Reviews for Letting Go
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 103 . 3/14
Great updates... it was great seeing Henry so vulnerable and acting like a kid who just loves his mom. He’s made mistakes just like everyone else in this family and he’s tried owning up to them repeatedly. I’m glad SQ is progressing nicely, even as they both struggle with this vulnerability, and Emma struggles more with saviorhood. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
line100 chapter 103 . 3/13
Great chapter! I really liked the dialogue and pace of it. I can't wait to read the next chapter
Sammii16 chapter 103 . 3/13
Thank you
waknatious chapter 103 . 3/12
Oh yes, the sweet resolution of the YEARS of angst lol

Thank youuuuuuu!
Pinkpillow19 chapter 103 . 3/12
Evil Regal Tease chapter 103 . 3/12
Love it
Guest chapter 102 . 2/10
thank you so much for updating! i've been following this story since 2017 and i'm so happy you're still writing it
Once Upon A Star Trek chapter 102 . 2/2
hi. i got a notification saying there is another chapter. but when i click on it, it's not there. what is going on, i'm confused.
LOCISVU chapter 102 . 1/20
I’m so happy that she’s home!
Lovely1pyt chapter 102 . 1/17
I really hope her health improves. I am feeling scared that this is leading to death and I can't...
IamElaine chapter 102 . 1/15
Hopefully Gina will indeed start getting better ️
Can’t wait for more.
line100 chapter 102 . 1/15
Yay, a new chapter! Thank you for updating so soon. As always very well written and captivating to read. I'm sorry I didn't review the last chaptermy phone was funky and wouldn't let me review and then I forgot about it. The update was a very nice surprise to start my Christmas holiday with, so thank you for that. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to read what happens in the next chapter!
barnabus67 chapter 102 . 1/15
swanqueen so beautiful. I have not given up on Regina just yet.
Sammii16 chapter 102 . 1/14
Thank you
waknatious chapter 102 . 1/14
This is so soft and lovely thank you for the update!
Very well written too; flows so nicely.
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