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Guest chapter 36 . 10/27
Is this fanfic over? Because I thought there were still gonna be 2 more chapters. I really hope you update it though cuz it's so good!
threeheadedhydreigon chapter 36 . 10/15
Ummm what was up with Alex? Where was she? Are you going to do that sequel? I know I'm late, but I would really like a sequel, manly focused on Alex.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/30
Please update soon I really miss this story!
Guest chapter 36 . 8/28
Lyannette Zoe Cullen chapter 36 . 8/22
Love your story! Can't wait to know what's going to happen with Clay, Hailey , the baby, everyone!
Pearpear chapter 36 . 8/5
TigerBB chapter 36 . 7/3
So it took a while for you to update this chapter! But don't worry I understand that life gets in the way sometimes...
It was definately worth the wait, great chapter as always!
Yay Hailey finally had her baby! Although I'm a little sad to think that this amazing story of yours is coming to an end! Please let us know at the end about any other fanfictions that you plan to write because I'm sure many others would agree that reading more of your work would be an absolute blast and pleasure!
D chapter 36 . 6/12
Guest chapter 36 . 6/9
Hello. I am the guest who just finished his review with a comment of Alex's sexual orientation. Not that I'm homophobic or anything like that; Mitch and Cam are my second favourite couple on the show. They're hilarious! I just don't think that Alex is homosexual, just unlucky in relationships. Unless the very fact that she is unlucky in relationships is why you made her a lesbian; so she could finally have some measure of happiness in her love life. If so, kudos!

P.S. On a side note: Which Modern Family character is your favourite? Judging from the way you write him, I'd have to say Jay. He's very similar to Clay and you have a lot of love for Clay so why wouldn't you also have love for Jay! That sounded very corny, but I'm sure you understand what I mean. Here are my favourites (in descending order):

Manny (He's tied with Mitchell actually. I like him because he's an old soul like me)
Cam (He's overly dramatic in my opinion)
Alex (I don't know why, but I can't stand her, which is odd because out of all the characters, she's the one I identify with the most).
Guest chapter 36 . 6/9
This fic is fucking fantastic! It's beyond words. I've nothing to critique or tell you what to add to it. I'd jeopardize your perfect artistic vision. Instead I'll compliment you for the numerous things you've done right.

I really like how you don't show partiality to one character while ignoring another. You present each character's POV as true to their character and that's hard to do. Props man.

Clay's character is really fleshed out well. You put a lot of thought into his character and he's just awesome. A perfect catalyst for the personal growth of my favourite Modern Family character, Haley. And...he's such a perfect gentleman; I can see why Cam has a crush on him. (HA, HA).

All in all, this is such a great story and I thank God I found it. My one problem is: why did you make Alex gay? In the show, she currently began a relationship with her "rival" Sanjay Patel. I know this fic was written way before season 6, but still. Alex dressed very heterosexual throughout the series and showed no indication that she was gay, just that she had trouble in relationships.
Guest chapter 36 . 6/8
I hope she chooses Emilia!
Guest chapter 36 . 6/2
Billie! I hope u name her that
Guest chapter 36 . 5/31
ODA( IN the hizz-ouse!)-
Dude, major props... loved every second of it, it reminded me in a way of the movie Knocked Up... I dunno how but it just did. Cant wait for the next installment man, and I highly encourage the sequel!
Sherbetsticks chapter 36 . 5/31
Well I definitely think that this chapter was worth the wait, great chapter yet again!
jakobamy chapter 36 . 5/30
This chapter was worth the wait. It was simply fantastic. I love the name you gave I also think its kinda cute how Haley and clay are arguing about the name/nickname of their child. And finally there cleared some air, its not much but its a start. I really liked how even though she didn't voice it Claire states that she lives Clay like a son now and knows that these two rascal love each other .
Final note: was the guy Able was talking to their dad or did he die? I can't seem to remember. But anyway great chapter!
Take a break man and come back with more amazing stuff!
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