Reviews for Love Lies
James chapter 1 . 12/8/2013
My feels.
Herikkusu chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
Well done.
This story is very contrasting with Felix as the main character and the idea of where he might have gone after the events of Golden sun 1-2.
Just as a personal suggestion. Felix is portrayed quite happy/go lucky in this story. I have always seen Felix as the man with the slightly darker personality if you know what I mean. According to the games he just seems a little out of character in terms of his personality. But you know, The story definitely fits with his happier side. Perhaps you want to do another take where he succeeds in changing Mia's mind? That would definitely be interesting.
Other than the light grammatical errors I came across while reading, nothing is wrong with this story. Fantastic job.

anon chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
You've certainly written a memorable story. It's nice as a one-shot. I feel the beginning is slow, but it brought Felix's character to life and contrasted well with the later half. It's easy to believe he wouldn't know where to go after the Golden Sun event, and your implementation of events with Mia worked well to force that awkwardness in sticking around.
I think the story took a nice turn when Piers arrived to pick him up (the noticeable change in personality and general happiness not usually associated with Felix is much appreciated), and this is one of the better works I've read involving the kids from DD and their interactions with their parents and friends-of-parents.
I love the undertone of this story, in that it could have gone either way. I'm not sure Felix made the right decision, but as you've written it, this is the path he'd certainly walk down, given these circumstances.
Tiny, tiny errors like the "How are you," in Mia's letter, not being capitalised, some missing spaces after punctuation, and whatnot, drew me out of the story a bit, but it's otherwise very well executed. I like your writing style, your take on the games and these characters.