Reviews for The 275th Hunger Games
StarsMagic chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Name: Juliet Ann Knightly

Age: Juliet is fourteen years old.

District: She is from District Seven.

Appearance: Juliet has elbow length light brown hair. It falls in soft ringlet curls. She has large, almond shape hazel colored eyes. She has dark, long, thick, almost black, eyelashes that shadow her eyes. She has a very tan complexion, she is very dark. She is 5’0 ft. tall, and very petite. Juliet is small boned and has long legs. She has naturally rosy checks and smooth skin.

Personality: Juliet is a sweet, caring, down to earth girl. She is shy and has a hard time getting herself out there but once she does, she is very friendly to everyone. She’s too naïve for her own good and is too trusting of everyone. She doesn’t like to hurt things or people but does it to protect her friends if she has too. Juliet is very insecure and also quiet. She is a people pleaser and just wants to make everyone happy. Juliet is also very sensitive. She takes everything anyone says to her to heart. She has a care free attitude and a positive demeanor that tends to be contagious. Juliet is like the little sister everyone has allows wanted. People feel like they have to protect her naturally. She looks like she can’t hold out on her own, but most of the time she can. She is pretty good at listening and giving advice to people. She is also a good friend. She will always back her friends back and will never allow them to do something alone. She is easily frightened and get’s nervous when someone raises their voice. Juliet is also very smart.

Strengths: Juliet is an extremely fast runner. She can outrun just about any tribute of wild animal. Juliet has the hearing of an owl. Her ultra-sensitive ears could save her life. Juliet is also highly perceptive and she can anticipate that actions of others. Juliet is of small stature; she can hide in the small crevices and fool other tributes into believing she is weak.

Weaknesses: Juliet has a very low white blood cell count. If she has an open wound it can very easily get infected. She also has a low blood sugar. If she can’t find food frequently, she will not only run out of energy, but will also go into shock. Juliet has been a strict vegetarian. Her food options are limited and her body may have a strange reaction to sudden meat. She is also gullible.


Father - John Knightly - Mayor of District Seven. He began pushing his daughter away when she turned twelve.

Older Brothers - Henry & James - Began toughing her up so she would be ready for the games.

Strategy for Games: Hide out until the end then trick the last tribute into dying.

Possible Alliances? (optional): -
erinkatemellark chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Name: Terrilyn Frazier

Age: 15

District: 8

Appearence: mediem height mediem wavy brown hair skinny and blue eyes

Personality lacks confidents but is a really good fighter and doesnt think she can win she is also logical

Strengths: throwing Knives and hand to hand combat

Weakness: love and lack of confidence

Strategy: not taking part in the bloodbath and forming an allience and using her knives if she has any

Alliences: district 12 male or district 4 male and district 3 female
MidnightRaven323 chapter 1 . 9/1/2012

Name:Raven Blade


District:2 or 10

Appearance:Long black hair tinted blue,dark blue eyes,tanned skin and an athletic build with an hour glass figure.

Personality:She's a feisty tomboy who plays by her own has a temper nobody wants to be on the receiving end of and smart mouth that can always get a good comeback and lie she is hot tempered and sometimes cruel she can be very nice and polite-when she wants to be that is.

Strengths (2):sharp hearing and extremely flexible

Weaknesses (2):claustrophobic,her temper

Family:Uncle-Jax,aged 54,he is a wise man but is also a very good trainer.

Strategy for Games:Gain the career's trust,kill them when their asleep

Possible Alliances? (optional):careers or by herself
Diao Lover chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Ok, I'll submit a tribute

Name: Lolita Verona

Age: 18

District: 1

Appearance: Tan skin, being very tall. She has light blonde hair which is in twin ponytails that are hung over her shoulder and reach her waist. She has gorgeous light green eyes. She is beautiful, with her slim body shape and long legs. But she isn't the most beautiful. For the reaping she'd wear a light pink one sleeved dress that reaches to her knees and dark pink hi-heels.

Personality: She is very flirtatious, flirting with any attractive male, but never taking it more then flirting. She is a very charismatic person, voicing her opinions and that stuff. She has some brains, but not much. She is arrogant and a bit snobby because she is a career and she doesn't trust easily.

Strengths: Since she's a career she's skilled at most weapons, mainly the axe. She is very fast.

Weaknesses: A bit too arrogant, which could lead to her downfall. Wouldn't be able to survive on her own for long as she has little to no knowledge on survival skills.

Family: Her mother, Frimelda aged 40 is still alive and who Lolita inherited her good looks from. Her father, aged 41 is a victor and still alive. Her older brother, Ares aged 22 is still alive and has a 1 year old daughter. And her younger sister, Esmerelda, aged 14.

Strategy: Just be with the careers and then kill them off when it comes to the career breakup.

Alliance: The careers.

Hope she gets accepted! PM me if she does please.
It's Mellarkable chapter 1 . 9/1/2012

NAME: Maliara Rocht

AGE: 15


APPEARANCE: Medium height(about 5'4), long blackish brown hair, petite looking, green eyes, very pretty.

PERSONALITY: Easygoing, has a sense of humor, can be pretty lethal when angry.

STRENGTHS: Weightlifting (she may appear to be frail, but she's pretty strong), survival skills.

WEAKNESSES: Swimming( has hydrophobia), a certain crush on the district 3 male tribute(can that be counted as a weakness?)

FAMILY: has an elder brother and father, mother died while giving birth.

STRATEGY FOR GAMES: To appear sweet and funny and not much of a threat.

POSSIBLE ALLIANCES: umm, the district three male tribute I guess.
Kill no mercy chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
NAME: Theo Harpond
Age: 15
District: Any that are available but want a career district
Appearance: Short but strong. Blond short hair.
Personality: Is really up himself. Boasts. Nice if you get to know him. Is really sad because on the inside.
Strengths: Is good at one on one combat. Is quick and agile so can run away and get up trees and stuff
Weaknesses: Boasts alot so other tributes dont like him. Crap with long range weapons ( arrows and bow, spear)
Family: parents killed when trying to escape. He was an only child
Strategy: Runs to cornacopia craps a sword and hides up trees and pounces on tributes.
Possible alliances: Tribute partner. Careers. Other agile tributes than can help him pounce and kill bigger tributes.

Sorry If I have posted this on another account but I dont know if It has posted or not.
rhys.jennings.35 chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
NAME:Theo Harpond AGE: 15 DISTRICT:Anyone that is available but preferably a career district(districts 1-2 and 4) APPEARANCE : Quite small but really strong. Brunette wavy hair.e. STRENGTHS: Really strong, good at one to one combat. And really quick and agile so can run away and get up trees and stuff. WEAKNESSES: Sucks at using long distant weapons ( bow and arrow, spear) and boasts a bit to much so tributes dont like him. FAMILY: Parents died when he was young because they tried to escape. only child. Trains by himself. Dosnt have friends. STRATEGY: IF in a career district, stick with careers until end then kill in there sleep. If not in careers. Run in to cornacopia grap a sword and hide in trees and pounce on other tributes. ALLIENCES: other career tributes or other small kids. Thanks for reading this. would love to be in this. sounds awesome
The Mockingjays Flames chapter 1 . 9/1/2012

Name: Auricula Simmons

Age: 16

District: 4

Appearance: Wavy long brown hair, piercing green eyes, average height, female.

Personality: Kind, but will kill in self defense

Strengths (2): Trident, swimming

Weaknesses (2): strength, hand to hand combat

Family: None, had 1 twin brother, a mother and father, Mother killed months after Auricula was born, got killed in 259th Annual Hunger Games, father died of depression, twin died months after.

Strategy for Games: Join Careers, flee if in danger of them

Possible Alliances? (optional): Careers, later on in the games just District Partner if still alive
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