Reviews for Letting Go
fiona chapter 90 . 6/14
thank you so much for updating so soon! i just wanted to see if botany chance there was an update even though i didn’t think there would be one so soon.. i can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen when regina wakes up. I love this fanfic and the way you write is just amazing! reading this always puts a smile on my face and i’m looking forward to see what’s next
VenomousD chapter 90 . 6/14
Great update, hope so Regina will be okay. This is very emotional and its been such a long way for it all to go wrong now. Thx for updating!
kneelinfrontofthequeen chapter 90 . 6/12
I would ask you if you could break my heart a bit less next time, but actually I'm okay with the way it isI've already managed to forget that this Emma is not familiar with Cora) and I love how she slowly realises what a mess they could be facing with Regina saying the truth about where they are from. I hope you'll guide us through Emma's thoughts as she gets their story straight) I also wonder what Dr Montgomery thinks about the relationship between Emma and Regina. My bet would be ex loversand Henry, will his guilt drive him to admit that he has skipped the hospital in purpose?..
Anyway, can't wait for the update, and thanks for writing!
Mercury78 chapter 90 . 6/11
Emma's heart softened as she saw Henry carefully lean forwards and place the gentlest kiss on his mother's forehead. I love you mom. I am simply overloaded with feelings, what an ending to a beautiful chapter. Many hugs, loving your story.
line100 chapter 90 . 6/10
Yay, new chapter! what a great treat to end the weekend withI loved this chapter; beautifully written. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Saroarrr chapter 90 . 6/10
Gah! My heart! You broke it! :’(
Poor Regina. :(
Really good chapter! Looking forward to the next one, love!
Xoxo. :)
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 90 . 6/10
You're really doing a number on my emotions. Henry's reaction brought me to tears. I'm so happy everyone is still working together to help her. David for the win! I hope that she recovers from this. She's finally got so much support and so much to live for.
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 89 . 6/10
You just broke my heart with her calling out for her mother... That was so sad and difficult to see Regina like that.
judith092488 chapter 90 . 6/10
Ahhhhhh! Im in update heaven! Regina is getting the help she needs and is stable. I cant wait for her to open her eyes and see her interact more with henry and emma. Thank you so much, i absolutely love this story and you have me so engaged I didnt even realize we were at chapter 90 awesome!
Guest chapter 90 . 6/10
I can’t wait to see the next update!
Guest chapter 90 . 6/10
I think it would be awesome if Henry gave Regina his kidney that would be really cool
IHsocket chapter 90 . 6/10
she is finally . Great keep writing
Lady Razeli chapter 90 . 6/10
I thought he gave her dialysis to keep her alive, but I wasn't sure, because Regina didn't notice a shunt in her arm. Anyway, you know what I am going to say next and that's update please. Hehehe.
JhosyLephor chapter 90 . 6/10
Thank you for the update.
This chapter made me tear up (﹏)
I liked all the explanations that Montgomery gave to Emma it's was also really educational.
I'm so anxious about Regina state (﹏)
Can't wait to the next update.
Thank you again for write and have such dedication for this story
IamElaine chapter 90 . 6/10
Omg my Gina...
Damn I am sure you enjoy make me cry.
Cannot wait for the next update
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