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NomexGlove chapter 34 . 2/17
I honestly had thought those crystals on the guardians were of the controlling type. I suppose that would have made that whole battle truly beyond the chance of being managed in any sense of the word. Imagine having the individuals that were the very foundation of a society turning and attacking those that they had sworn to protect at any cost. It also would’ve been, I imagine, a much more efficient way for Tyrannica to get the information she sought.
I thought you did a good job conveying the sense of chaos that would follow a bombing of any kind. Critical buildings destroyed, first responders under siege. The innocent either being harried and slaughtered or crying for help from collapsed structures. Panic, suffering, confusion, and lack of control. You covered all the elements of a full blown calamity.
Volteer sure is a spry old one isn’t he? I liked the way you portrayed him here. Even in extremis he seemed to have a certain sense of levity to his character. Poor creature. He was hatched to the wrong era.
And the shock of the culminating event was really conveyed jarringly. You often hear of survivors of similar events using such language. Having difficulty coming to terms with the suddenness and finality of such events. No Hollywood deaths, no dying monologues. Just gone, like dust in the wind. I know that that is a trite statement, but it is a succinct way of summarizing how ephemeral life is. Sometimes no matter how good you are at something, luck may just turn on you, and the bill comes due.
Then to top that off, not being given time to deal with that loss at the time. It would be crushing to have that weight on one’s mind while fighting for your life.
Nicely done. I can certainly see things getting increasingly desperate from here. Really liking the intensity of the struggle against something they really weren’t prepared for.

Thank you, and until next time.
SKdaGamer chapter 34 . 2/16
Finally, another chapter! You took your time, but the wait was SO worth it! Your fanfics are among the best I've ever read, and damn, Terrador's death was such a twist! I was kind of expecting someone to die given how badly wounded everyone was and how damn strong Tyrannica is, but Terrador was not the one who I thought would die. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/15
Jeeeez! I had a horrible feeling one of the Guardians was going to die throughout that entire fight scene, but the way it happened and who it happened to ... Amazing. It stole my breath. Thank you so much for this wonderful update, you definitely did yourself and this amazing saga justice!
TearfulFriend18 chapter 34 . 2/14
Wow, looooooooong time no see. I mean I’ve been following your story since 2012 I think, and you’re not even done with Book 2 yet! But you know what? I’ll take it for quality chapters, and this was a quality chapter.

Your action scenes were great (as expected) and hard hitting this time. Tyrannica is deliciously evil and I enjoy villains like that just start to lose their patience with their foes.

Also Terrador :’(

Glad to see this series hasn’t been abandoned, it is and continues to be my favorite ongoing series on this site, and I’m sticking through to the very end.
Buffbill chapter 34 . 2/13
I have absolutely Impeccable timing.
Oh wait, maybe it was YOUR impeccable timing.

Anyway, I had already finished re-reading The Broken Line, and I was just about to finish re-reading this one when I got an email saying: "Chapter 34 for The Snare of Darkness has just been released!"

Boy was I happy!

(If your are someone just perusing the reviews before reading: Stop reading this one. Because Spoilers, duh.)

But then you had to kill Terrador. Rip my heart out why don't you. (

All that aside- you did a great job keeping it doing! I have liked how you have expanded upon the true extent of Volteer's power in particular. I've seen other authors kinda make him seem a little underwhelming, and after re-reading this whole thing I wanted to make it known to you just how incredibly well you have captured and broadened his character. Very well done!

I generally re-read a chapter again so I can focus on noticing the technicality's of a chapter before I post a review. And I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I did not notice anything wrong as far as punctuation, spelling, syntax, and grammar. I do really enjoy the length and detail of your combat/fight scenes. I sincerely hope I can make mine with such quality after some more practice.

Once again, I have nothing but praise and awe for your work. I know that it's not necessarily the MOST helpful, but encouragement is my strong suite anyway. So there.

May writers block completely avoid your mind and fingers.
Arcantos the Storyteller chapter 34 . 2/13
Damn... one way to show how dangerous the new gal is. Actually taking out a Guardian pretty much right away... poor Volteer. He was honestly my favourite of the Guardians...

Yeowch, poor Faren... definitely making us feel for her there. What with the darkness and dust and suffocation... and then having to fight so much and so hard with her dad and Pyruth. Heck, you really had them struggling there. Even after meeting up with Voltra and her dad, we thought they were going to be picked off there! Nice going icey! And firey! But Icey was more impressive with the flying.

Woooo! Volteer lives! So very glad that he’s still alive! I mean, I’m not expecting them all to survive this fight. Especially with the hax of Dark Crystal armour that makes it nigh impossible to fight her. But it can be destroyed with raw power, which Cyril, Volteer and Sirus have in spades...

Still... brutal. Utterly brutal. The way she dispatched those guards. They way she pretty much immobilized them instantly until Volteer was able to give them a desperate opening. And even that wasn’t enough! Bloody hell, the way she dispatched Terrador, who I’m pretty sure was the most experienced and best fighter out of the lot was... terrifying. How can Cyril and Sirus hold her off at all?!
coincidencless chapter 34 . 2/13
Always worth the wait. Let's get into it!

… oh no, are the mind control crystals gonna come into play now?

Oh no! Not Volteer!

Oh boy, they're losing. That's... well, to be expected.

Where are all these wraiths even coming from, anyway? If they're the last remnants of a race Ragnor destroyed they should be finite, right? Or can they still multiply?

Oh dear. I'm afraid Sirius and Cyril won't be able to do much to help Volteer...

Well, they're certainly hurting her, she's not as invincible as she's made herself seem, but they lose the instant she wants them to lose.

Alright Volteer! Fighting off the crystals!

TERRADOR NO! Cynder, get over here now!

A Desperate Struggle is right. You have me on the edge of my seat. I eagerly await the next chapter!
supersniffman chapter 34 . 2/13
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not terrador spyro is going to loose his shit and im glad your still righting
HolyCross9 chapter 34 . 2/12
Good heavens! With Terrador gone, who's going to fill his position as Guardian of Earth?
soulwinds chapter 34 . 2/12
Damn! Just damn! Even with all the build up, i didn’t expect the fight to be this bad... You certainly did it justice
Daero-Stark024 chapter 33 . 8/15/2017
Just Great Story
I'll be waiting for the next chapter
Daero-Stark024 chapter 28 . 8/15/2017
Great Story
I have reed houndreds of storys and must say this is one of the best's
Really want to know what will happen to nexus and spyro and how they will affect the fight with terranica
To say it again great story
Hope you'll update soon
Haxler chapter 33 . 7/28/2017
I read this again, and remembered how great it was,'s incredible how time passes, i was reading reviews after finishing reading and came across mine, apart from the horrible english,i saw it's date of creation and saw it was in 2015, i really, really love this story, everything about it, i loved that you maintain your characters so consistent, like, with Nexus, you never dramatically shifted his personality, just added to it, he was unrepentant, because he understood not any need for it, but then gradually he starts to feel more, and to learn, all while being true to his stablished character, your relationships, the way you don't need to express it aloud to show they're there, all of your original characters feel different, truly ORIGINAL, not just a copy-paste of some good character traits that ends up being just a mointain of trash, all of them feel alive as i read them, i felt their personalities, i felt for them, their losses and struggles, all of them shaping them up to the people they are, your world building is honestly, one of the best i have seen in fanfiction, you don't just lean and support yourself in the stablished universe, you add to it, truly what i feel a fanfiction should do, your origin of the Purple Ones is incredibly good and i don't see any hole in it after re-reading it, and you ruined me to other fanfiction in this fandom, i can't read them because i always end up back here, these to me feel like the original, grown, enriched characters.

Bottom line, i love this, and this story makes me feel so many things, sadness,anger,happyness, the whole thing and i think i have nothing else to say, this stories are amazing and i can't possibly wait more eagerly for the time you can come back, but even so, i'll wait the time i have to just to see where this world goes. Your world is great. :)
ConcurrentSky chapter 33 . 7/3/2017
Great story, I'm excited to see how Spyro's challenges play out and how he will approach the confrontation against his predecessors
Solaro the watcher chapter 19 . 5/11/2017
Solaro followed Cynder and Flash outside, wanting to make sure the white dragon got someplace safe. Though the spirit dragon trusted Cynder perfectly, it was a matter of whether or not Flash would cooperate.
His fears were unfounded when they ran into Chinook, who offered to take Flash to his home.

By the time the two young dragons made it to their house, the Celestial Moons had already risen above the city walls, and eventually Flash and the family of wind dragons settled down for dinner….. But it didn’t go quite as peaceful as one would expect at the mention of Nexus, which led to Flash explaining what he knew of the situation with Ragnor.

The way Chinook’s mother, Gale, held Flash in such a loving embrace sent a wave of longing through Solaro; he too had longed for a family of his own…

Deciding Flash was in good paws, Solaro returned to Spyro’s room to keep his eye on the pair of purple dragons residing there. Nexus had been tossing around for several minutes, and Solaro felt a strangely familiar aura coming from Nexus’s sleeping form, drawing the spirit dragon’s attention…

When Nexus awoke abruptly, Solaro was surprised when the purple dragon went to Cynder and woke her up.
The questions he asked then surprised Solaro almost as much as they did Cynder, and the answers Cynder gave, while honest enough, did little to help the purple dragon.

When Cynder went back to sleep, Solaro held his gaze upon Nexus. The purple dragon sighed and looked at him. “Well, do you have any ideas?”
Solaro shook his head. “Remorse is not something that one can be taught,” he said, his voice level despite his lingering surprise.
Nexus scoffed. “Well, you’re useless as ever.”
“I am not here to help you,” Solaro said firmly. “I’m here to protect him.” He nodded his head toward the door, indicating Spyro.
“Well, you’ve certainly done a bang-up job of that,” Nexus replied, his voice dripping with scornful sarcasm.
Solaro’s brow furrowed only slightly before he went back indoors, away from Nexus.

It was a strange feeling... This was the first time he had felt angry toward another dragon in over a thousand years. Not even Malefor had truly made him angry. Then again, Nexus was the first dragon he was able to directly interact with in over a thousand years…..

At the thought of Malefor, Solaro’s face immediately softened, the usual sadness at the memory of the Dark Master coming over him as it did each night…..

(WOW, it’s been forever since I’ve even touched this story! How long ago was my last review? [checks]
THREE YEARS!? WOW, I feel like Spyro and Cynder at the beginning of Dawn of the Dragon!
But now I’m back, and I see the emotional scenes have not dipped in the slightest!
It actually took me some time to remember that Flash didn’t truly have a family. Most definitely a strange feeling for him, to be sure. And those interactions between Cynder and Nexus at the end…..just perfectly executed!

Well, time to move on to the next chapter!)
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