Reviews for More
ConceptOfTheMask chapter 1 . 9/13/2012
Harry loves Peter? AWESOME! I really liked this, it was different. I hjavent read a gay spiderman story yet.
Lex chapter 1 . 8/29/2012
So you titled your story "More."
And I dont know wether its just coincidence or jumbledly-recieved fate for which I thought, just maybe; this story was, however backhandedly; for me?
And Im sorry if Im wrong and simply being conceited, and believe me; for I feel silly enough getting my hopes up and writing this; but in the off-chance that you really did do all this for me? I just want to say thank-you.
You write THE best sad fiction I have ever seen, and your desperate; forever searching Harry and forever leaving Peter are just as well.
Delicate, chaste; yet undeniably heartbreaking and I really, truly adore you for it.
Lex chapter 1 . 8/29/2012

"For Pete's sake? Ha! Isn't that funny, Harry? Isn't that funny?"
I was most hypnotized by this stand-alone piece of context.
Mocking as it should be; I could also sense a near child-like whisper about the source, it was ghostly and haunting, yet almost, teasingly sweet.

I was also rather taken by Peters looking into Harrys eyes and suddenly just knowing. It wasnt abrupt, or supernatural; but it took away from an abundance of naivety and made him to be older, wiser than his physical self.

I love how Harry wants both MJ and Peter, ideally; yet confuses himself, adamant upon the fact that Peter is the only thing he needs. This, to me; is what really pulls the whole thing together. Because that one little segment of your story made it seem like this? This isnt just a more interesting renedition to our favorite series.
No, this is something that *happened.*
Without a doubt, inevitably; you have once more woven so intricate a tale it has no longer become something you simply drawed up but part of the actual comics and movies themselves.