Reviews for Easy to love
Hollywoodx4 chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
I'm going to start this out by saying I don't usually review stories. Sounds stupid, right? I started on this site around 6 years ago and spent a year only reviewing, but then I started to write and that's all I've been doing. But sometimes I'll get this feeling after reading something and I'll have to respond. Something about this fanfiction...It could honestly readily be called an art. The way you capture Abigail is so true to her character and I admire how you've kept the DA writer's efforts to make Abigail this mean character who actually has a softer side and a reason for being such a way. It was amazing to read someone who was so able to portray Abigail as much more than just the mean girl. Reading this I think it's exactly how Abigail must have felt after Sammy's death. I also like how one million things didn't have to happen as most people do in one shots. This was a perfect snapshot of a singular moment in Abigail's life, and I really just wanted to let you know what a marvelous job you did.
-Danielle (an American Dance Academy fan. Netflix is the best for introducing me).
LBF chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
Very nice. I have not heard anything about if there is ever going to be a Season 3 of the show so can I assume that the show is gone and is not coming back. I love how Abigail had grown since Season 1.