Reviews for Soup's On
kiel Chea chapter 17 . 10/17
Aw poor baby
kiel Chea chapter 16 . 10/17
kiel Chea chapter 6 . 10/14
Kokoa Kirkland chapter 63 . 8/23
Amazing story and this chapter was perfect.
inuyashamunkey chapter 64 . 8/15
This has been a great story! i read it all in one night. and now i have to clean my room. which should only take an hour if i try. which i wont.
inuyashamunkey chapter 49 . 8/15
oh noes
ahans1b chapter 63 . 8/14
This is an insanely good story! You could easily make it a book if you changed the character names. A homeless Naruto is so sad to even think about but you ended up making it not to angsty. So thank you for that. Now I want to help out a homeless person lol. But anyway, great story with lots of humor, drama and hot sex scenes!
araclavie chapter 1 . 8/2
100 years of community sentence?
smoleren chapter 65 . 6/20
This is by far one if not the most favorite SasuNaruSasu fic I have ever read. I absolutely loved it and plan on reading more from you :)
aniellet chapter 62 . 5/5
this is such a wonderful story! i cried at the train station scene! i just wanna hug those two! btw. i love that you separated the part where Naruto started living with Iruka through a sidefic. also, can I just say that I love the way you portrayed Juugo's parents! i wanna be like Aiko when i grow up! hahahha. anyway, i'm not really good with words but! thank you for this wonderful story!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 17 . 3/4
Thank goodness Sasuke woke up to what an idiot he was being. Or rather, thank Naruto.
PlumeVif151 chapter 65 . 2/7
loved it
Laraleecroft chapter 46 . 2/4
oh god I loved this chapter! i'm actually tearing up a bit but its happy tears :) ! Well done .
Laraleecroft chapter 44 . 2/3
hi this is coming late since I've only recently found your story. Sorry to hear about your parent passing away. I know how very painful it could be losing a loved family member I lost my brother on August 3rd 2015 6 months after and it still hurts like it was only yesterday

I was wondering why Sasuke just didn't leave in his note to Naruto that he was going to visit a friend at the hospital instead of saying that he was going to visit Itachi and then visit Itachi to erase the fact that he's hiding the true reason which is going to see Juugo.
Laraleecroft chapter 28 . 1/11
I like the story so far, i'm scared that Sasuke will only get himself into more trouble but I understand his desperation. I only hope that no harm comes to him while he gets more involved in whatever Kabuto has in store for him. I DO NOT trust Kabuto. A drugged up on morphine Itachi is really funny and cute. I really want him to pull through and get better. Its also hard to see Sasuke having to support Naruto and Naruto not really being able to help out in the situation...I mean he's 16 he could go look for a job and at least contribute towards food and he could do it full time since he's not going to school. I like that he's his usual sunshiny self but I feel like he's being a tad bit useless here...I am excited to see how it all turns out.
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