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Lance chapter 7 . 3/25/2015
I end up to review this story because It's just so damn good..! I finished to like very much this couple thanks to fic like this (prerogative of the brave as well ecc ecc..) xD
The very one thing I said It is just to amazing the way you describe Vivio and Hayate too..!
The chapters with her team are very good, you(reader) realize Vivio grows up and starts to go on her own..! The discuss with Fate is beautifull, as your description of Fate and her words..!
The part with Nanoha is not just to give her some space but to explain better Hayate too..! I love when you wrote of her fear too..!
The end when she's looking for Vivio is just so cuute xD! I loved you there xD! And the comrades's word ars just perfect xD!

I add that some sentences are just extraordinary..! So.. real, so true..!

So really thank you for this beautifull story, hope you'll write again of them! ;)


p.s. forgive eventual error..!
Cause english is not my first
Gathering the Roses chapter 7 . 1/22/2014
Wow this is so amazing. This pairing never even crossed my mind Before I read PotB, but now it's up there with N/F in my eyes!
Thanks so much for writing this
GX Hero chapter 1 . 7/8/2013
While I am probably not the best reviewer I do like the pairing and this story, however when I read about that Nanoha knows of only half of what Fate dose in the field is where I disagree.
First off Nanoha's Rank would certainly allow her to know.
Second I honestly think Fate wouldn't do anything too debatable with what Nanoha's views are since she is still scared of becoming like her mother Prescia.

Still I think there should be a confrentation between Nanoha Fate and Nanoha where Nanoha tells she knows what they do that is questonable during a conversation that Vivio asks them about advice on her relationship with Hayate. I think it would really be good and add to the approval Nanoha gives her, considering the Wolkienreiters history.

While I understand that fate is more likely to do more harsher things than Nanoha in the feild I find it unlikely that worry wart fate would survive with her sanity.

I am More like Nanoha on views of mortality though I understand that the questionable and ugly things happen I do not like them

Anyway Great story and the pairing has gotten me to think of ideas toward possible stories. Hope this doesn't upset you just wouldn't leave my mind
Guest chapter 7 . 4/10/2013
Thanks for the read. Cannot unship them now.
Demon Cat08 chapter 7 . 10/10/2012
It's a really good read for me hope you can write more about this two in this plotline...are you going to write a sequel? Hope you can write one
Looking forward for more fics from you with this pair
Caelion chapter 7 . 10/5/2012
It was a truly beautiful chapter and the one fitting for the ending. It gave me this oh so familiar nostalgic feeling that gets me whenever I finish reading a good story.

It's good to know that Vivio has finally understood those things that haunted her before. It's great to see how matured she is when it comes to her relationship with Hayate. It's also funny to see how a simple crack pairing turned into something serious and actually believable and reasonable.

There was a one scene I liked particularly. I mean the one where Vivio kissed Hayate in front of her own soldiers, basically admitting who exactly was her true love interest. I've always been a sucker for such things and this time it wasn't any different.

Now, to sum everything up, despite what you wrote in the second chapter, I think you're good in writing military stuff. Romantic scenes, as well as serious dialogues, were also great and well-written. But the comedic aspects of the story were definitely those where you shined the most, which was also apparent in your other Nanoha-verse fics.

Thank you so much for writing this story, it goes to my favourites as I had a great fun while reading this.

See you then and take care.
Caelion chapter 6 . 10/4/2012
Did I say that the previous chapter is my favourite one? Well, then I have two favourites, this one being the latter.

I simply love this cheerful and humorous Nanoha of yours. Especially since your writing style goes really well with her character. I like this kind of sense of humour you presented here in those not always subtle, but always funny jokes.

And of course the whole mother-daughter interaction, showing exactly how close they are with each other. I think that talking about getting laid is a rather rare thing to do between parents and their children. Vivio can surely be happy to have such great mother(s).

You have a point for taking Nanoha and Hayate's friendship into consideration as well. For a long time it was a crucial part of the story and I'm glad that you didn't forget about it.

All right, it's quite late so I'm going to sleep now, I'll post the last review tomorrow, until then, take care.
Caelion chapter 5 . 10/4/2012
And here I come again,

The short sparring at the beginning of the chapter reminded me how actually a well-written fight looks like. Although the outcome was quite easy to predict, I'm still surprised with progress Vivio had made.

And now the girl's talk with Fate. I think that people often tend to forget that except for being an ace Enforcer, Fate is also a mother. And you've shown perfectly how well this role actually suits her. You've made a great use of her caring personality. She and Vivio really have something in common. Somehow I get a feeling that it helps them with better understanding each other, which is why I'm happy that you decided to choose Fate as a gentle and concerned mother instead of Nanoha to help Vivio with her problems.

In general, this is my favourite chapter of this story. Maybe because I've rarely had such conversations with my mom, I like reading about those now.
Caelion chapter 4 . 10/4/2012
Wow, it surely took me a long time to finally get to read this chapter, but in the end, it was worth it.

Starting from the title, you certainly put an interesting story behind Hayate's headbands. Short, but meaningful. And you have a big plus for touching the topic of her parents, or rather, her mother, which is quite rare thing to do.

I liked this little presentation of more intimate parts of Hayate and Vivio's relationship. It was quite funny to see how reluctant Nanoha was about it, especially since she was basically doing the same thing being much younger. But Hayate had a point here, worrying about children is certainly parents' thing to do. I'm glad that you didn't miss this important aspect of the story.

The next thing I need to praise you for is Vivio. Or to be more precise, the way you presented her growing older. She seems to understand perfectly the weight and difficulties of her relationship with Hayate, which is a nice contrast to her self from a few years back.

And by the way, no, nothing is wrong with French maids and their uniforms. Vivio, dressing in one, would definitely look deli- I mean, deadly. Yes, a deadly French Maid!Vivio.

Hmm, is this the way people get inspired to write a new story?
deathcurse chapter 7 . 10/2/2012
Adorable ending. I love it, it's so sweet and understated and yet so significant. The whole sequence between Hayate entering the hanger and Vivio watching her leave really sticks with me, in this wonderfully dream-like and poignant way.

I also found it really sweet that the Wolkenritter are so "mother-hen"ly about Vivio going away :D. Seeing how Vivio can help Hayate out with her everyday troubles is also incredibly sweet, and it really shows how Vivio's become comfortable (or at least more so) with her role in Hayate's life.

I love how you really zeroed in on Vivio here and made her such a rich character beyond the cuteness of my early stories. There's such complexity to Vivio (and to Hayate, without Hayate ever taking the POV!) that goes really well with their adult selves that I don't have the skills to write about. You've really carried the series from the "cute early days" feel of my stories to something that's a lot more permanent and weighty, and something that can be taken seriously. Good job!

The Hayate x Vivio stories are definitely a team effort! :D This is an awesome milestone counterpart to "Prerogative of the Brave" taking place years later at a different point in Hayate and Vivio's lives, and I'm excited to see (and write) more stories moving on from these points :).

(I think you can tag the story "Complete" now? :))
deathcurse chapter 6 . 10/2/2012
I can't help but think about "Flying" when Nanoha refers to having the same conversation with her mother. At least Nanoha caught Vivio and Hayate when they still had their clothes on, LOL!

I loved the funny "couch" reference (I think you misspelled it as "coach" though?), but it does make sense that Nanoha wouldn't want to couch Fate more often than absolutely necessary :D.

It's neat and sad to see Vivio worrying about Nanoha since both Vivio and Fate often get deployed now. (And now I have a plot-bunny about Nanoha and Hayate keeping each other company while their wife and girlfriend are that will have to wait behind all the other plot-bunnies I currently have . ) That really shows to me how Vivio sure is growing up, and growing up well.

"I didn’t choose to love her, but certainly decided to pursue her attentions on my own."
And this line sums up the whole premise of these Hayate and Vivio stories :).

The whole following conversation after that was really sad and sweet at the same time. You can really feel Nanoha's concern for her daughter but also her sympathy and concern about her best friend. I can't imagine how tough it would have been for Nanoha to listen to Hayate's fears about Vivio one day leaving her and have to resist the urge to thoughtlessly say that of course Vivio wouldn't (because of course she wouldn't know). Not to mention that Nanoha would probably be torn between hoping that Vivio picks a more socially acceptable love so that her life will be easier (as all parents would) and hoping that Hayate wouldn't get her heart broken. You've definitely approached this relationship in a serious way that works well for me.
deathcurse chapter 5 . 10/2/2012
Nifty fight! :)

The suicidal fight tactics, if they’re a normal part of Vivio’s repertoire, sounds quite alarming. That would imply that either Vivio is super-stressed at the moment and isn’t thinking clearly, or that her job as an STG soldier could possibly put her in a situation where she might need to use those suicidal tactics in order to achieve her mission objective. (Kind of similar to the issues previously brought up for RB’s Shadowverse, where sometimes the mission objective could be worth the sacrifices (literal or figurative) along the way). It makes me pay more attention to Vivio’s job since it’s not what I’d have expected, so I’m definitely more and more intrigued.

The mother-daughter moment between Vivio and Fate made me go “awwwwwww.” It’s nice to see Fate being so concerned and being perceptive enough to infer a lot of what might be going on with Vivio. I liked how Fate is mostly keeping out of Vivio’s affairs—indeed, that’s actually how I see Nanoha and Fate treating Vivio in the Files: they still keep an eye on her, but avoid really stepping in and directly confronting her unless it’s something they’re very concerned about (as Fate says in this part, she doesn’t Vivio to be deployed in her current state). Maybe it’s just my own experience with my own parents, in that while they do keep in contact with me and teach me good life lessons, they mostly trust me to deal with my own issues and only get involved if it’s possibly a huge problem or if I ask them to get involved. It’s a mentality that I use in “Prerogative of the Brave” too, but my own life may just be an unusual example. Vivio is 19 here and a ranked officer, so perhaps Nanoha and Fate are just treating her more like an adult (but still as a daughter).

Neat, how the idea of Fate’s “kids” having a baby makes Fate’s brain hurt, but not Nanoha’s as much. It does kind of imply that Vivio is more Nanoha’s daughter than she is Fate’s—which is in line with canon, actually.

“Is there a world-destroying, apocalyptic threat I’m not aware of? You’re a Special Task Group officer Vivio; you’ll need to elaborate on the whys.” Fate looked at her thoughtfully. “Is this about Hayate?”

I don’t know why, but I really liked this part :). It just really shows how Vivio’s job is quite specialized and dangerous and important, and how Fate may not actually be in the know about Vivio’s missions. Not to mention how Fate acknowledges here that Hayate is indeed so important to Vivio to possibly cause Vivio the same kind of worry that an apocalyptic threat might!

Vivio’s gushing praise about Hayate made me grin :D. It’s cute, but it also shows how brilliant Hayate is. Yay for a competent Hayate!

I liked the whole conversation about everyone doing what they do because they love it, and how no one else is expected to do the same if it’s not their thing. And yet it’s a nice moment to really show (and for Vivio to show the readers that she is aware of it too) how the age gap and maturity gap between Vivio and Hayate still causes them some trouble, despite their having been together for 4 years now. It really would be a hard, uphill road for these two until they hit 40 and 53 years old, when people wouldn't care about the age gap anymore? :p
deathcurse chapter 4 . 10/2/2012
I like how you bring up the mind-blowing family dynamics of the Yagami-Takamachi-Harlaown household. This chapter is both funny and hot, so I highly approve :D.

I like how Hayate and Vivio have teasing/hot pillow talk as well as mentioning some pretty deep worries and thoughts about their future. It's great how you're approaching their relationship with an attentive eye to their different life ambitions and how the age gap could affect how they think about each other and of themselves.

My favourite exchanges:
* “…do you really want to discuss your parents’ sexlife while we’re like this?”
* "Plus, you were the one who attacked me so I’m officially off the lecher-hook.”
“So I’m the sexual deviant. Great. Not awkward at all.”
* “Sure,” Vivio shrugged. “Which uniform should I wear?”
“French maid?”

Perhaps one day we shall see Hayate's full rise to power? :D
deathcurse chapter 3 . 10/2/2012
Poor Hayate. Poor Vivio. Poor Nanoha.

Fate's fine. She's thoroughly entertained :p.

This is what happens when people fail to communicate properly :D. Hilarious stuff!
priest1drago chapter 7 . 9/30/2012
It's the end? Maybe a little special chapter? Guess not. This is nice by the way, those Hounds are pure awesome! I like 'em. Go Vivio! Go Hayate!
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