems rather dull and uninteresting in comparison. I know you're looking to turn him into something of a generalist but idk how well its working for the narrative personally.
Falvern chapter 72 . 23m
Hmm. Not gonna lie I didn't like this chapter. I suppose you meant to demonstrate Ash's growth but its hard to really do so under these conditions. Plume is the only one who really showed her growth really and we barely even got to see it. Just the implication that she was able to distract Mega Salamence for a while. Even then she ultimately lost which was to be expected.

But with Ash and his team not only having to endure the majority of their abilities being hampered by the Sky Pillar, but also having to deal with the effects of Perish Song. You say that you adored getting to show how far Ash has come since his last true fight. I suppose mentally it can be argued that he showed growth. Even while debilitated by Perish song. He and his team definitely felt more experienced. But in terms of power? Idk I'm disappointed.

You've simply introduced another trainer who can defeat Ash on top of a myriad of already existing trainers that can defeat Ash lol. I genuinely look forward to the day where Ash can actually someone on a Master level, even if its someone like Durand or Zinnia, and actually be able to overcome them on his own without assistance. Because lets be honest, Ash and his team would have died had Durand not saved their asses.

It gets rather old when Ash gets handed L after L against trainers who actually matter. Maybe I'm just bitter about the fact that the last serious match that Ash had was against Wallace, and the fight against the last 3 or 4 of Wallace's team was a sweep and basically a joke. Now we have this one. A battle Ash would have died in had he not had help from a third party. Not to mention the fact that Nidoking had his tail at least partially maimed. So thats fun.
MrCaspian chapter 72 . 29m
I wait patiently for this to update.

Amazing story, the emotion and power highlighted in this chapter was intense. Ash continues to grow and grow and his team continues to thrive, this is the best Pokémon Fanfiction out there for sure.

I’m eager to see the fire this battle will light within him and I hope I get to see him stand at the pinnacle.
Black Knight Lucario chapter 72 . 36m
Regis JN chapter 72 . 1h
That was not what I was expecting. It feels like I just got attacked in safe zone by one of those damn secret/optional bosses. I honestly feel exhilarated from reading this chapter, which is both great and bad. Great because it was an amazing chapter, but bad because now I have to try and go to sleep.
My favourite showing was Plume. She fought a mega salamence while under the effects of perish song. That was just amazing.
I think Infernus showed the most growth. It felt like he was fighting with the team instead of beside them.
As for your most important question!
Poor, poor, Steven. He was so young. Why didn’t he tell anyone he had heart problems?
drago123 chapter 72 . 1h
Oh Steven is definitely going to get a heart attack and may need Metagross to manually beat his heart when he sees the state of Ash and his team lol.
Bloodwolf432 chapter 72 . 1h
Finally get my Goodra, finally get my Tyrantrum, and they’re both working for a bad guy. Got what i asked for, but not what i wanted.
CheifS117 chapter 72 . 1h
HOLY CRAP! This chapter had me going up and down the entire time! The battle scenes were amazing!
RegulusCetus chapter 72 . 1h
Well I am extremely shocked by the later half of the chapter!

LOTUS! And Sneasel!

I just finished jt and man there is a reason Travelers my favorite story!

From the Gala to skypillar the fight who i knew the opposing trainer right away!

The ending!

I cannot wait for more this chapter had me at the edge!
Amaruk1701 chapter 72 . 1h
This is really such a good chapter, and those fight scenes are so good. Now I just have a question, will Ash have a Mega Stone for either Plume or Lairon when he becomes an Aggron? As from what I have seen, the Mega Salamence is really the biggest factor on why Zinnia escaped even after all the beating she received.
Revan4Light chapter 72 . 1h
Great chapter loved all of it the battle was amazing and tense was really worried someone might die still a little worried about the injuries but with ditto medicine hopefully if will be alright.
But man that dragon user if they meet ash again should be terrified they went into that battle with everything on there side surprise attack, home field advantage which boosted ALL of there dragons and DEBUFFED nearly all of ash's pokemon
and they had mega. Not going to lie when ash fights them again if they don't have a similar boost I'm going to be a little disappointed if it's not a crushing defeat for zinnia and if ash isn't properly ruthless
pokimperius chapter 72 . 1h
I think I have been reading too much sacrifice and subjugation lol! I thought tyrantrum was going to die for a sec there
WinterLark chapter 72 . 1h
You cant hear me sceeaming at seeing the notification for this chapter but it was loud. another AMAZING chapter. the way you extrapolate and weave wonerful stories of common pokemon universe locations/people is amazing. And dayum Zinnoa being a boss bitch but a total bitch.
Ingriz chapter 72 . 1h
Dazed and Nidoking were doing a lot of the dirty work, but Seeker was my MVP!
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