Reviews for Bonds of Temptation
Hitokimi chapter 10 . 1/26
Sorry to hear of your loss Hun, I know how hard it is to lose someone and then have responsibilities you weren't expecting fall on you.

I am however very happy to have seen this story get an update,even if I just now found it again after forgetting to follow it the first time I read it months and months ago. I've always loved your take on Snape and find myself grining and or shivering along with the story at points.

The ending of chapter 10 had me laughing and Gorge's little tattle to his mother followed by Molly's reaction. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter whenever it should find itself installed.
Auroras Jenkins chapter 10 . 1/3
My oh My. I'm looking forward to next chapter. How will everyones reaction be.
Martionmanswife chapter 10 . 1/1
I know real life has become a challenge. I too got the "JOY" of raising my siblings. Teenagers are a hard row to hoe. I was barely 20.. and it was rough. IT gets better. not easier, just better.

The story Is wonderful. keep at it.
Martionmanswife chapter 7 . 1/1
Martionmanswife chapter 5 . 1/1
well that is one way to tell someone they are going to be a father... puke on em... LOL
roon0 chapter 10 . 12/26/2014
misia88 chapter 10 . 12/25/2014
omg omg omg please update! That ending was hilarious and can't wait to see what Molly says.
kymmy1 chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
I'm sorry that I don't remember 'favoriting' this story... so I went back to Chap 1 to refresh my memory. Yes, I can see what you were talking about when you said that over time your writing has changed, but I've enjoyed all of it. Now I am really into this story! And to leave it on this note, cliffy anyone? I will leave off saying I am very much looking forward to the next chapter :-) .
bellemorte1323 chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
That's a hilarious and evil way to leave it lol! Hope you update soon, it's really good so far!
meg527 chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
Oh my word, is George going to let everyone think he's the father?!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
Cute. THANK YOU for the update. Merry Christmas!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
I just found this story, and I love it. Please keep it going.
SnapeLvua chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
Dont stop writing its an amazing story :)
notyetanotheralias chapter 10 . 12/22/2014
good to see you updating again. so sorry to hear about your mother; im sure you'll be an excellent mother figure to your brother. thank you for finding the strength to come back to this story. merry christmas :)
Lunajen323 chapter 10 . 12/21/2014
That was perfect and well worth waiting for!
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