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Johns Hourglass chapter 31 . 1/23
Very happy that you're writing again!
I don't really have much to say other than the excitements building for the upcoming confrontations. You've done a wonderful job and I look forward to the next chapter :)
Dragon.Of.Chaos97 chapter 31 . 1/22
Nexus is proud of Spyro? At long last someone is feeling the love-oh, no, no! (convexity blast)
Anyway, not surprised about Voltra, DEFINITELY not surprised about the crowd yelling about Spyro abandoning them, this is why I hate the masses, they're stupid. Public approval can go stick it.

Out of interest is anyone else curious about what would have happened if Nexus and Spyro's roles were switched? It's been bugging me for a while.
ARandomReaderGuy chapter 31 . 1/21
Oh my gosh. What Ragnor was talking about, with that darkness being spyro's "True Form" might not have been entirely bull!

While each time the focus has been on hatred so far, it seems more like that form is just pure emotion, all the depths of spyros soul. Heck, Nexus has rather stunted emotions, so it makes even more sense that spyro has out of control ones. (they were a pair after all.)

Nexus and Spyro also seem to be growing even closer as brothers. I still can't wait for the day/time they full immerse themselves within the bound, and become almost a single person for a while, freaking everyone out (perhaps making Ragnor go "This is what you're made for!" or something)

Anyway, awesomestory, and I will stick with it till the end. Good luck in life and writitng
Superlego99 chapter 31 . 1/19
Haazaahhh! This chapter was awesome. Can't wait for the next one, and keep on doing what your doing.
supersniffman chapter 31 . 1/18
that was awesome i was gonna read it in parts but but i got to excited and read it all
ops and yay i was kinda right about his dark side helping him
jtdarkman chapter 31 . 1/18
AWESOME AWESOME AWSOMESAUCE that was a great chapter and had me on the edge the whole way. And u finally got the cat err dragoness fight. ..kinda lol. Well cynder finally snapped. ( still siding with cynder tho easy on the eyes she was definitely checking out Her guy for real lol) and the ending a man wicked just wicked update soon so I can get another fix
Buffbill chapter 31 . 1/18
That was AWESOME! I loved how you exemplified Spyro's dark power. I'm glad Flash is back in the picture, he had kinda taken a back seat for a while. And now we know Voltra is not trying to steal Spyro's affections. So, I don't know if you will read this, and I don't want to interfere with any of your Ideas and plans, but I had a thought a couple of chapters ago and i would like to know what you think of it: You have started to mature Chinook a little, and what if you started a little romantic tension between him and Enigma? Again, if you have other plans just forget about this, I'm sure we will love whatever you come up with.
Tempest of Reach chapter 31 . 1/18
Well, Cynder finally snapped at Voltra. Knew it was going eventually, but things went a way I wasn't expecting. Why was Voltra so distraught over it...? Does she have a bad experience of someone splitting a couple apart? Her parents? Or herself and a boyfriend...?

Its good to finally learn what's up with Flash. That he knows he shouldn't be thinking that type of stuff. So his spent some time away from Spyro, trying to find a way to help him in order to fight against those dark thoughts. Gives a lot of strength to his character

And of course, to finish it off. Good job Spyro! Through, I can't help but wonder how the way he did so... if it spells bad things in the future... or if it just showed Ragnor's true strength.
Matthais Unidostres chapter 31 . 1/17
Cynder seems to do more harm than good in this series. You characterize her consistantly.
Also, I've figured it out. Convexity is the answer. That foreshadowing with Helios, Dark Spyro's appearance, it all makes sense. Our heroes have to accept Convexity and use it completely. Spyro used it to break free, and if other dragons can use it, maybe through Helios' research, then they can use it to defeat the big bad. Then the moral will be you have to accept all of your emotions as your own, not just your good ones.
HolyCross9 chapter 31 . 1/17
Like Cynder, I too was shocked to learn that Voltra had no intentions of stealing Spyro for herself. Still, I'm hopeful that Cynder will apologize to her before Tyrannica's army arrives at Warfang's front gates.

Also, HURRAY FOR SPYRO! Hurray for him breaking Ragnor's control on him at last!
Haxler chapter 31 . 1/17
things are all staring to fire up
i knew i was right to be wary of the mad/obessive scientist
The1upguy chapter 31 . 1/17
Your writing is exceptional, DM. This story, and your abilities in drawing feelings, have been an inspiration over the years
The Rogue Lion chapter 31 . 1/17
Imagine my surprise when an email showed up in my inbox informing me of an update. I immediately dropped what I was doing to start reading and the wait was well worth it. Several problems have been resolved now, or at least, are on the path to being resolved.

I also completely forgot about how you planned for this to be a series of three. Possibly due to the time in between updates... Still though, this makes me quite excited for what lays ahead.

As for the Voltra-Cynder interaction, I guess it was expected for Voltra to really be that innocent. An idea did come to mind after the confrontation. Suppose it was not Spyro Cynder had believed the electricity dragon to be fond of, but how about Cynder herself? I don't think a crush would be terribly out of the question. Cynder has many admirable traits and it would make sense for Voltra to keep talking about Spyro with Cynder as that might be the only thing Voltra knows about her. I suspect that Cynder and Voltra will ultimately have a good friendship in the end though.

When it came to Spyro's link-breaking, I half expected him to fail completely and for Ragnor to take control of him. It wouldn't be the first time for something to go horribly wrong. It would also open up a chance for Nexus to really be a hero again. It would definitely suck for Spyro though.

Now all I have to wonder is what will happen in the coming chapters for this story and what else could happen in the next book.
Superlego99 chapter 30 . 1/12
Hope you get back to writing soon. I'm stuck in suspense on what will happen. Oh and happy belated New Years!
maddragonpvp chapter 29 . 1/3
Hey, happy new years! I hope you had a great holiday :) Hopefully you will get back to writing soon!
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