Reviews for Fate Has Its Ways
Guest chapter 40 . 3/22
Amazing. Utterly amazing.
Very tempted to see how Draco and Hermiones first night together went (as in the night they made love for rhe first time). If you do a side story of that I will DEFINITELY be reading it.
Loved this story its been a great distraction from my current everyday troubles. Thank you for writing it.
No One Important chapter 40 . 3/20
Screw you for giving this book an ending that wasn't Hermione and Draco MARRIED! JK U rock.
haloona.malfoy chapter 14 . 3/20
I know this story has been finished but I wanted to say that I loved this chapter. I loved Dracos speech , it's exactly how I see there relationship at hogwarts. thank you
Austione chapter 40 . 3/17
Love this story! Great writing and never drags. Characters aren't too one-sided black/white for the most part (many storys make good characters completely bad, and that's just not realistic)-Obviously needed the villains to be villains, but no extreme bashing. Loved it all.
Haley chapter 26 . 3/15
so hot and spicey ...really good work
HazelnutLatte chapter 40 . 3/14
Not sure if you're still writing for this site... but I'm reading this fanfic a few years after you've completed it. I just want to thank you for this story, for sharing your imagination with us readers. All the best in whatever you're doing now, be it writing or other form of creativity. Thank you again. Xoxo
Guest chapter 18 . 3/13
Haley chapter 10 . 3/13
deathly hollows part one and two
Haley chapter 6 . 3/12
awesome chapter
MetricWolf chapter 40 . 3/5
All I have to say is that this story is one of my favorites. Only two words can describe this story. Powerful and Heartfelt
lee.novels chapter 31 . 3/3
Dude you just fucked up my life.
Princess ruhi chapter 39 . 3/1
Wow! You r truly amazing! Like really? Where in the world do you get such awesome ideas for a perfect plot? It would be soooooo good if your story had made to the movies! You r truly talented. Thank you for such an amazing fanfiction! Keep going...Good luck...
Princess ruhi chapter 22 . 3/1
Whoa! Too much suspense...You indeed have great skill for writing! Too awesome writing. Keep it up! I really enjoy reading this.
Guest chapter 39 . 2/27
Emmydala chapter 40 . 2/27
All of your chapters are AMAZING! I don't have an account so I can't like, I'm so SORRY!
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