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Kelly chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
I haven't even read this story yet, but just the mention of Laura Marling and I had to review. She's an amazing songwriter. I used to listen to her and imagine BtVS too! That's so weird. I didn't think anyone else knew the both of them and liked them enough to put them together :D

Now I'm gonna read, don't worry :)
MayhemPrincess chapter 5 . 8/28/2012
I'm glad Buffy is starting to question herself about Faith and what happened. Unfortunately she's still NOT thinking about what could have led Faith to make the choices she did, and Buffy's own actions regarding Faith before she changed sides. the question is like another reviewer asked before:

who betrayed who first?

And what that betrayal affected the least stable side in this situation. Because PTSD anyone? ... no wait let's start again. How about possible abuse since a very early age and into her teens( regardless of what you consider canon: Go Ask Malice, the comics where her asshole father raised her or Eliza Dushku's performance.) then suddenly she gets power she's never going to be a victim again, which is exactly what Kakistos made her be not long after she was called and killing (and who knows what else) her only positive parental figure.
So here comes Faith traumatized alone and broke...and what do they do? nada...absolutamente NADA. Not even the man who was supposed to act as her watcher. Nope. They kept coddling Buffy, which ok makes sense. They know her, they love her, she's been through a lot...they love her so much that her pedestal starts to rival tha statue of liberty and no one else compares...or is even given a chance to prove her worth. the rest of the mortal wounds to Faith's trust and overall mental state we all saw in the show. Including Buffy's empty words or trust and friendship...which to be fair I think Buffy meant or thought she meant but in the end didn't back up with her actions.

Doesn't excuse Faith for what she did...but people go off the deep end for a lot less than that in real life. Should she be held to a higher standar because she's a slayer? Maybe. How about as a child? A traumatized, angry, broken and abandoned child with super powers? She never learned responsablity, love or trust or friendship. She learned love and trust screwed you over, actions had no consecuences. And she probably thought "damn if it had been Buffy who killed that guy no one is going to blame her and make her go to why should I?" And the worse part of it is that she was probably right. But Buffy didn't even once mention she threw the guy at her, that that's what they been doing all night. That why would Faith realize he wasn't a vamp, when her slaying partner put the 'prey' in position for staking. There's an implicit trust that whatever your partner put at your feet was a valid target. Buffy failed that part. Sure and accident and a very stupid action on the guys part, but the moment he was staked Faith was the resposible one in Buffy's eyes...and probably her own. So if Faith should be held to a higher standar. What about them? 5he good guys who never were there for her. But mostly the Watcher, the Adult who used to be a rebel and had a better understanding of darkness and the greyness but still was to blind to see and too busy holding Buffy's pedestal to care. He at least is trying to make up for it in your story.

I'm gonna end this rant here or I'll never stop but I know I'm not the only one frustrated by this.

Good chapter. Update soon.
klester1987d chapter 4 . 8/28/2012
PLEASE continue!
Ltlconf chapter 4 . 8/27/2012

Damned good chapter, liked how Faith used her situation as a distraction to destroy the ring. Why Buffy was so short sited as to not think that every vamp in existence wouldn't come after Angel and his people is beyond me.
Angel can take car of himself, but even at their best Cordy and Co. woulda been vulnerable. Again shows that when it comes to Angel, Buffy can't think beyond her own needs.

As for "losing" Giles, well, that's up to Buffy. She can't have everything her own way. Relationships are about compromise, and so far when it comes to Giles she hasn't had or been inclined to (and that cost Giles weeks with Jenny). Buffy needs to learn to SHARE. And both Buffy and Faith need to really talk and truly vent some spleen. Shouting and yelling seems to bother many therapists, but I've found it cleans the air. Afterwords, the bile is gone and folks can talk rationally, everyone having said what they really feel with no barriers. Now you've got honesty!

The Cracker!
MayhemPrincess chapter 4 . 8/27/2012
Wow. even though I always liked Faith more than Buffy, she is still my second favorite character and it's not very often that I want to hit Buffy 's head really hard till it starts working properly again. I mean even in the show most of my anger went to the writers and Joss for the way they treated Faith. but she's really anoying me here. I really hope she gets a wake up call soon.

You are doing great job here. if you can work out a way around the plot holes Joss left us with (and maybe make everyone realize Faith is The Slayer ...ok yeah sorry I just really love her) then you get a cookie...maybe a gold star? :)
Sick Of It All chapter 4 . 8/27/2012
really enjoying this. hope Faith walks again. looking forward to more.
Ltlconf chapter 3 . 8/27/2012

Ignore "Go Ask Malice", it was never canon, and when asked, Joss' actual reply was something along the lines of "Eh, whatever." He never actually read it then. The comics, which are canon, directly contradict GaM in every major way: Dad raised her, was in the Irish Mafia, and apparently abused her (or at the very least, severely neglected her). To the point apparently that when he says she should gladly kill his gangland enemies for him as she's a killed before, she shoots back "I was what you made me..." and goes on to say that's not her anymore, she doesn't need his approval anymore, and he should leave before he finds out how LITTLE she has changed. Also the tattoo is just a tattoo...and one that was dirt common in the late 90s (the costumers actually bought it of the shelf!). I have two pals that got it, in '97.

Also while Faith's age was never stated rock hard back in '98, it was assumed by the cast, directors, and writers (plus Eliza and Sarah) that Faith was called at the same age as Buffy (aka 15-16) and thus was at least a year younger than Buffy. This was why they picked an actress that looked, and indeed was, younger than the rest of the cast (Eliza was the only actual teenager on the set at 18). This was purposeful. Which of course makes them leaving Faith alone, broke, and vulnerable to any vamp or demon wanting a snack all that more cold (and hypocritical).
And while I get you're trying to make a friendship with Xander, remember he was all for Faith "getting hers" right along with Willow (both were pretty bloodthirsty), and loathed her for "using" him (like it didn't take two to tango and that he hadn't been dry-humping her leg and drooling on her front of his girlfriend no less.
Xander lived up to Faith's assessment of the male species fully). Sure he wanted the Initiative and Council to not get their hands on her, but that had to do with Buffy's safety, not Faith's: The Council was proven to be "scorched Earth" in approach and no one wanted the Initiative to get their hands on a Slayer for obvious reasons.
This leads to one question: as the Council has proven to have no issue with killing a Slayer on the flimsiest pretext, why are they letting Faith live? She carries the line (Buffy's a dead end...something Joss admits is a massive plot hole: Faith it technically THE Slayer) yet can't perform her duties. Plus she's a "traitor" (though one can debate on who betrayed who first!) and that is already stated to be a death sentence.
Yeah they let Faith live in the coma and in prison...but that's (again rumor) because they wanted to bring back Faith and maybe hoped to rope Eliza into a regular spot (according to rumor) on "Angel." It's admitted it lacked logic as well as letting her live in prison! So long as you can come up with a solid reason for her being alive still

Also the sexual subtext between Buffy and Faith was deliberate and pushed as far as they could get away with (the kissing on the forehead were supposed to be on the lips. Sorta chaste, but only just). It's not just slash writer fantasy. But Joss has flip-flopped and often on this so feel free to do the same. He has made Buffy in canon "bi-curious" and Faith stating "she doesn't go that way" but then act as if she could. But then she's from the strongly Catholic and gay-unfriendly (in the '80s and '90s) Southie and would deny outa habit and perceived need to protect herself if no other reason (like denial). Gay bashing was something of a sport there.

Story is Faith Lehane (her full canon name) was, like Kendra, meant to only be a 'round a few episodes but the studio and fans loved her, so Faith got stuck with beong a lot device instead of a well-rounded character.
Hence alot of the illogic behind her treatment.
However you and anyone else writing fanfiction are stuck with Joss using Faith to make a point all over the place with no consideration as to her character development (remember the contrary characterizations in LA versus Sunnydale in "Angel" Sn4 and "Buffy" Sn7?). You're stuck with that, but have done well so far in making it work! You can use the fact that just about every possible behavioral symptom of abuse made it into Eliza's performance of Faith (intentional or not).
Also don't forget that Faith knew what the Bronze Age was, used "rejuvenated" properly in Sn4 in a sentence, and often used better English that Buffy. Faith was likely home-schooled by her previous Watcher as was THE NORM before Buffy, heh! No reason to assume she's totally uneducated. And if so, she's a hell of alot more worldly, streetwise, and pragmatic than Buffy or any of the Scoobs.
A point a friend brought up, and I as former military had to concur: Faith truly coulda and shoulda killed all of the Scoobs, including Buffy anytime she wanted!
Faith's getting of Angel showed this and Sn2 showed how vulnerable the library was as well. Faith knew their schedules, homes, and habits...yet never acted except with Angel, who Faith loathed for taking Buffy away (however you wish to read that). In fact, she never seriously tried to kill anyone BUT Angel (even Wes was up and about a day after his "near death" torture). If Faith wanted, she coulda taken Buffy out with a arrow or bullet from 300m and Buffy'd never seen it coming. The rest were plain defenseless.
I also note that the two Scoobs she never seriously harmed were Oz and Cordelia. Oz was always polite to her and while Cordy never liked her, at least she honest about it! In LA, if Faith REALLY wanted to punch Angel's buttons thoroughly, she woulda taken Cordy, not Wes... but she left Cordelia alone. She even took the time to put her on the couch and lock her door after knocking her out! Not the sign of a truly cold-blooded killer.
Again, I think you did right with that!
But Buffy, as you point out, did hunt Faith down and tried to outright kill her. Stabbing or Angel feeding on her, either way Buffy had no intentions of letting her live the night!
Frankly, if Giles was honest and logically written, how you've written him is how Giles SHOULD have behaved! He lived for years on the streets as Ripper (and likely did worse than she ever did).
You've also given Faith a HUGE club over Buffy's head: one word and Buffy goes down for attempted murder (and a laundry list of other charges). Even with Finch, under California law Buffy goes down under a equal charge with Faith! I do like that Faith doesn't do this, but it would be in the back of the minds of everyone to a degree.

Also Faith should mourn Wilkins. Evil or not, he truly cared for her, to the point of risking a sure-thing Ascension to try and kill Buffy in vengeance for what she did to Faith. An he knew it was unlikely to succeed, but he had to try.
This he all but admits in his taped message to Faith (admit it was unlikely he'd won)! He was also the first person to show genuine care for Faith, by getting her out of that crappy hotel for one! That means something.

Oh, and what the hell is a physcios? You mean a physical therapist? You might want to get a beta to help with the spelling some. It ain't bad, but every little bit helps!

The Cracker!

Anyway, enough ranting, raving, and ramblin'.
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