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jtdarkman chapter 25 . 3/29
Flash and nexus and traveling through a spooky portal...yep sounds like the next chapter is going to b as addicting as cocaine and burgers lol
SerBlack chapter 25 . 3/28
So I'm only three weeks late with this review, but yeah. Life and stuff. xD

I feel like this would have been shot in shakycam were it on film. Everything about it felt so frantic and desperate. Once again, I have to compliment the realism of the fighting; even though they managed to disperse a much larger force, it came at a serious cost. I liked Volteer's characterization too, particularly in his leadership and fighting. I'm obviously biased towards my favourite Guardian, but it's always refreshing to see him portrayed as something other than a blabbering busybody.

The addition of Nexus' relief at the end was interesting. To me it feels like he's starting to entertain the idea that they could actually come out of this alive. He's been nothing but grim until now. Maybe their small force dealing with the wraiths makes him feel like they have a chance?

What else... I thought the tension-easing moment between Flash and Spyro nice. Not much in the way of words, but I've always seen it to be like that in real life. All it takes is someone laying their thoughts on the table, and the truth being out in the open usually patches things up.

Anywho, I've rambled for long enough. :P Eagerly awaiting the next bit of art or writing!


jtdarkman chapter 24 . 3/27
Damn nexus needs to stop second guessing his self lol
Guest chapter 25 . 3/26
I really like this story! However I want to give my opinion about a chapter a while ago. The chapter about Tyranica's "fun", assuming that moles in this fanfic have a similar life span as people, they would be around 90 to 100 at absolute oldest if they had normal technology. However, on the other hand, Tyranica is old enough to have been more dangerous and infamous than at least Cynder (maybe even Malefor given enough evidence), and after being gone for some time has been written out of history despite all that. I think Tyranica is about 3000 years old, this means that to her this likely isn't too far off from some of the things humans do. Ex: picking flowers (you're killing the plants), killing pests such as ants, rats, termites, mosquetos, etc. Also I haven't seen any powers outside the games other than light. I could name a few; life (slightly different from earth in my eyes), water, destruction/explosion (why not?), etc. Good luck with your drawing thing!
V chapter 25 . 3/12
very good. but you left me on a cliffhanger in this chapter.
coincidencless chapter 25 . 3/10
Wonderful fight sequence, had me on the edge of my seat. I especially liked how the wraiths 'smothered' Flash's orb of light. Speaking of Flash, /OH GOD BE OKAY FLASH!/.
supersniffman chapter 25 . 3/7
was kinda hoping dark spyro was gana show lol but nice ch
HolyCross9 chapter 25 . 3/6
Well, I'm glad that everyone within the group has managed to survive the Wraithes' onslaught, even though some became injured because of it.
Tempest of Reach chapter 25 . 3/6
So... Coronus is Flash? The names seemed to swap a few times there and it confused me.

Still, that was one hell of a fight... and seeing Spyro and Nexus turn the time so quickly and decisively was amazing...
maddragonpvp chapter 25 . 3/6
That was a good chapter, I enjoyed it as always! Thank you so much for updating.
SerBlack chapter 24 . 2/20
Yay, a medal! xD

I didn't think Pyruth would die; he's too much of a badass for that. The fact that he managed to keep his poor corporal alive is something I didn't expect. Bonus points for that. He really is a stickler for the rules though, isn't he? The first thing he does is try to have himself court-martialled?

Nexus knows. He's smart enough to put the crystal and the devastation to together to get the answer. This ain't Ragnor's work, just like he said. Who else does he know who's a complete sadist?

Glad to see you're still with us too, and sorry for being so late with this review! Real life can really get in the way sometimes. xD


Dardarax chapter 24 . 2/19
Whew. Wow, that is pretty... intense. I can hardly believe that level of destruction could happen. Strange that only the short sword survived. I figured a few other minor items might have been visible as well. Hm, oh well.

Good to see that the guard finally made it back. I was fairly sure he would. Didn't seem like the sort of plotline that you would just cut off like that. XD At least now they will have some extra information, even if it is coming far too late.

Really good chapter, I enjoyed it a lot. xD A fair bit of fighting and action though. And I mean a lot. I suppose that at least helps keep it going, even if it sometimes drags on a bit too long. :)

Took me a bit to remember who all these characters were. It's been a while since I read your story. I may have to go over it again. xD :)

Let your imagination flourish.
Necron Dragon Lord of D.A chapter 24 . 2/15
For me is o.k you took all this time...Loyalty demmand patience for the creator. And when your return , it shall be deliver excellent material.

It get me Nexus comment of voltra about being sheltered, i guess the lightning dragoness is not prepared for this kind of life.

Looks like Nexus blood have gone ice with the suspicious of tyrannica release. Oh the troubles he will share another bad purple is out there...That would not help poor Spyro image on himself if 4 purple have seen are questionables aka bad.
coincidencless chapter 24 . 2/14
Yay, Pyruth is okay! Good fight with them, and glad to see they're fine. And the snickers of the other Guardians when Sirius got doted on by his dad. XD

And now, Nexus is suspicious of who is controlling the wraiths. It's a firm reminder that 'Tyra' has been hidden so far.

Speaking of which, that opening scene with her making crystals was a nice bit of worldbuilding. And her character. 'She didn't even get enjoyment out of killing the ice dragon'. Wow, can you say monster?
Random reader gu chapter 24 . 2/14
Yes! I could never abandon this story, it is too amazing. Oh, poor Nexus, that doubt of his will not lead to good things...

Also, there seem to be some more emotions coming forth from Nexus. I wonder, is this a result of him actually being out in the opean, and making his own choices? Or is it due to being linked with the ever-expressive Spyro? Or, even, if it is simply due to the massive stress he is under?

...This actually has me more curious as to what Ragnor means Dark Spyro is spyro's "True From" In addition to the reason he wants Spyro and Nexus alive. I mean, if Nexus had very reasonable doubts as to Tyrannica's presence, then she must've REALLY pissed off Ragnor. Then, why did he let her live?

So many questions left un-ancered. I can't wait (actually, as I proved, I can) for the next chapter. Take your time, and thank you for writing such an amazing story
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