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2 chainz chapter 59 . 4/21
me chapter 59 . 6/15/2015
I love it! You worked so hard on it!
Sparks' Stories chapter 59 . 5/31/2015
Great end to a great story and I'm really glad I've finally been able to catch up.

It was nice to see Ahsoka attend Jen's Knighting ceremony as she promised she would all those years ago. The pair really have come a long way since their first meeting and it's cool to envision that road as journey's end and new ones begin.

Darth Stingers appearence was certainly a surprise. It makes me wonder if she's so oppressed with taking down the Grand Master that she stalks him at every turn awaiting her oppertunity to strike. Should she and Ahsoka ever meet in combat one day, I imagine the latter will have a few words for her husbands rival as well as a tough fight to offer in return for any aggression on the Sith Lord's part.

The ending to the chapter was very strong in that you convayed a lot of emotions in a well thought out and believable way. Ahsoka's husband shares the same worry for his wife that she did when he took his own test flight to the GFFA, but both come to realise in the end that sometimes they need to let their other half do what they feel they must in order to move on from certain things as Ahsoka has in returning to her home only to realise it's not yet safe enough for her to consider it as she once did. Until that day, she comes across as being more than content with her lie as is and that will only stand to make her bond with both her family and Earth as a whole that much stronger.

Again, brilliant work Count. It's great to finally say I've read BW from, beginning to end.
Sparks' Stories chapter 58 . 5/30/2015
I feel the chapter title was apt here. In the past few instalments there's been a sense of greater change for a lot of the characters and I think you addressed that well here.

Obviously the big feature here is Sarah growing up. Ahsoka's worries aren't unusual when showing concern for the lack of developments in her montrals and... elsewhere, but at the age of eleven, she still has a lot of time left before she's expected to begin looking more like an adult.

Overall, this was a nice chapter. Nothing too crazy, but that's what most transitions are like. Looking forward to reading the finale.
Sparks' Stories chapter 57 . 5/29/2015
Ah, I had been wondering when Ahsoka's husbands "failed" trip to the GFFA would take place. It's a sha,e you decided not to write/upload that story, but from our past conversations, I know you had your reasons. In any case, I would guess the next trip goes a little better given what we've discussed.

I always like when Sarah's and Molly's families get together at this time of the year. The friendly competition is a nice change of pace and it's refreshing to see the two families getting on so well when Ahsoka and Sarah originally attracted strange looks due to their Togruta heritage. Serah's hearing also seems to be becoming sharper as she grows, though it's a shame those pesky fireworks continue to annoy her, I guess she's thankful they only occur once a year.

As always, looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Sparks' Stories chapter 56 . 5/28/2015
Plenty to talk about from this chapter. Hopefully Knight Ashley gets better soon, I'm sure Cara is fully capable of filling in in the mean time, but for some reason, I just can't imagine her being too comfortable behind a desk for too long. :P

I was glad to see Marina has made it through her troubles to finally begin her trials. The loss of her master earlier in the year was a crushing blow, but I'm sure she will want to make him proud and advance to the rank of Knight once her Trial of Spirit is completed. My memory is a little hazy on the trials, but I'm guessing she will face some difficult questions regarding her feelings and if she is strong enough to move on from her so, I'm confident she'll be able to get through it.

The birthday flight was a nice surprise. Ahsoka came across as being very eager to fly and to show her husband and Sarah one of the few things she has from her home galaxy. It will be interesting to see how the brief flight back to the GFFA goes what with the Empire being at it's most powerful around this time, but I'm sure Ahsoka will do her best to be careful and make sure she goes unseen. Also, really liking the ships new name.

Looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Sparks' Stories chapter 55 . 5/27/2015
It's nice to see the foundations for a lasting friendship between Serah and Madison being laid down after such a long rivalry. I think both of the, emerged from the retreat both as better Jedi amd as better people due to their experience at the dock and I look forward to seeing how they get along as they continue to grow and learn under the teachings of the Jedi Order.

The final activity was very fun to read. The initiates worked well together and accomplished their mission as a team by each playing a part and not depending on one to lead the rest into the mock battle at the end. The exchanging of notes between the kids and thei elders at the end was also a nice touch and again looks to have strengthened a lot of realasionships.

Now that the retreat has ended, I'm very curious to see what's left to come in the closing chapters. Again, very nice work, Count.
Sparks' Stories chapter 54 . 5/26/2015
Nice to see the initiates learning more about working together while also getting to know that there are many aspects to being a good Jedi both at times when one is alone as well as when paired with another.

Sarah was very brave to help Medison when the latter almost fell into the lake. After their recent altercation, Sarah not hesitating to be the first to leap to the other girl's aid was very a very selfless and strong act that I know will have a positive effect on their relationship going forward. It's also good to see that Sarah has inherited one of her mothers best traits in not hesitating to act when someone needed her help, even at such a young age, she already shows that she has the traits nessecary to become a great Jedi.

It's been far too long since I last read and reviewed a chapter for this, but I hope to finally make that right as soon as possible and finally catch up. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Sparks' Stories chapter 53 . 11/19/2014
Sorry if a lot of the following review is a repeat of my former pre-reviews, I just felt it would be nice to leave one to add to the review count.

I'm sure it would have come as a bit of a shock for the Grand Master to find out he would have to go on another retreat so soon, especially when it just so happened to be Sarah's, but I'm surer still that it must have been a bit of a harder blow to Ahsoka after the last time. I think it's a good thing however that this time she's got plans to work on her ship since Sarah will also be away and the house will be empty and generally un-needing of much attention. I also liked how her husband tried his best to comfort her even with Sarah just across the hall, it's sure to mean a lot to Ahsoka in the long run.

The little coffee mug joke did sound just like something a teacher would say on a trip like a retreat or otherwise, so I had to giggle at it. The location of the retreat sounds like a beautiful place but of course I'm sure the Grand Master and other chaperons wouldn't want the initiates wandering too far or jumping into the lake without supervision. Hopefully Sarah and Molly also don't have any trouble with Madison while they're sharing a room, though I'm sure Sarah's early sign of peace in telling Madison she could put her bag with hers and Molly's calmed the waters a little more and also showed her to a better person which I can only hope rubs off on Madison herself.

I thought the scavenger hunt was a really fun idea. The scene when Sarah is trying to figure out how to get the yellow egg without stepping over the boundary reminded me so much of her mother in how she conducted herself in looking at every other option before coming up with the best one. I couldn't help but smile when she asked her father to get it for her seeing as he was there, I could just see her cracking an "I'm too clever" look while knowing he couldn't help, but of course in the end she used her initiative and the force to call the egg to her rather than break any rules and I'm sure her father was quite happy to see his little girl has come so far in her training.

The laser tag competition in the evening was also very fun to read. When Madison asked Cara if she could shoot a chaperon to avoid being disqualified I had to laugh as I imagined the latter's reaction. It was nice to see Sarah getting the chance to use her Togruta abilities during the game too, as well as get some payback on Madison without letting her know who it was that shot her. Molly's encounter with Cara was the cherry on the cake knowing the events of the dream chapter. Molly did seem to be enthusiastic about having Cara as her master in the future, so I'm sure she would like to be around her as much as possible to show she is good enough to be her padawan, even if it was a bit of an accidental meeting.

Overall, I think you did do a pretty good job with this chapter and I really enjoyed reading it again.
Sparks' Stories chapter 52 . 11/19/2014
Sorry about taking so much time to get back to reading this.

I light of our previous discussions, I had my suspicions on how Madison would provoke Sarah into actually causing an uproar after their continued rivalry, but I was very surprised to see the latter use the force to lift the other girl and throw her against a wall like she did. On one hand it does show how advanced Sarah is in her training to be able to accomplish such a feat, but it's a shame she had to demonstrate it in such a violent way.

I think Sarah's father was fair in his punishments to them both while remaining unbiased in his judgement. It was good to see Ahsoka play her part also. She was obviously upset to have to deal with Madison's torment of Sarah again, but she too acted in a fair way in teaching her daughter an important lesson in patience and focus, two things Ahsoka herself had to learn the hard way when she was a Padawan early on in the Clone Wars.

Looking forward to reading the three retreat chapters again. Hopefully now I can finally catch up.
Darth morge chapter 35 . 10/31/2014
-thumbs up-
Currahee506 chapter 59 . 10/13/2014
Wish you would add to this story line maybe in another book
edwi chapter 20 . 10/6/2014
Barris learned jar kai during the events of the med star book series when she was part of med unit 7
Sparks' Stories chapter 51 . 9/29/2014
Nice to see Ahsoka getting some more teaching work. She's always been eager to contribute more to the Order, especially since she's been off as a stay at home mom as Sarah gets older. I think she's come a long way too and will make an excellent teacher as time goes on.

Sarah's sense of fashion differing from her mothers is not really a surprise. Her father is right in assuming she is trying to create her own identity on her own terms, but hopefully she doesn't feel too much anger towards Ahsoka for suggesting her daughter dress more like her. It was also nice to see them make up once Sarah's actual birthday came around.

Overall a nice chapter. I'll continue and try to review as I go.
Vallyxxxxxxxxxx chapter 1 . 7/1/2014
don't tell the father is anakin or obi-wan or someone who's mucher older than her
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