Reviews for Sentry
TeaC0sy chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Absolutely. Fucking. Amazing.
P.O.J.A chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
Razer Athane strikes gold yet again!

How do you do it, seriously? How you find the most unconventional pairings and create one of the most plausible stories in the history of fanfiction? Few authors on the site overall have that innate ability to fuse canon with fiction in a seamless manner, and you my dear friend, always manage to hit the nail on the head in my books. There is yet a story of yours that I disbelieve, much less dislike even remotely. I never stop bragging about your stories to my friends and they agree, your tales are more than worth the read.

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would considering the very melancholy day it's been, and you have my fingers typing a REVIEW no less! Stories that I loved but just didn't get the mood across to extend my sincere enjoyment of it couldn't get me to do what I'm doing now; maybe because it was an unexpected like, who knows, but it feels great to tell one of my favourite authors how much I truly adored her fic.

The concept of Yoshimitsu as his "guardian angel" if you may, coming at random yet convenient times, was sheer brilliance. The timelines you chose were perfect and made for easing in fictional events a much smoother transition. I never read a story about Forest Law before this one, and I must say I felt more for the guy here than ever. He's one of my favourite characters, but often we forget how sheltered the poor thing really is when we're too busy using him to kick butt. I appreciate a lot that you didn't turn him into a whiny wuss for having to respect his father's wishes so much, and for also not complaining about the lack of seeing his "protector". He was mature throughout his disappointments and without even realizing it, he showed more feats of strength without Yoshimitsu present.

I enjoyed hearing Yoshi's sing-song like manner of speaking. You captured the essence of that character very well, even if he didn't have many appearances in the story, he made a lasting impression on me. Everyone's portrayal was brilliant, even Hwoarang's brief moment with Law sent shivers down my spine (but that could just be a personal bias since I love him to death and I've always loved the way you write him _).

Overall, another hit with many more to come in its path. Keep up the excellent work as always Razer, the fanfiction archives are all the better because of it :D


P.O.J.A _
A Road Unturning chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
This is for TheNewBrawler - Inspire the keyboard smash.


I saw the alert for this in my inbox and pretty much just about flipped out. XD My two favourites. In one fic. I doubt there is more than a girl can ask for.

"He lowers his stick, the imaginary sword, the sentry he'd been pretending to be - The kid is destined for greatness, and he doesn't even know it yet.

"Take and be merry!" the man hums. - Already I can see that I'm going to love this guy.

Names are exchanged, and he catches something about beaks. - Cue Forest's psychological fear of birds. XD

The quiet, subtle terms of the family scene after Baek's break in - MY HEART.

Forest nods in agreement – he doesn't quite understand, but if it puts his Father at ease, he'll do it no problem. How long can a man worry? - Forest is such a sweet kid DNNFJDDSK

The budding, heroic dreams Forest attaches to Yoshimitsu. I just love love love the way you've devised that dynamic. It's so imaginative and fitting. I'd almost forgotten about Yoshi's T1 ending.

The training has never let up, not since the day that that man appeared – but surely Marshall is okay now? - OMG a surefire reason for Marshall's protectiveness.

"You'll fight who I tell you to fight," Marshall spits, glaring at his food as though it's the filthiest thing in the world, "And that's final." - JDIJCSDHFD Stern!Marshall.

...mumbling something about going to the mall for a few hours. -FOREST THE SERIAL SHOPPER.

A man can worry for a long time. - A lovely callback.

A woman in a white dress holds onto her young son's hand. Their black hair and neat attire stands out from the swarms of neon pants and oversized t-shirts. Before long, they turn their heads and leave, ignoring the scene as though it is nothing. - OMG, is that two cameos?

"You have grown, little one," the man says simply, poised in a stance so elegant that it seems otherworldly. The outfit is the same as the second encounter, and he still can't see much besides the eyes glittering with – is that glee? "Tell me that it is in more ways than one." - Oh, dear god. I flail. I FLAIL.

His expertise lies in food and fists, not finding things and the internet. - This has lovely flow and stands out.

"Will you let me in? Tis rather cold out, you see."

He is really not seeing things. - :D

He's twenty-two-and-a-half and still without a girl. - XD

Throughout the passages about Forest's breakup, there is a naturalism to his feelings and thoughts that is just...dhdshfsdif.

That's all it takes. He snaps, breaks, and becomes a liar in the face of his Father. - Amazing.

Forest and Hwoarang - I would just quote and quote and quote this entire passage, but all I can say is that it's so intensive and in character that I actually believe this dialogue took place in T3. And how even the mention of Baek inspires in Forest a distant childhood trauma. The power and heat that is Hwoarang just scuttles below the surface and it is obvious that Forest, even with all his talent, can't match that dangerous drive he posseses.

Hwoarang calls Jin ugly. Oh, you're not fooling anyone honey.

"Because you are a good man," he says simply, switching hands, "And good men are hard to come by. He who is not truly swayed by money or power, and only looks to make others as happy and safe as he can." Still holding the mask to his face, Yoshimitsu looks to Forest, "I am no hero, not even through your child eyes. But you are. The everyday man who always tries, always smiles and always aims to make others happy. That is more heroic than Robin Hood deeds." - This is why I love Forest. And this is why I love Yoshimitsu. And this is why I'm just dying of joy at this dynamic. It's so damn clever.

It rings through the large room. He doesn't see Yoshimitsu's shoulders roll forward. - MY HEART. Humanity in the childhood hero.

There's another loud bang, and screeching, and screaming. He watches the sky. - OMG NO FOREST NO. The suspense here, the sudden erratic shift in mood. Brilliant and gut wrenching.

"Poor young one." - D;

And as Yoshimitsu leans in and lifts him in the fading world, Forest says, "Thank you." - Finally, the world comes full circle.

His smile, marred by a few cuts on either side, grows. - Beautiful.

Oh woah. It's so hard to find any Forest fics on this site, or just anything on Forest, period. And you've crafted this beautifully written piece of fiction. The story itself is great, the way Forest develops and yet is still trapped by his father's fear, how he is overwhelmed by the world but fights to find his place in it, and how Yoshimitsu's presence is both a confusion and a comfort. How there were moments of strife and Yoshimitsu is a beacon of hope, but really, the hope and strength is within Forest. All he needs is inspiration.

And your Yoshimitsu! A distant, wise, otherwordly guardian. It was surprising to see him in a hospital bed, of all things, because of the way you'd painted his mysticism and mystery. But that hospital section was key in showing the man behind the mask. The snippets of humanity you granted him was wonderful. And the ending segment was rich with gentle hope.

Thank you so much for this. :0

Now excuse me while I flail.