Reviews for Shuffle challenge:Pokèmon
Zuttii chapter 1 . 8/27/2012
I've never actually heard of the shuffle challenge :0 I think I may need to try this now.
-Never Surrender: Ive never actually considered Volkner and Wallace as a pair. I can see them like this though, Volkner wing down and Ready to give up but Wallace has to reassure him.
-Rich Kids: I like the message this portrays Even the middle-lower class can have greatness without ever having the money. "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon"
-The good life: This was pretty realistic in my eyes. Being an Elite could be stressful but then there're the fun/partying sides too.
-Hero: This was sweet. I've never thought about Silver and Roark being siblings, but I can see it now.
-The miracle of the mind: I like this one a lot. really. You can certainly see the theme in it. I got that helping others without expecting anything back is the best form of happiness
-I just wanna live: Personally of I were a famous person I would never want to leave my home in fear of paparazzi. Nobody likes being crowded around with stupid, useless questions being thrown at them. Great job!
-Comatose: Interesting You know me, I can't stay away from anything about Will. I myself see that if Sabrina an Will were in a relationship the fights would be either very small or large. Depression may be something Sabrina could fall into. Then theres Will who just makes everyone happy ;)
-Stranded: This one was cute. Cynthia X Grimsley is new to me, certainly strange, but I'm flexible ;) Aaron does seem the type to just push someone in if they're nervous. Great job
-Until the end: I fully understand the friendship connections. The short fix has a great motiBea inside. love it
-Do it like a dude: Laughing. This was funny, seriously guys, some chicks can hold their liqueur
Overall...I really liked this. Great job with all the fics! I think I may need to try this challenge now :D