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Dardarax chapter 31 . 7/15
The second half of this chapter was good,

I don't remember much about Slate, but I will admit his dickery was probably the most interesting part of that game they played. While the action was done well, I just couldn't get into it. There's no real tension in a game like that in a story like this, especially with what's coming over the horizon. Why should I care about them winning or losing a ball game when there are bigger things on the table and everybody knows it? But like I said, Slate and his attitude made it more interesting, as did the break in Cynder's ribs thanks to that tackle. I'm certain that's going to be coming up again soon. )

I actually sort of wish Voltra did have a crush on Spyro. I mean, I get that she wouldn't have a chance at him, but it would certainly create more drama for Voltra as a character to harbour feelings that she knew she could never fulfill but couldn't get rid of. It'd make her a very deep character by giving her that struggle.

Then of course there's the big event in this chapter, and all the triumph that it pertains. ) I'm quite pleased to see that even when restricted thanks to the White Island's protective wards that Ragnor could still put up such a crushing display of power. That action, above all else, displayed how terrifying a foe he is. We finally get to see him get desperate, and how crushingly powerful he can be when he is desperate. I'm a bit concerned with how you'll maintain the air of tension now that Spyro is free, since that had to be one of the biggest threats they ever faced. Even Tyranica wasn't as threatening as that link, so from a tension standpoint it is a shame to see it go. It's good Spyro got rid of it, but now most of the threat Ragnor had is gone as well.

As scary as Ragnor is in terms of power, his hold over Spyro is far more terrifying. What is more frightening than a foe that could crush your will and personality and turn you against your friends? That is even worse than death.

Overall a good chapter, and it was good to see the characters finally triumph for once. Now I'm just curious to see what Ragnor, and Tyranica, will do.

Let your imagination flourish,
Dardarax chapter 30 . 7/3
I bet you agonized over that scene. Scenes with that kind of emotional intensity can be very hard to write, especially if there are many ways it could go. I think you handled it pretty well, considering, and I really liked how fatherly Ignitus acted in it.

Speaking of the Chronicler, I quite appreciated how you showed that Spyro didn't quite like the old Chronicler, for very logical reasons. I never thought about it, but yeah it would make sense why he might not trust him.

As for Ragonor, I suppose I was right in guessing he acted rashly by attacking them and not just fleeing on the spot. He himself admitted it! Though as the arrogant, violent, eager for action villain I suppose it makes sense that he'd do something so reckless.

This was a very good chapter, with some very powerful emotions. I hope to see more like this in the future! D

Let your imagination flourish,
Dardarax chapter 29 . 6/30
I must admit, seeing Nexus actually start to care really was the most standout moment of this chapter. ) Perhaps now that he's seen that dream he'll really begin to act like a brother.

It was good that Enigma is starting to peek out from behind her walls and is considering opening the gates to let people in. Not many people want to always be alone, and she should start hanging out with more people now that she has the chance.

Really I wonder why Ragnor hadn't done that sooner, but I think the most important question is why wasn't he more subtle about it? xD I get that he's an arrogant monster, but wouldn't it have served your purpose better to just take control, then instead of replying teleport away or something? Oh well, this is why villains are villains. P They are heavily flawed and often irrational. That's what makes them interesting. A villain who doesn't gloat may be smart, but they're also often far less fun to read. _

Now that I'm back on FF it's time for me to start catching up on reading everything! So I'm going to start with Snare of Darkness and then move my way through some of the other stories I've been meaning to read for some time! D Looking forward to seeing what comes from the White Isles!

Let your imagination flourish
Guest chapter 32 . 6/4
Th3r3aper35 chapter 32 . 6/4
Just tell me if this is dead I am going through finals as well but it's been four months man one comment to tell us if this is dead or not and to let us know if all this waiting was a waste of time
Guest chapter 32 . 6/4
Dude I know your busy I am going through them as well but just tell us if this story is dead I have waited 4 months for a chapter just tell me
Zazelus chapter 31 . 5/15
Argh! It's been such a long time since we've gotten a new chapter... I'm dying to read the next one. Are you busy with your finals/work or have you lost all motivation to write? I really hope not D:
Johns Hourglass chapter 32 . 4/30
I hope this isn't the end, I was really enjoying the story / it's understandable if you're really busy and can't write. I hope you get back into it soon!
SerBlack chapter 32 . 4/2
Poor Nexus is right; they just can't seem to catch a break, can they? The poor good guys are forever outnumbered. Now the Guardians are booby-trapped, Spyro's all addled, and the city's going to go down like that scene in the Dark Knight Rises! You have no sympathy for your poor heroes at all :P

I'm over a month late with this, so I must apologise. No idea we were this close to the end! My reader-senses are telling me you've something heart-wrenching to come close off book 2, before things go all apocalyptic...


Thereaper35 chapter 32 . 3/25
Great story I love how you set the mood great work keep the chapters coming plz
Guest chapter 32 . 3/21
When will the next page come out?
coincidencless chapter 32 . 2/24
Finally got off my ass and read and boy am I glad! Spyro's finally free if Ragnor and is wirking to finally repair his leg, but seems to have some form of dain bramage. Nexys's reaction to Tyrannica was priceless, 'why are you holding her book?'.

Oooh boy. Tyrannica can stop time for THAT long? How do you fight that? Forget the compromised guardians, if she's even the LEAST bit genre savvy then when Cynder, Spyro and Co confront her it's pause and off with their heads. More than any of her homicide or dark crystal powers, that TERRIFIES me.

How can they hope to beat that?
ARandomReaderGuy chapter 32 . 2/23

poor Warfang, seems they really can't get a break can they? I kind of in horror of how well planned and thought out this invasion is. Especially unless Cinder does something about the dark crystals, the guardians are done. How terrifying that is, to have your most powerful guards so easily defeated

Your not joking about the power of the purple. Speaking of purple, I wonder what all this will do to Spyro. After all, Nexus himself said apart of the reason Spyro was so alright following everyone's orders was because he was made that way. Now that the Ragnor part of him is gone, it only makes sense that he feels a good deal more directionless.

What I'm really eager about is the integration of Dark Spyro. I honestly have no clue what you will do with that. I mean, Ragnor did say the Dark Spyro was his "True Form" or whatever, but now it seems like he wasn't lieing/being an ass about that information, and I have no idea what that means.

This story is so amazing, if you left for a couple years I would continue to check in, and simply be thrilled that it exists, much less you continuing it. Best of luck (not that you need it)
Guest chapter 32 . 2/20
I don't think Ragnor is done with Spyro get. I think he just made so tired and dazed after his dramatic confrontation that it opened a door of opportunity for Ragnor to take. This could result in two scenarios: Either Ragnor possesses Spyro once again and actually succeeds, or he'll convince Spyro in his mentally weakened state that his friends and family are the ones to blame and that the only thing that Ragnor wanted to do was to"show" him true freedom. I'm genuinely convinced that Ragnor will trick Spyro into wanting to kill his friends out of his "supposed free will" and who will be the first two victims on his list: Cynder and Nexus. It makes perfect sense! Cynder attacked Spyro when he basically begged her to the point of tears to listen to him and help him through this ordeal, but to no avail. His scar on his leg is a permanent reminder of this. Nexus, on the other hand, not only drstroyed Spyro's reputation by tricking everyone into thinking he was a villain, but his own trust in his companions as well. By pretending to be him and tricking all of Spyro's friends into believing that the real Spyro is the fake and should be punished, it gives Spyro that withstanding feeling of betrayed that I don't will ever, ever leave him. It doesn't matter if Nexus redeemed himself, or if he suddenly becomes loving towards his brother, Spyro's deep hatred for him still remains and it's only a matter of time before it goes boiling to the surface once again. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Nexus on the word go, once he becomes evil of course. Of course, this is just a fan theory so please don't take this whole thing seriously. I am however really interested into what's going to happen next. This fanfic has really impressed me so far, and I usually don't like fanfics so that's a BIG compliment to say. Can't wait! XD
Guest chapter 32 . 2/20
I'm not convinced at this point that Spyro is free of Ragnor's control. To me, it seems like Ragnor weakened his inner spirit, making dazed and mentally unsure of what to do. That way, when Ragnor sees his window of opportunity, he'll either control Spyro once again and actually succeed, or he'll manipulate his mind into joining him, convincing him that his so called friends and family put him through so much pain and misery that it'll ultimately cause Spyro to believe him. I mean think about it! In The Broken Line,
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