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VenomousD chapter 77 . 22h
So i got confused a bit, but am on the right path again. If this is the onpy thing that Regina saw through the wand, why did she ask Emma to end her life. I mean this is not that bad, it just show us how twisted Blue is. I really loeved the ubdate but it left me with even more questions then last chapter hahaha what are you doing to us hahaha love it
Guest chapter 77 . 10/16
Please update this again soon I hope Henry gets see Regina soon as well
Guest chapter 77 . 10/16
Morganna Faye chapter 77 . 10/16
Sigh. Now I've only got more questions.
It makes all so much more sense now, though! That Blue hasn't always been evil (I mean, in the show she kind of was, separating Dreamy/Grumpy from Nova and denying Regina her soulmate just because she was Cora's daughter, but anyway) but tried to do 'what's good for anyone' as usual, but it just got darker than usual, and she had to realize that she'd made a mistake, but instead of trying to make up for it she tried to cover it up. It makes so much sense for her character.
What struck me though was that Gold wants to see Regina suffer. Surely he knew about her condition? But what am I saying, it's Gold, the Dark One. Did he pretend or did he change his mind afterward?
Every single one of your chapters makes me curious for more. Outstanding work again!
alwaysarubino chapter 77 . 10/16
That’s what that blue gnat gets. I’ve never believed that she was ever really good! I hope you update soon!
guest chapter 77 . 10/15
please update this soon
Pinkpillow19 chapter 77 . 10/15
Cany wait for more. Always get excited when I see this in my inbox :)
Ultraboy181 chapter 77 . 10/15
I’m hate Blue! That self righteous fairy always got under my skin. Great chapter! More please!
barnabus67 chapter 77 . 10/15
Down with Blue and now for Rumple
Saroarrr chapter 77 . 10/15
That chapter went by too quick. I got to the end expecting more and my heart fell into my stomach realizing that was it. :(
I’m glad we got another piece to the puzzle! But even as one thing is made more clear, other questions pop up! You are very good at stringing us all along, my dear. :D
Can’t wait for the next chapter! Xoxo.
waknatious chapter 77 . 10/15
Thank you for the update! Things are finally starting to make sense... NOW IF THEY WOULD JUST FIGURE OUT THAT EMMA'S MAGIC CAN HEAL HER!11!
Guest chapter 77 . 10/15
Update again
Guest chapter 77 . 10/15
Update again soon!
JhosyLephor chapter 77 . 10/15
Oh I already know that Gold didn't want great things to Regina but...I wonder if his tip to Emma find Regina had something behind, some bad motive...
Gosh...Poor Regina.
Thank you for update! I'm so excited with all this mystery!
SongForRegina chapter 76 . 10/11
I love the story I hope you go on! Thank you!
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