Reviews for Shadow's Story
vburro08 chapter 14 . 4/19/2015
LoneWolf333 chapter 18 . 1/23/2013
That was a great ending, nice work
toaster inc chapter 18 . 1/22/2013
Sniif... its so beautiful :')
NOW that is what i call good fanfiction i hope you keep up the good work
Guest chapter 17 . 1/20/2013
i'm a very impacient person and this is the longest i have waited paciently _
toaster inc chapter 17 . 1/20/2013
you will be missed this is awesome stuff
Guest chapter 16 . 12/27/2012
This story is awsome! Btw Where is that picture? And Please knock my socks off.
You are awsome
Do you hava DA or something?
Guest chapter 10 . 12/27/2012
Like the story.
XdreizehnX chapter 16 . 12/10/2012
To lonewolf: yes there will be a further story its about me geeky if you will

To Dogsnow: I never was able to upload the pictures of them sorry i guess using your imagination deryn looked kind of like bailey but shorter. Cyrus was like tiger, Shadow was like max but fully dark hope that helped.
LoneWolf333 chapter 16 . 12/8/2012
Another great chapter. Are you planning any future stories?
Guest chapter 1 . 11/29/2012
Oh also i hope this isn't to much to ask but could you try to add in a little more of Cyrus, Deryn, Grape and Peanut.

Keep writing and improving!
catslikemilklol chapter 15 . 11/29/2012
Liked the story, hopefully you'll get chapter 16 up soon.
I know this is a dumb question but how do I see the art you uploaded up Cyrus/Tyler Shadow/Eli?
Thanks, Dg :)
Guest chapter 15 . 11/9/2012
Great story and awesome story but you need to work on your cliffhangers a bit.
XdreizehnX chapter 15 . 11/10/2012
just for the guys know the cliffhanger is a joke right?
Narwhalicorn chapter 2 . 11/4/2012
Congrats lone wolf. Cant wait for the new chapter in the epic of shadow!
XdreizehnX chapter 4 . 11/1/2012
We have a winner LoneWolf333 guessed the language correctly sorry it is no Phillipino so wolf Pm me your character description and personality and i will include them for an entire chapter...or more
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