Reviews for My World Ends with You
Cassia chapter 12 . 8/17/2013
Your fanfic is very well written I love the Eleniel like to know more about her past in Edoras.
sPaRkzZz chapter 12 . 7/2/2013
Please don't abandon this story
It is really good and I can't wait for an update
It's been such a long time since you've updated

You either really busy or you have some serious writers block ;)

Please continue you have many fans that are awaiting an update. Your amazing story has captivated me and I couldn't stop reading

Anyways all the best and Goodluck
Perko chapter 12 . 6/24/2013
Brilliant story in it's study of love, you have done a seamless job in developing Eleniel. I do hope you plan to write some more for this...very enjoyable read!
FleurSuoh chapter 12 . 4/5/2013
looking forward to the next chapter
thegirlnextdiOr chapter 8 . 2/13/2013
update please! this is a pleasure to read :)) its full of emotion and pretty lengthy chapters! upppppdaaateee sooonnn!
passion chapter 12 . 2/13/2013
Great story! Full of emotion and pretty lengthy chapters. Pleeeeaaaasssssee update sooonn. It's been awhile. :(
Rockyrose13 chapter 12 . 2/10/2013
I just finished reading this, and It was beautiful! You are incredibly talented. Her character is skillfully written and fits wonderfully into the story. I cannot wait to read more of this, i really, really love it! :)
Guest chapter 12 . 1/13/2013
ZabuzasGirl chapter 12 . 1/3/2013
Update immediately, please!
romanticolors chapter 12 . 12/27/2012
update soon! Eleniel and legolas r sooo cute 2gether!
SoapCherry chapter 12 . 12/19/2012
I looooooooooooooooooove this story UPDATE UPDATE! 333 btw Team LEGOLAS X ELENIEL! I didn't liek it much that Legolas feels like she cares more about Haldir than him T_T i hope truly that she likes Legolas and loves him :'3
SoapCherry chapter 12 . 12/19/2012
333333 update! Team Legolas & Eleniel *btw followed you :)* WE NEED MORE LEG ELE
Angel Bells chapter 12 . 12/19/2012
Hellsig Otoupeim chapter 7 . 12/1/2012
couldn't help but to cry while reading it. the emotions given off through the well choosen words amaze me.
*thumbs up*
AnneWithane chapter 12 . 11/24/2012
Yay! Always happy to receive notice of a new chapter of this story. :) I wonder what's in store for handsome Haldir, and what effect his fate might have on the relationship between Eleniel and Legolas. Update soon!
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