Reviews for Poison
Anonymous chapter 10 . 6/8/2017
Great story! Thanks for sharing. :)
OrangeSunset1701 chapter 10 . 5/20/2015
Great story! Loved reading it!
RoseJustice chapter 10 . 3/7/2015
OMG! Which X men universe is it? The comic book one that I don't know much about, or the X men evolution one that I do? Will you do a sequel to this ever? IS there a sequel to this? Okay, I'm looking up your stories to see for myself now...
Smile Black chapter 10 . 12/6/2014
Pretty impressiv. You really know how to make a story fit perfectly in those few chapters. So much happened and I don't think anything is missing :)
Zikarn Krais chapter 11 . 8/26/2014
Too bad Tony can't say "F*ck off".

And also too bad Coulson is still alive here. Never really liked him, trying too hard to be an 'normal' agent.
Bertle chapter 11 . 8/26/2014
You already posted this chapter a while ago, just so you know! Although I did enjoy reading it the second time as well ;)
thatcrazyjellyfish chapter 2 . 6/16/2014
Ah oh my goodness sooooo good
thatcrazyjellyfish chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
Ooooooh awesoke start to the story
Tacpebs chapter 10 . 6/8/2014
Aw. I don't like "the end". Liked the story!
alphito chapter 10 . 6/7/2014
I wished keep going or make a sequel. I really enjoyed this story and it feels like it was just getting into a new phase.
SaltiQuill chapter 9 . 4/23/2014
This is definitely an interesting story :-) The whole Tony-becoming-one-with-the-web angle is something I had never thought of, and it actually suits him quite well. Is he gonna reverse the effects, or gonna be stuck with it? Crap...just scrolled up and realized you hadn't updated this in almost half a year... Continue, please? Oh and you are nailing Tony :-)
SaltiQuill chapter 5 . 4/23/2014
Hah! I love the last 7 lines of this chapter! So classic Tony! Okay, gonna keep reading now :-)
Tacpebs chapter 9 . 3/8/2014
This story is seriously awesome! I need the next chapter!
Guest chapter 9 . 11/28/2013
Fantastic fic! I can't wait for an update :)
Wanderingidealism chapter 9 . 11/12/2013


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