Reviews for Slipping
Guest chapter 33 . 5/11/2016
It's been a while, so I'm guessing there isn't a sequel?
Pepper'sRival chapter 33 . 1/5/2016
This was totally amazing and kept me up half the night, I just couldn't stop reading.
sirenian22 chapter 27 . 12/2/2015
I absolutely love this story! Please, please, please, write One For The Team! What a great idea for a fan fic.
HappyBrainiac13 chapter 33 . 6/1/2015
Is there a sequel?
Let me know !
Regina King chapter 31 . 6/30/2014
I don't know, I like naked Clint stories. Oh crap. No muse, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn. Too late. Hello plot bunny.
Kate Bishop chapter 33 . 2/17/2014
Hang on.. Wait... butbutbutbutbutWHAT?! Coulson! More! Write More!

Sorry about the mind-vomit. I started reading this because it looked interesting, and I ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting. THe only word to describe the entire thing is 'Whoa.' The song really suits Clint, and I love the story.
DBhawkguy30 chapter 33 . 12/1/2013
I was pretty sure I'd started reading this a while ago and will admit I thought it was about zombies lol
I do like zombie movies so I thought i would give it a bash. As it turned out this story blew me away.
You write Clint so well I could feel the pain, the fear and blame he constantly battled.
Tony was great too, their fight over who saved who in that rescue made me laugh during such an emotional chapter.
Hill deserved what she got, will admit I don't really like her.
And the ending, with you bringing Coulson back made my night.
I'm rooting for a sequel! Well done!
VioletBrock chapter 33 . 8/22/2013
Well, goodness! What an amazing writer you are! My eyes are all red and dry from reading this on and off all day! Couldn't leave it for long!

It's funny that you mentioned 'not zombies' in one of your author's notes, because I had passed over this story a few times in the list because it said 'zombies.' And I am not of that generation that finds zombie stories entertaining, lol. Thankfully, my curiosity got to be too much and I gave it a try, and found that it wasn't really about zombies! LOL

It was a very powerful story, with such deep insight into Clints psyche. I was absolutely enthralled, horrified, and captivated by the depth of his inner turmoil, guilt and torture. The poor man. So many parts of your story were exciting, surprising, and very satisfying!

Thank you for an awesome story about my favorite Avenger; excellent plot, perfect characterizations and all around amazing!

Best wishes,
KusajishiFukutaicho chapter 33 . 7/10/2013
Ooooooh the FEEEEEELS. Before I go off in my little corner and coo about Coulson-It's Coulson it's Coulson!-, I have to confess that I thought this was it, and I'm left feeling dissatisfied with how thngs went. For one, Hill's death feels like that of a martyr (she died right?) and I'm still too mad with her for her end to resolve just like that. And Fury's response was well done, though I wanted more appearances. *pouts* I always envisioned the story ending either Ckint reaching somewhere in the middle sort of recovered and the Avengers cover him against any attacks from the remnants (because there's always going to be people who ard still mad, if I want to be realistic) or they don't and Clint dies a martyr's death. And reunites with Phil (who scolds him for being stupid) before they both get resurrected by Tony or something. *grins* okay, I was joking about the last part. But you see how it is.

Bringing Phil back definitely made up for a lot of things, because Phil is the parental figure that Clint needs, still.

I don't know what I am typing here. *sighs* While you ponder over my ramblings, I'll check for your other stories;)

All in all, a good job on the story! And thanks for bringing Phil back into the story. And the promise of a sequel. And for the protective! Tony (that is high up my favourite list along with Blackhawk, seriously. :3333333)
Kyu-Momo chapter 27 . 7/4/2013
Well, I'd be interested in all of them, but "Where My Demons Hide" I definitely want to see eventually. :)

Now it's time to go start reading screams all sound the same.

And yes, I have already re-read this fic 2 more times since my last review. ;)

Awesome story! :D
Kyu-Momo chapter 33 . 7/4/2013
Woo! That was awesome! :D
ladybug114 chapter 33 . 6/11/2013
That. Story. Was. Great.
Seriously, i loved it! I'm going to go read your other stuff now... and I'm begging for a sequel please!
TrisakAminawn chapter 16 . 5/23/2013
Okay, this, this team and rescue business, this is really well done. I'm pretty pleased with the way you used Hill, too, all things considered.
TrisakAminawn chapter 10 . 5/23/2013
Well, damn. But I have to return to the question of where in three days of sneaking around the world building an evil organization and gathering materials for a super high-tech device while staying under the radar Loki had time for all this sadism.
TrisakAminawn chapter 5 . 5/23/2013
Wow. So much Hawk whump.

Okay, based on the scenes we saw of Loki and his Merry Minions at work, I'm pretty damn sure Loki didn't take the time for himself or the others to sleep, let alone engage in random extracurriculars. Which, ew, by the way. Cheap titillation much? I personally got a super professional vibe from the whole deal, as in Clint treated Loki like a commander, i.e. Fury, and mission get-that-portal-open like the thing he believed in completely. Loki on the other hand seemed to be pretending he had co-conspirators instead of minions, presumably because he's a pathetic little boy at heart, and in a certain sense he did, given that spear played on the emotions primarily. Which is probably why some of his fangirls want him to have been mind-controlled himself, but given his personal issues Loki would have to actually care about collateral damage for that to be necessary, and we all know he doesn't.

And while all that is completely subject to interpretation, Clint was clearly completely conscious. After all, he networked them up a set of minions, a base of operations, and a safe to hit up for iridium, as well as to all appearances the game plan for doing so. I thought the fact that Loki took his cue off what the Tesseract wanted Clint to do was much more interesting than Loki being Grand High Thing. It's not as if Loki was actually in control of the operation, whatever he wanted to pretend. So...calling Compromised Clint a zombie seems more like a denial-type coping mechanism than an accurate descriptor, bu the further this fic goes the less I think you agree with me on that.

Super whump-y, though. Like wow. And I really enjoy your characterizations of Tony and Natasha.
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