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Avarenda chapter 11 . 9/7/2012
Man, Faith and Buffy need to work through their problems otherwise they're going to have nightmarish dreams forever.
Ltlconf chapter 10 . 9/7/2012

How long will it take for Giles to see that Faith is not the accident? Moreover, you are what you make yourself, nothing more, but nothing less.
And Buffy was right in Sn1: She's a girl too, not just the Slayer. Faith needs to see that and to be honest, Giles can't do much more to press that home. He could let his past out some, use it as an example to Faith, be more forceful as well.
One thing the Mayor dod right is that: he pushed it home by both words AND action. He didn't ASK if Faith wanted something more than the hotel room, didn't bother. He TOLD her she WILL be living elsewhere so pack up, you're moving. He watched her and told her when he was disappointed and when proud, and then would let her go her won way. He was a (for all his monstrous behavior to others) a good Dad!
Giles needs to find that some balance between direct forceful action (rather than just words), when to admonish and when to praise, and yet when to let her have her head. In other words, be a Dad. However he never was able to reach this balance with Buffy, mainly because he couldn't stop being a Watcher long enough. As any family business knows, you can do both!

The Cracker!
Avarenda chapter 9 . 9/6/2012
Awww, i kinda like that Faith is trying to give Riley a much needed wake up call.
Ltlconf chapter 9 . 9/6/2012

Yeah Faith is complex, but that also makes her a a walking source of plots! With her complexities and obviously traumatic-but-unexplained past Faith has a hell of alot story you can fill in and play with.

I feel you're slowly creeping towards Buffy realizing that she has indeed, through no real fault of her own, denied Faith her place in the sun (wording deliberate). Of course the sad part is that while Faith is angry over this, she's still not wholly accepting that! Faith STILL thinks of herself as the accident when it was Buffy that was the accident (the CPR bit I mean), and now things are all messed up with soon to be increasing dire consequences (Hellooooo First!).
Well, it's no one's fault (well, except for Joss' for not really thinking it out when coming up with a "well-even-if-we're-canceled-we-got-a-happy-ending" finale for Sn1) and that makes it worse really: you seem to have both wanting to blame and hate SOMEONE for all this, just not each other anymore. Human nature really.
And I like Faith trying to save Riley from himself even though he's competition. And sadly as we see in canon, she's right. Riley survives, but not with his integrity and self respect intact. While Buffy dating Angel always gave me a full-body shudder (for various reasons as I LIKE the character) and the relationship unhealthy (seemed more about mutual misery that anything), at least he was part of their world and understood what that meant.
Riley COULD'VE understood...if he wanted: people are adaptable after all (Giles, Xander, Willow and others did)! But as we see in the series, Riley just won't bend until too late, then he breaks. He's a genuinely nice guy who refuses to be anything else, until too late.
"Noble, but foolish" as a friend put it.
And Faith is one who sees others as they are (even more so that Xander really...otherwise he'd been married, not cheated on Cordy, hooked up with Willow in Middle School and on and on. Not that Faith is perfect either ;-) and thus, noble as a grape, tries to save the poor, stubborn bastard.

Ya know? You've packed alot of deep s**t into one chapter for those who wish to dive into the deep end!

The Cracker!
davide chapter 7 . 9/3/2012
good work
MihoSayuri chapter 8 . 9/4/2012
okay. so I'm confused. Willow cast some sort of spell which caused them to kiss, is that what happened?
Ltlconf chapter 8 . 9/4/2012

Poor Faith, but I do hope Willow's honest with her and gives Faith the gumption to make a move for Buffy. Not a huge Fuffy fan, but enough of one to enjoy this story greatly. I almost wish it Fara as I dislike the "Faith pines as Buffy ignores her feelings and Faith's FOREVER 'til Buffy sees the light" stuff. But this one is moving at a good pace and neither draggin' it out nor moving too slow. Nicely done.
Also fantastic on portraying Faith's frustration on not being able to slay, actually being upset on not going to school (and taking pride in accomplishments there), and trying to make nice with Willow despite all. I do think Faith and Willow could be pals once each gets past each other's neurosis, heh!
Oh, and Faith being happy Giles "got some" was nicely understated and sweet. Shows she's indeed coming to see him as a genuine father figure and that Faith is actually more mature than the Scoobs on this stuff. I doubt she'd be all shocked, stunned, and disturbed by seeing Giles at the coffee bar singing Kansas song. In fact I think she'd be there cheering him on! Not having a a real father figure, Faith would, I think, few expectations beyond him being there for her. So I think she'd do the same in return and support his hobbies, even push him to do such things, including dating. Get's him out of the house at least and/or lets him find some fun!
Yeah, I'd love to see scenes like that and got one. Thanks!

The Cracker!
Guest chapter 5 . 8/30/2012
This is wonderful. It's an unusual and unique direction that you've rendered with a good amount of pathos. Looking forward to reading further.
Ltlconf chapter 7 . 8/31/2012

Poor Willow's gonna feel like crap even more than she did in the episode! I mean, she did some damage in the episode, but teasing Faith like that considering her handicap was exceptionally cruel. True it wasn't purposeful by any means, but cruel nonetheless and she'll have to work hard to repair the damage with Faith. On the other hand, this'll maybe open up the door to possible reconciliation? God knows Willow has a big heart once over her insecurities.
Poor Willow always tries so hard and means well...she was always the poster girl for "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Faith maybe hurting now, but once over the "lie" of it she'll realize that Willow has shown her that walking again is POSSIBLE! It may take time, but Faith'll realize it can happen. While she may be gun-happy, at least she's consistent! I also love that she's refusing to lay down and die. She doesn't have a whole lot of hope to walk again, but Faith's not giving up totally. I like that.
Best of all, you're showing Faith without all the fanon cliches (too much swearing, leather everywhere, lacking smarts, and so on). This is a long-neglected and oft-abused teen with all the issues (which, purposefully or not, Eliza and the writers showed well in her performance) that come from that. This damage was obviously deep-seated and not going away quickly. Indeed Faith's struggles seem to realistic and both she and Giles realize it in their separate ways.

Buffy less so as ranges from "If you're not with me, you can shove off and die, and I'll help" to "It doesn't matter how many people he's killed he's human/boyfriend/a hunky vamp and must be saved." Faith herself is a shining example of that wild swinging of standard. Well, that and that she's STILL not told anyone she's equally to blame for Finch and all but shoved Faith away ("YOU killed a man...") over it.
I wouldn't trust her either at this point.

Giles has finally done the right thing on the secrets. He still needs to show he'll keep the promise, but it's a start. Also a good job on trying to make peace 'tween Buffy and Faith. I like that you're not making it all puppies and rainbows on this. It WILL take time after all. Buffy tried to kill Buffy and Faith chose the other side (and as you note, Buffy never handles that well, no matter the reasons) and that makes for high walls. Tough climb too.
I also like that though he's subtly taken Faith's back on things, he's not unreasonable. He's made it clear to Faith that Buffy IS goin' ta be around, is his "daughter" as well, and implied that if Buffy's right on something, then she's right. Period. That's called good parenting! Overall, your take on Giles is one of the best out there.

You had a few minor misspellings (heal for heel) but other than that, excellent as usual!

The Cracker!
KM Rune chapter 7 . 8/31/2012
I think you don't dig into the ep that you are recreating enough.
sexyoutlaw chapter 7 . 8/31/2012
So Faith is walking now because Willow "suggested" it. Really hoping she doesn't go back to the chair.
Ltlconf chapter 6 . 8/31/2012

I think part of the issue with putting Faith in is that she'd be so proactive. Canon or semi-canon, Faith isn't one to sit and do nothing. I don't think of her as the unthinking "bull-in-the-chine-shop" alot of fanfic makes her (she's smarter than that), but Faith's not one to sit and watch while others do either.
And she hates being out of the loop and ignored (you have that down pat).
That'll make Faith even more inclined to get her two cents in. If nothing else Faith'll voice her opinion firmly, loudly, and colorfully and continue to do so until heard. And again if in character she WILL try and stake Spike after the whole "Yoko Factor" thing, that's a given. Unless you want dusty Spike, you'd better come up with a solution for that one! She'll likely figure out what he's up to quickly as well: It's the kinda game she plays and Faith is good at it. Horrible liar, but good at pushing buttons!

Oh, and don't forget that Faith got that Willow and Tara were a couple in seconds despite not knowing Willow well (never really hung out after "F,H,&T") and not knowing Tara at all (all sorts of implications in that). Plus I think that, surprisingly, Faith and Tara will get on like a house on fire. Tara brings out the best in people and sees the best in others. And she doesn't judge or pity. Add in that she's got a spine of steel (though hides it well) and is infinitely patient... Perfect.

The Cracker!
astarvingwriter chapter 6 . 8/31/2012
This is a really good story. I'm enjoying your take on what could have happened very, very much and am looking forward to reading more of this.
davide chapter 3 . 8/28/2012
better and better
Davide chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
Good, hard and bitter but good
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