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189 chapter 146 . 8/21
Lady chapter 146 . 8/17
I don't know if you've stopped these or not, but they're really great, so I really do hope you haven't! I love reading these!
Rambling Guest chapter 138 . 6/14
Said I'd review more! No particular order though...just dotting around the place and probably annoying everybody with my rambling...

Anyway, I feel so sorry for Adze in this, even in the show it was clear that she was being used and your heart just aches for her...the heart-heart this implies she had with Malik is bittersweet in it's own way...if you think about it they do have a lot in common parents wise...I do ponder what they said...

*sighs* why do you have to do this to me! So much feels and yet I can't help it read it again!

Poor, poor Adze... :(
Rambling Guest chapter 1 . 6/8
Yep, still good on re-read! I'm going to try not to ramble (will probably fail) this time, but ditto with what the other guests are saying! Great ideas and you explore them awesomely!

Also, can I ask as well if Bertrand's Malik's dad in any of your other fics? We know he's not in your B/R fic because a birth certificate said otherwise (although knowing Elizabeta it could be forged, and wouldn't that just throw a MASSIVE spanner in the works- note I'm not requesting you change anything, just pondering/rambling again, as usual...) but is he in, for example, the new one? (And HUGE thank you for doing that BTW! You're fab!)
Nameless chapter 146 . 6/6
By the way, just thought I'd clarify that you don't have to do any of my requests if you don't want to! Just asked because you are so good at writing this stuff and I always enjoy reading these! :D
Nameless chapter 146 . 6/6
I'm late to the review party but I gotta to say I'm a fan of all of this, the Erin/Malik pairing, Malik being Bertrand's son, all elements which could easily make a good story on their own!

My requests (if that's ok) are to see more of this stuff, and also, if you don't mind a continuation of Away? Maybe Chloe gets bitten somehow? It'd be especially cool if this all got linked together somehow but I'd be happy either way! I'm just all "yay blood droplets"
Kimi chapter 146 . 6/5
Can I second the request for more Bertrand/Ingrid? Even if it's just as a side pairing or short one shot. Maybe a continuation of Run? Totally understand if you're busy or don't want to! I know they're not your OTP but you're one of the best at writing them.

Malik being Bertrand's son is my headcanon too. I'm surprised there aren't more fics exploring this.
Am so glad you're writing about it tho. Is he gonna be Malik's dad in your new fic?
Echolot chapter 146 . 6/4
Interesting take on things in this Blood Droplet. Good to see you updating again :)

Would it be possible to put a request in for more B/I? Really enjoyed your fic over on AO3 and would love to see more of them.
YD obsessed chapter 146 . 6/2
Oooh...what's this? Another blood droplet? You certainly can't tell it's rusty don't worry, and it was actually very heartwarming. I might have "aaawed". It's intriguing as well how most street-fangs are gone, and it's very interesting to ponder which revampers are left now, could be anyone, such as the girl (Clarissa I think?) who was supposed to be Bertrand's candidate for the senate or one of the nameless ones that tagged along with Malik everywhere. This one line in the chapter makes you wonder that AND also makes you want to know as well about how father and son feel about this drop in numbers and if it impacts how they interact/feel about/with the survivors. Also, as a whole...the chapter makes you wonder how the Malik/Erin date goes!

So I agree with the other comments. Excellent writing and chapter Hopecoppice!
Person chapter 146 . 6/2
So glad for an update! This one is so filled with sweetness, which I loved, from the father/son moment itself to Malik being nervous about asking Erin out. Keep up the great work!
I have to say as well that I agree with "a ramble guest" on the Ern getting pregnant thing. I know you've just done a request from another guest, but if you don't mind could I possibly request to see this?
A rambly Guest chapter 122 . 6/1
Oh wow, after the latest update I went back to read some old chapters and I still love this one! It's quite interesting Malik not picking up the warning signs that his supposed "half-siblings" knew so well, good insight into the family dynamic. Either way Malik's certainly lucky that he's not a breather though, because otherwise he probably would've just had a heart attack!

Ack I'm rambling! But the Malik/Erin ship is a complete guilty pleasure of mine, and this chapter just served to raise the question about what if Erin actually HAD at some point ended up becoming pregnant? I'd certainly love to see how THAT went down, especially if it had already been revealed who Malik's real father was and he was already on such thin ice (HEADCANON EXCEPTED TOO). Wonder out of everyone who would freak out more...

Anyway I'll stop my rambling now I got carried away. I'm just glad that blood droplets might be back and I might try review a bit more rather than be a lurker.

Basic summary Awesome chapter! :)
Guest chapter 146 . 6/1
So do you like requests then? :)
Guest chapter 146 . 5/31
Yes! Thank you for doing the request! The chapter's great! :D
Person chapter 144 . 5/31
Wonder how different things would have gone if Bertrand did raise Malik...and what his mother did to get Bertrand/Elizabeta to happen! Either way headcanon completely accepted, it was just never figured out in the show!
Gust chapter 144 . 5/31
Aaaaw! So adorable! I'm absolutely loving this as well as the whole Malik/Erin that's been in some of the other chapters, which are very well written by the way! I know you haven't updated in a while, but if you do then teeny tiny request that we can see a bit more of both of these please? :)
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