Reviews for Being Erica 5x02 Under My Umbrella
Sookdeo chapter 2 . 5/16/2014
LOL that was funny the way Erica responded to the parents.
I like what you're doing. Having a nice continuation of what could've been is great. I really loved the tv series so this is a treat. You do have typos here and there, but I like the way you do the voice overs, and cut to each scene. I can actually visualize it in my head.
SapphireDragonFly chapter 7 . 8/31/2012
UGHHHH ERICA, WHYYY? WHYYYY DO YOU HAVE TO LOVE KAI? ...Okay, he's freakin' sexy, and you guys had a great chemistry between you two. But, he asked to be with you forever, and you turned him down. Be content with your decisions... "But there's one thing that is constant: Solving a problem,

making a decision, is always hard" SO TRUE. I remember her ending it on the show 'cuz she was like "Where is our relationship going? you don't belong in this time" Hmm... it is like a forbidden love :O
But, I love Adam! Though, they can have annoying fights sometimes. But, on this show she always ends up in fights with someone... Sad truth. XD I hope they don't start secretly meeting up! Adam shouldn't get hurt. :(
I'm really glad that Sara changed her mind about Amanda. Amanda is a really nice person. Her and Tom make a super cute couple :D
Hahhahaa, Brent punched that dude! I can't remember that dude he punched on the show for some reason. My memory is bad. I'm sure if I looked up a picture I would remember but I'm lazy lol. ABout Brent though... Every season I would wait for it to come out that he was gay. When it appeared obvious that he had feelings for Julliane, I was first like "AWWWW THATS SO CUTEEEE!" then I was like "Wait... isn't he gay? UBER CONFUSED!" xD
Anyway! I'm so happy you made another episode! I was surprised when I found it. I was like "OMG! ANOTHER ONE!" I didn't get a notification or anything, so I was just happy that I happened to look. Anyway, keep up the amazing job! :DDD
Queen of Loopholes chapter 7 . 8/28/2012
Ahhh! Loved it! I cannot wait for the next installment!