Reviews for New World University
Guest chapter 1 . 6/25
Ok somebody write an fanfic about luffy and his crew argueing over who is vice captain and then everybody is try to impress luffy to be vice captain and it will include something like Nami trying to seduce(which she fails), sanji cooks luffy cooking overloads of meat. Ussopp tells puffy an amazing tries to to teach puffy music arts while zoro sits back and relaxes(or you can make him try to teach puffy how to use swords) and you can use your Imagination for the rest of the crew/ but I would like the ending be so thing zoro is the real vice captain but he does something really amazing but he doesn't do it to impress luff but for the good of the crew and his if you like you can add some couples in there I prefer luffyxnami or zoroxrobin but whatever floats your boat. And somebody get on this right now
iTotallyShipIt chapter 33 . 6/3
Please update
LuNaLoverForever chapter 33 . 5/30
OH OMG! SUCH SUSPENSE! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! HURRY I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF! UGH! I WANT...NO...I NEED MORE CHAPTERS! Oh and by the way I suggest to continue the story it's just to good!
Yellowpikmin88 chapter 33 . 5/28
Oh come on Nami you're smarter than this. Of course he's not cheating on you. He's probably found an animal and wants to keep it as a pet.
EndlessChains chapter 33 . 5/25
A well done chapter. A cute, short chapter as the group gets ready for the festival that is happening. They are rowdy as ever even if they are adults. The booths and where each group went to was nice to know about as well as how each one of them thought of their time during the festival. Quite an interesting end to this chapter and can't wait to see who it is that Luffy is seeing. Could be an animal of some sort. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
ShadowMaster2014 chapter 33 . 5/23
Great chapter and Luffy better not cheating on Nami or else Nami beat him like a governor's mule.
Reptil chapter 33 . 5/23
I bet it's some animal that likes luffy but scary like a snake or pig or wolf that's why Nani would beat him if she saw it
manicherryblossom33 chapter 33 . 5/22
Haaaaa (sigh of relief). Finally a new chapter!
Makino and Shanks are having a baby? So Luffy will have a little brother? Cool.
Sabo is too charming. Did you see him in the newest OP chapter? Too cool!
Nami is silly. Of course there's some other explaination.
Thx Author. I hope the wait wont be too long this time.
Ryner510 chapter 33 . 5/22
Lost kid huh lol. There will be always a misunderstanding xD good chapter.
Iloveallanime18 chapter 33 . 5/22
Awesome chapter!
Mr. Suave93 chapter 33 . 5/22
I missed this fic.
I've been waiting for you to update, such a long time. Well now you came back. Who is that girl?

LuNami - ZoRobin ftw
Aliciadiez3 chapter 33 . 5/22
I cant wait to read the next chapter :000 what would it be? Mmm.. Haha
Please update soon :))
Weischa Schall chapter 33 . 5/22
Please Update soon! I'm really curious about the girl's identity! I guess it was a little girl right? Like Mocha in punk hazard?
Janpaint4221 chapter 33 . 5/22
I am so glad that you continued on with the story! I was worried that you wouldn't... But people have their own lives, I understand that so work hard and if you ARE planning to stop writing then please tell us first . Anyways, I really enjoyed this chapter! Thanks for uploading ;3
manicherryblossom33 chapter 32 . 4/29
Where's the new chapter? You haven't updated in months! I favorites this chapter, so gimme! Gimme, gimme!
Also, thank you for adding Sabo. He IS charming, isn't he? He's my new favorite, now that my old favorite has died. I even have his figurine. I want to get Ace and Luffy's so they can all be together, just like they are in your story.
Pls update sooooooner.
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