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PsychLassieFan4Ever chapter 5 . 12/10/2013
Wonderful! I'm more of a Shassie fic reader/writer, but Lassiet feels right, too. Fanfic gives voice to our Whai Ifs, right? Karlton fics have their moments, there are a few that I've really enjoyed... I am actually thinking I'll read anything with Lassiter as a main and sexy character. I think I have issues, but thanks for posting your stories and I know I will continue reading if you post (especially if Lassiter is involved).
Chill chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Whoa! MST3K mantra, people!

"It's just a show, I really should relax..."
WhytheHate chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
In several of your stories you have Juliet thinking of Shawn as bloated, out of shape, etc. That's not having Lassiter talk about it.
It's funny how you insist on thinking I'm a clueless teenager...
I plan to read the story about fanfiction you referred to, btw. The one you said I'd never read.
Loafer chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Also, you claim it's ok for you to mock Shawn's weight

Show me where I have made a MEAN comment about Shawn's weight. I can only think of one story off the top of my head where a character made an observation about his weight, and it was part of her larger speech (In "Wrap Up With A Twist"). Also, my meaning was that you're excusing all of the *show's* insults to Lassiter but saying others cannot point out the truth that Shawn has gained weight over the years. It's not an insult to say a person has gained weight.

Why is it funny that Shawn might be allowed to mature?

I would LOVE for him to mature. It's only funny because the writers will never allow it. The best episodes where we see the most hope for Shawn are ironically the ones written by James Roday. Even Roday gets it.

What makes you think I'm under 15?

Experience. I would have typed 16 but I was too busy thinking up ways to be mean to Shawn and make Lassiter perfect.

Are we done? I need to get back to my hopeless, loveless life now.
Lawson227 chapter 5 . 10/10/2013
Okay, see, now I'm confused.

You say that the way Loafer and I write Lassiter basically glorifies him and ignores his faults while we villainize Shawn.

And you then tell us basically, we're being "mean" with all the comments made within stories about Shawn's weight.

Lassiter, taking a jab at Shawn about his weight or his hair or his clothes, whether it's verbally or mentally, is *perfectly* in keeping with that character as he has been established. It's also him being petty and immature and generally, the result is that someone else within the story will call him on his crap.

Hardly glorifying.

And Lassiter being written as a decent, loving person is certainly less of a stretch than Shawn being written as a responsible adult.
WhytheHate chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Also, you claim it's ok for you to mock Shawn's weight because Shawn mocks Lassie on the show? You're justifying your behavior by comparing it to Shawn's? The same guy you say is immature and childish? You're basically saying you're on the same level as he is!
WhytheHate chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Why is it funny that Shawn might be allowed to mature? I'd think you'd like that after bashing him for being childish...
What makes you think I'm under 15?
Loafer chapter 5 . 10/10/2013
I *knew* you'd come back, and I have this response to your second comment:

1) Alysheba hasn't even posted a story in like a year. Get over her.
2) I'm pretty sure both Lawson and I write about Lassiter's bad temper and ego and other flaws. Yeah. Pretty sure.
3) Both of us have referred to Shawn's weight gain, as he has on the show, but I don't think we're *mean* about it. Personally, I NEVER ever make nasty comments about a person's size. CANON has Shawn frequently insulting Lassiter's personal appearance: "Cheap dig, anyone?" (But then again, I also don't drop hateful comments on other peeps' stories insulting them for what they write.)

Finally, I find this utterly hilarious and want to thank you for the BEST LAUGH OF THE DAY: "In the final season, I'm sure the writers will allow him to mature." OMG, I'm gonna pass out. *whew*
Loafer chapter 5 . 10/10/2013
Lawson227 (that's 227) got here before I could, and hit a number of the same points I was going to make. But I have more.

1) It is a hallmark of flame-y, hate-y reviews that they're left anonymously by cowards who lack the courage to speak under their own names. So. Yeah. That'd be you.

2) Cowards always come back to see how they did: so yeah, I know you're reading this.

3) Let me reiterate what Lawson said: this is FICTION. You MUST be very young and unfamiliar with fanfiction if you don't already know that A LOT of it is non-canon. Go on, go to some other fandom and do a character-search for non-canon pairings. I'll wait. *whistles* See? Learned something there, dincha?

4) Technically, by your standards, any story written about Shules PRIOR TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP ON THE SHOW would be non-canon. How do you explain that being okay? Further, this story of mine, which you did not read, was posted BEFORE CARLTON GOT MARRIED, when Marlowe was still in prison and no one really knew what was going to happen, so if pre-Shules Shules is okay, this is too. Don't look at me like that, cookie: YOU made the rules.

5) I have to say it again: it's fiction. SO so very tired of explaining to girls under 15 what fiction is.

6) Like Lawson, I assume you haven't actually read any of the stories you're so busy hating, but only the summaries. I assume this because she's right: while they do have the same outcomes, they are different *stories* and besides, can't you say the same thing about Shules stories?

7) If you had read any of them, you'd know we both take great care to keep Shawn in character. It is CANON that he lies. It is CANON that he steals. It is CANON that he is immature. It is CANON that he is self-centered. It is CANON that he takes credit for other people's work. It is CANON that he is narcissistic (doctor's diagnosis, even). It is CANON that he can be unstable and volatile (see Santabarbaratown 2). It is ALSO canon that he is intelligent, capable of great sweetness, and loves Juliet: and Lawson and I BOTH write that into ALL of our stories, which you would know IF YOU HAD ACTUALLY READ ANY OF THEM.

8) By the way: it is also CANON that Shawn shows no interest in kids and doesn't want to get married, yet Shules stories pop up all the time featuring babies and weddings. Also, he doesn't have any siblings, so, um, do you leave poop-bombs on those stories too?

9) The fact that we get positive reviews from readers who beg us to write more says we have an appreciative audience who can see possibilities and understand what fiction is.

10) I'm sure at your age you get very tired of adults saying "when you're older you'll understand," but honey, when you're older, you'll understand why adult women might not see Shawn (refer to #7) as a good catch. If you disagree, maybe it's you who needs therapy. Just sayin'.

11) Why are the Shules teens always the most hateful and intolerant? It just reinforces the points I made in "The Fanfic Incident," another one of my stories you won't read.

All right, I'm done. So far, other than calling you a hateful coward (which is simply true), I haven't been NEARLY as mean-spirited as you were in your little ranty paragraph, but now I WILL sink to your level and say this: I have to assume you specified "thirty-something" because that's as high as you can count.

Cheers, sweetums
WhytheHate chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Ok, first of all I don't see Shawn as a perfect charming romantic hero, he's obviously flawed. But my problem with all three of you is that you villainize Shawn while glorifying Lassiter and writing him without any of his flaws. Also, the way you make fun of Shawn's weight is nasty. The actor was too skinny in the first couple of seasons and is a normal weight now. That just comes across as a cheap dig at the actor's expense.
Sure, Shawn acts immature. The reason that he wasn't allowed to develop further is because of how popular that character trait was to the audience. In the final season, I'm sure the writers will allow him to mature.
Lawson227 chapter 4 . 10/10/2013
Oh, and Thing the Eighth: How would you know that all we do is" write the same story over and over again!" if you haven't, oh... let me guess here—*read them*?

If you're simply going by description, you're wrong.

If you're actually reading them, why? Especially since you deride them so?

I don't like Shassie, ergo, I don't read them.

I don't like Shules, despite the fact it's canon, ergo, I don't read them.

You don't like Lassiet or Karlton, the solution is simple—Don't Read Them.
Lawson227 chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Dear WhyTheHate?

Could ask the same of you, why the hate?

Thing the First: I wonder if you've left the same review for the writers of Shassie or any of the other, many non-canon 'ships? Or those who would paint Shawn as a mature, fully self-realized individual?

Thing the Second: This is a site called "Fan Fiction-dot-Net" not "Write-Only-Canon-Stories-dot-Net."

Thing the Third: This site has very handy filters that allow one to, you know, filter out the stories or ships they would prefer not to see.

Thing the Fourth: I rather think our stories are all rather unique. Do they have similar outcomes? Sure. But how they get there, the journey the characters take, the emotions they explore, are all informed by events within the show and as such, have evolved over time.

Thing the Fifth: Even the show creators have taken liberties with facts previously established as canon. Of course, that's their right, but it also paves the way for the people who enjoy writing fiction (you know, that word that's an integral part of the site's title?) to take certain liberties themselves.

Thing the Sixth: I'm quite sure I'm wasting my breath/words since you're clearly very young (you probably also see Shawn as a charming romantic hero, too) and since you didn't have the nerve to post your review as a logged-in member, you'll likely never see this, having scurried back into your little hole, secure in your belief that you put the "Old People" in their place.

Thing the Seventh: It's Lawson227. Capital "L" and 227, not 777. If you're going to insult someone, be precise, dear.
WhytheHate chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
You and lawson777 and alyshebafan need to go to therapy-it's obvious that you all are 30 somethings living a loveless life and you think fantasizing about the impossible will cure that. In case you didn't notice, Shules is canon and has been for quite a while. Also, lassie is now married to Marlowe, not jules! All three of you write the same story over and over again! Knock it off and stop cluttering the archive with your hopeless fantasies!
Omundsonpsycho chapter 5 . 4/27/2013
Mweh! My body hurts from sexual frustration! DAT was some hot shit!
d1x1lady chapter 5 . 1/30/2013
LOVED this story!
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