Reviews for Soma Bytes
Guest chapter 3 . 4/30/2015
You are one creative little freak
Guest chapter 1 . 4/30/2015
Omg... That last one killed me
Guest chapter 2 . 4/10/2015
Oh my gosh that last one had me crakin' up!
CoolEater chapter 2 . 10/3/2014
The bike is called crona probally...
Kawaiibentou chapter 4 . 5/19/2014
Love all these little stories
Nekkochan chapter 2 . 8/17/2013
Okay, Gender is officially my favorite.
Brb-EatingSouls chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
Seriously, everything you write is AMAZING
this piece in particular is so creative and omg the SoMa feels
scorpioneldar chapter 4 . 6/25/2013
you are awsome keep updating this sweet smexy fluffy cuteness
scorpioneldar chapter 1 . 6/24/2013
holy crap maka
i want your maka
she is sexy in personality not that that is different than normal maka
Fear-The-Madness chapter 4 . 6/5/2013
Those were verry entertaining, I Iove little drabble storys. :D
Oh and I have some words, If your still doing that or like them or something
1. Father
2. Storm

Meh... I'd like to see those but if not I'll understand. Thanks, I look forward to your story.
Thunderbreeze chapter 2 . 4/19/2013
Crona! xD wonderful...haha
Shadow Cat From Hell chapter 4 . 3/25/2013
This is what winning is, I love this.
skldnafMY FEELS!
This needs a tangible form so that I can squish it with my love D:
Hurray for inventive use of syrup!
This is so cute, the apology and the forgiveness and gah
Woo, go Soul!
Shadow Cat From Hell chapter 3 . 3/25/2013
"Spooning leads to forking"
Oh jeeze, thats grand XD

People being mean about his teeth, poor Soul D:
I wanna see a fic of that :D

Hahaha, Soul's a closet masochist. I totally knew it XD

Pearl diving, I see what you did there XD

Omg, my feels are so happy! The cuteness, I love it [hearts]

Maka's lady bits won't be frustrated for long XD
Haha, jeeze this was great
Shadow Cat From Hell chapter 2 . 3/25/2013
I love these XD
Name the bike Chrona are you kidding? D: That has the potential to be confusing .-.
Printer, please? :3
Shadow Cat From Hell chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
Botanical lotion and Flag, pleeeaaaaase? D:
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