Reviews for Quarterback Sneak
Guest chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
I am so happy you are back! I love all your stories and have been following you since the beginning. I am so sorry to hear what has been happening in your life. I can understand what you are going through.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
I'm glad for this chapter. This is a great story!
Mom23xx chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
Welcome back and don’t even worry about why you stepped back. Great update…now they need a plan to tackle his parents.
LibraryLady08 chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
Thanks for the update
energizer bunny 12 chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
Not often I see such a nasty Esme and Carlisle. Glad to hear things are looking up for you. Hope to see you finish this one. Happy writing.
GorGirl chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
What horrible parents! Gramps is so sweet! Maybe Rose will meet Emmett.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
Where was team sport when Edward sent Bella away? If the post-nup were that offending, he should’ve refused to take it from his parents or tear those paper in two and put into the bin. I think Edwards anger towards Bella was completely off target, he took his frustration on Bella. They did make nice at the very end but I’m still mad I guess lol.
Loved mr Masen, hard to think Esme was raised by someone so gentle.
I hope everyone in your family feels better soon, must’ve been a really hard time for everyone. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers, take care
MistiS chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
Wow! I’m sorry to hear about all your real life troubles you and your family have been going through. I hope everything turns out better for you this year. I had to reread this story over to be able to read the newest update. I knew it was one of my favorites and was always hoping for this update. Thank you so much for not giving up on it. I can’t believe it’ll be 10 years this year since you started writing it. Time flies fast. I loved the chapter and really hope you’ll be able to get more writing time in. Thank you, thank you!
my1anjel chapter 16 . 2/16/2022
*squeals like a school girl* Everyone knows! and what an amazing update.
Pynky chapter 17 . 2/16/2022
So glad to have you back writing! So sorry youyour family had to go through so much. This pandemic has been so hard on everyone so hopefully we can get passed it very soon. Can't wait for more CullenLegs!
Guest chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
I'm sorry for everything you've been through these years, hope everything gets better.
I can't believe I got to wake up to this notification. I think I've re read this story about five times. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Thank you so much for the update!
YJ22 chapter 17 . 2/15/2022
I’m wishing you peace and happiness!
Thank you so much for finding the time to update. Times have been crazy and unpredictable and your story has allowed me to escape from the chaos (even if only for a few minutes.)
twilightobsesser2 chapter 17 . 2/15/2022
Oh my gosh you’ve been through it all. I really hope this year brings peace and good health to your family.
Lore562 chapter 17 . 2/15/2022
Thank you for coming back
LdyPhantom chapter 17 . 2/15/2022
So happy to see you back! I am sorry things have been so hard the past few years and am glad to hear things are starting that up hill climb.
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