Reviews for Letting Go
evazqueen chapter 93 . 9/19
Me alegra mucho que Regina este despierta.
Gracias por escribir.
waknatious chapter 93 . 9/19
"Now all she needs is time and rest"... AND EMMA'S MAGIC HEALING POWERS MAYBE.
AmandaLynLP715 chapter 93 . 9/17
Loved the update! It’s cute how the both love each other but won’t just say it.
line100 chapter 93 . 9/16
New chapter, yay! This was a very welcome surprise after a tiring weekas always, beautifully writtenThank you for updating!
IsaCorr chapter 93 . 9/15
Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see Regina getting better. Plz don't take too long to the next chapter
JhosyLephor chapter 93 . 9/15
Thank you for the upload. I was really missing this story.
Owwn...These ladies will kill me (•‾‾•)
I wonder if Henry will cave and say to Emma or Regina about his stunt with the phone.
Thank you again
Pinkpillow19 chapter 93 . 9/15
You have never let me down with a single chapter - thank you so much for updating! :) I have had such a long love affair with this story and all it's slowburn. Can't wait for more swanqueen moments! :)))
VenomousD chapter 93 . 9/15
Awww thx for the update! Really loved little interaction between our two ladies. Cant wait to see how their relationship will develop. Its great to see that Regina is getting better as well!
AnotherEvilRegal chapter 93 . 9/15
Ugh my little SwanQueen shipper heart I love this freaking story️
IamElaine chapter 93 . 9/15
Thank God Gina is getting batter I can not express how happy I am.
Guest chapter 93 . 9/15
I can’t wait for the next update thank you
Guest chapter 92 . 9/12
Please please please udate soon
Guest chapter 1 . 9/8
pls update
Saroarrr chapter 92 . 8/31
Yay for me realizing that I didn’t leave one of these! Haha. Amazing updates, although I’m sure you already know that I love every word you write! : ) I’m glad Regina woke up! Little Henry kills me. Always pulling at the heartstrings! Looking forward to another update! Xoxo.
Lipseek chapter 92 . 8/28
More! Please?! Can we have an update soon?
Love this story!
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