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SerBlack chapter 30 . 10/27
Sorry I'm so late with this, man. I read it on the bus the other day, but doing reviews on a phone with no decent internet is a right pain. :/

Anywho, I really thought you pulled off the reunion believably. I wasn't sure what to expect myself, but I could have been swayed to the anger or disbelief/happiness camp depending on how it was done. Personally, I think you got the right mix. The anger seemed more like bottled-up emotion rather than any real harshness against Ignitus. When he was gripping on to his leg, reflecting on how he'd never had an older dragon hold him, that was when I reckoned you'd nailed it. All in all, I thought it was a stellar job. :)


jtdarkman chapter 30 . 10/26
Wow...just wow.
Galeforte chapter 28 . 10/25
Hey dragonmaster000, great job putting the game and your plot together. I find it a bit odd that ragnor has the ability create personality. I don't know why but I get feeling that ragnor somehow steal eggs and turn them into purple dragons. When nexus said that ragnor's first creation of purple dragons were nothing drones, I get feeling ragnor didn't mention that he stole eggs from families. It is my theory because I find it scary that someone can create different personalities at will.
TearfulFriend18 chapter 30 . 10/24
Short (relatively speaking), but very sweet. I couldn't think of a better reunion for Spyro and Ignitus, but I can't help but feel that this moment of happiness is softening us up for what you have in store. Tyrannica has been out of the spotlight for a while, and now that she's finally making a move, I'm terrified as to what will happen.

Ohhhhh the tension is so high, grace us with another chapter as soon as possible!
coincidencless chapter 30 . 10/21
Yikes. As utterly malevolent and cruel to the core Tyrannica is, I still feel bad for what happened to her. She was made a monster, and she never had a chance to have a different fate. Really hope she gets some form of help at least, and that if she dies she at least doesn't die a traumatized wreck.

Hmm, I wonder just how strong the Chronicler is that he can just undo Ragnor's link. He's obviously unable to use his power beyond the White Isle, but I wonder what a throw-down between him and Ragnor would look like. Probably whoever got to freeze time first and tear out the other's throat.

Aww, Spyro Ignitus reunion! I'm smiling ear to ear and tearing up.

And now I kinda want to see Cynder finding out who her parents are.
TheDarken chapter 30 . 10/20
The reunion and the emotions involved were pretty much the way I'd imagine them to be, good job with that! Well, maybe Spyro could have been a little less frustrated/angry about it, knowing that Ignitus is basically dead and can't return to the Dragon Realms anymore.

Spyro had better be a quick learner, trouble is on the way! :o

Btw, does time flow similarly on the White Isle as it does on the Dragon Realms?

I'm looking forward for more, I really want to know what will happen when they finally face Tyrannica!
Hobbiton chapter 30 . 10/19
You portrayed Spyro's reaction perfectly.
supersniffman chapter 30 . 10/19
good ch good ch keep it up (runs around the room screaming wooooooooo spyro finally found him omg yes) ok im done fanboying cant wait till next time see ya
Matthais Unidostres chapter 30 . 10/18
I always felt that the Chronicler has to be dead, i.e., a spirit. That's why in my version of the reunion, no one was angry with Ignitus and were more joyful. But if the Chronicler is technically alive, I guess your reason would be more realistic.
This really was a good scene. Spyro went through anger, grief, and joy all at once, and it was just so awesome. I recently read "War Child," so Ignitus' statement of "he's not a soldier, he's a child," is really powerful line, at least for me.
Hopefully Nexus, Spyro, and Ignitus will use some kind of Dragon Time power to get back in time to save Warfang from Tyrannica.
maddragonpvp chapter 30 . 10/18
Not as long as I'd hoped it would be, yet I feel that this particular event should be filled in only a single chapter no matter how short it is. I think you also nailed the reunion of Spyro and Ignitus especially when Spyro longed for the embrace of a father, it definitely shows that even though purple dragons other than Ragnor aren't natural, they can still take joy in a parent's touch. I might have rambled on in this review, but I can't wait for the next chapter!
Tempest of Reach chapter 30 . 10/18
Aaah I loved it... of course, its a race against time now...
HolyCross9 chapter 30 . 10/17
At least Spyro and Ignitus still stood on good terms with each other.
Guest chapter 30 . 10/17
Cynder parents are Shade and Nebula, Enigma uncles. right?
Johns Hourglass chapter 30 . 10/17
Hey John here, finally made an account. Another brilliant job with the new chapter, I think you captured the scene very well. Not much else to say really. Congratulations on finishing uni as well!
The Rogue Lion chapter 30 . 10/17
I'd say you presented the reunion scene quite well. It would only make sense that Spyro would be distressed in this situation especially since he hasn't gotten a real chance to relax in a long time. Part of me does feel like Spyro got over it a bit quickly. Though maybe he really hasn't. I'd expect some amount of resentment to linger while Ignitus helps Spyro break the link.

Cynder's parentage was something that never crossed my mind once while reading this until Spyro asked about it. I am a bit curious myself, but it almost seems like one of the guardians or something is going to end up related to her somehow like some other stories have it. An interesting outcome would be possibly Voltra being a relative. It almost sounds funny.

I think this chapter served as a great transition between the different conflicts in this story so far and did well to introduce a couple other minor conflicts. Also, don't be afraid to throw in the marathon chapters. I need something to occupy my time after all!
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